Known Pennsylvania Clergy Abusers

Over the last year, Catholic Dioceses from across the United States have released lists of known clergy sexual abusers. There’s no greater breach of trust than when someone in a position of power and authority sexually abuses someone. These acts have devastating effects on victims. Forester Haynie is an advocate for victims of clergy abuse as well as for anyone abused by a person in a position of power. Already, more than 3,000 civil lawsuits have been filed on behalf of victims of clergy abuse. Here are the names of known abusers in the state of Pennsylvania:

Last First Status Diocese
Ackerson Francis Accused Altoona-Johnstown, PA
Adams Alvin J