Known Wisconsin Clergy Abusers

Over the last year, Catholic Dioceses from across the United States have released lists of known clergy sexual abusers. There’s no greater breach of trust than when someone in a position of power and authority sexually abuses someone. These acts have devastating effects on victims. Forester Haynie is an advocate for victims of clergy abuse as well as for anyone abused by a person in a position of power. Already, more than 3,000 civil lawsuits have been filed on behalf of victims of clergy abuse. Here are the names of known abusers in the state of Wisconsin:

Last Name First Name Status Diocese
Adams Archie H. Accused Madison, WI
Adamsky Raymond J. Accused Milwaukee, WI
Alvarez Curtiss Accused Madison, WI
Arimond James L. Convicted Milwaukee, WI
Arnoue Peter Claver Accused Madison, WI
Augustyn Thaddeus A. Sued Superior, WI
Ball Bruce E. Convicted La Crosse, WI
Bandle Ronald J. Accused Milwaukee, WI
Beck James W. Accused Milwaukee, WI
Becker Donald E. Accused Green Bay, WI
Becker Franklyn W. Sued Milwaukee, WI
Benham Michael C. Accused Milwaukee, WI
Beutner Edward F. Sued Superior, WI
Beyer Baldwin (Martin) Accused Milwaukee, WI
Bistricky Frederick J. Settled Milwaukee, WI
Bornbach Raymond H. Accused La Crosse, WI
Bouche Dennis Accused Green Bay, WI
Boyea David J. Convicted Green Bay, WI
Browne Stanley Thomas Accused Green Bay, WI
Budzynski Daniel A. Sued Milwaukee, WI
Burns Peter A. Convicted Milwaukee, WI
Buser James Accused Milwaukee, WI
Buzanowski Donald J. Convicted Green Bay, WI
Carroll (in Wisconsin) Michael R. Accused Green Bay, WI
Clauder J. (Joseph) Gibbs Sued Madison, WI
Clifford Jerome Accused Milwaukee, WI
Collova S. Joseph Accused Milwaukee, WI
Conrad John F. Accused Green Bay, WI
Conway Thomas A. Accused Superior, WI
Danks Arthur J. Accused Green Bay, WI
DeCock Robert Accused Madison, WI
Dempsey Thomas F. Convicted La Crosse, WI
Doe John Sued La Crosse, WI
Donovan John T. Sued Milwaukee, WI
Doyle, III Andrew P. Accused Milwaukee, WI
Dusold August Accused Green Bay, WI
Eberhardy William Accused Green Bay, WI
Effinger William J. Convicted Milwaukee, WI
Eichenberger Tom Cleared Milwaukee, WI
Engel Ronald Accused Milwaukee, WI
Ennis James E. Accused La Crosse, WI
Ericksen Thomas Edward Charged Superior, WI
Erickson Ryan Accused Superior, WI
Etzel George A. Accused Milwaukee, WI
Farrell William J. Accused Milwaukee, WI
Feeney John Patrick Convicted Green Bay, WI
Feldkamp Angelo J. Accused Green Bay, WI
Flynt James M. Accused Milwaukee, WI
Frigo Camillus Sued Green Bay, WI
Furdek John M. Convicted Milwaukee, WI
Gardipee Thomas J. Sued Milwaukee, WI
Garthwaite Thomas Sued La Crosse, WI
Geimer Bernard Accused Green Bay, WI
Giannini Norma Convicted Milwaukee, WI
Gibeault Leonard Accused Milwaukee, WI
Gilsdorf Daniel C. Accused Green Bay, WI
Godin James M. Accused Milwaukee, WI
Gottschalk Matthew Accused Milwaukee, WI
Haas Joseph Accused Milwaukee, WI
Haen Edmund H. Accused Milwaukee, WI
Hahn Jude Clarence Francis Accused Madison, WI
Hanel Charles T. Arrested Milwaukee, WI
Hanser David J. Settled Milwaukee, WI
Herbst Harold Accused Milwaukee, WI
Hermanns Mel W. Accused Milwaukee, WI
Hermsen Ralph Accused Green Bay, WI
Heymen Richard Accused Green Bay, WI
Hodik Rudolph J. Accused Green Bay, WI
Hoffmann Philip A. Accused Green Bay, WI
Hogan Leroy Jerome Settled Green Bay, WI
Hopf George S. Accused Milwaukee, WI
Jablonowski James N. Accused Milwaukee, WI
Keyes Phillip C. Convicted Milwaukee, WI
Kiefer George Accused Green Bay, WI
Kiernan William Accused Green Bay, WI
Klister Irving Frederick Sued Superior, WI
Klubertanz Kenneth Sued Madison, WI
Knighton Marvin T. Acquitted Milwaukee, WI
Knotek John T. Accused Milwaukee, WI
Koerner Jerome Sued Green Bay, WI
Koprowski John Accused Green Bay, WI
Krejci Michael J. Accused Milwaukee, WI
Kreuzer Eugene T. Accused Milwaukee, WI
Krusing Oswald G. Accused Milwaukee, WI
Langenfeld Nicholas John Accused Green Bay, WI
Lanser Jerome E. Sued Milwaukee, WI
LaReau James “Armand” Accused Milwaukee, WI
Leifeld Gale Sued Milwaukee, WI
Leitermann Clarence Accused Green Bay, WI
Lemanski William E. Accused Milwaukee, WI
Lesniewski Eldred B. Accused Milwaukee, WI
Loerke Lawrence Accused Green Bay, WI
Malsch David J. Convicted Superior, WI
Mason James E. Convicted La Crosse, WI
Massie Daniel J. Accused Milwaukee, WI
Middlecamp Eric Accused Green Bay, WI
Mika Joseph F. Accused Milwaukee, WI
Milbauer Florian Accused Green Bay, WI
Molling Mark L. Ret’d to Duty Milwaukee, WI
Murphy Lawrence C. Sued Milwaukee, WI
Musinski Donald T. Accused Milwaukee, WI
Neuberger Michael T. Accused Milwaukee, WI
Nichols Richard W. Accused Milwaukee, WI
Nickerson David J. Convicted Milwaukee, WI
Nocinski Rudolph Stefan Convicted Green Bay, WI
Nolan William A. Arrested Madison, WI
Nowak Michael E. Arrested Milwaukee, WI
Nuedling George A. Accused Milwaukee, WI
Nys Loren Accused Green Bay, WI
O’Brien John A. Convicted Milwaukee, WI
Ochs Glen Accused Green Bay, WI
Olschowski Fridolin Accused Green Bay, WI
Palathingal Simon Convicted Milwaukee, WI
Peters Donald R. (A.?) Accused Milwaukee, WI
Radetski Paul J. Accused Green Bay, WI
Raniszewski John L. Accused Milwaukee, WI
Rank Norbert Accused Green Bay, WI
Reimer Elroy Accused Green Bay, WI
Reinke Francis P. Accused Green Bay, WI
Robinson Perry L. Accused Milwaukee, WI
Rodgers Kenneth Accused Green Bay, WI
Rose Donald Accused Green Bay, WI
Rose Francis Accused Green Bay, WI
Sammut Tito Accused Green Bay, WI
Schmidt Eugene LeRoy Accused Green Bay, WI
Schneider Roger W. Accused Milwaukee, WI
Schneider Ronald H. Accused Green Bay, WI
Schouten Clarence J. Accused Milwaukee, WI
Schreiter John P. Accused Milwaukee, WI
Schuh Earl Accused Green Bay, WI
Silvestri Vincent A. Accused Milwaukee, WI
Stein James W. Convicted Green Bay, WI
Stocker Thomas Ronald Accused Green Bay, WI
Svea Timothy E. Convicted La Crosse, WI
Szatkowski David Arrested La Crosse, WI
Thomas Richard L. Sentenced Green Bay, WI
Thompson Robert Bruce Accused Green Bay, WI
Trainor Lawrence M. Settled Madison, WI
Trainor Michael G. Accused Madison, WI
Trepanier Thomas A. Accused Milwaukee, WI
Turner Joseph Accused Milwaukee, WI
Umberger Patrick A. Arrested La Crosse, WI
Urban Robert M. Accused Superior, WI
Van Nuland Gerald Accused Green Bay, WI
Vosen Gerald P. Accused Madison, WI
Wagner Jerome A. Accused Milwaukee, WI
Wagner John C. Accused Milwaukee, WI
Walter Charles W. Accused Milwaukee, WI
Watry Jerome Accused Green Bay, WI
Wenig Laurin J. Accused Milwaukee, WI
Werner Justin N. Reinstated Green Bay, WI
Widera Siegfried Francis Indicted Milwaukee, WI
Willenborg Henry Accused Superior, WI
Williams Walter Accused Green Bay, WI
Witczak Edward Michael Convicted Green Bay, WI
Zimmer Luke Sued ? Green Bay, WI
Wagner Alphonse Accused Green Bay, WI
Engl Simeon Accused Green Bay, WI
Fraser Burton Accused Wisconsin, WI
Charland Michael Accused La Crosse, WI
Twardochleb Emil Accused La Crosse, WI
Munie Orville Accused La Crosse, WI

Forester Haynie is an advocate for victims of clergy abuse as well as for anyone abused by a person in a position of power.  If you have suffered sexual abuse by a member of the clergy or a person of authority please fill out the form or call us at (888) 869-8100. Our firm offers free consultations to help you access compensation and help with your recovery.  We stand ready to assist you, and we stand ready to hold these institutions to accountable

In the U.S. legal system, all accused persons are presumed innocent until proven guilty. This chart is based generally on allegations reported publicly in the media or publicly filed in the courts. Forester Haynie does not confirm the accuracy of any actual allegation, and this chart is not a representation of the legal case history of an individual. Reasonable efforts have been made to ensure accuracy.

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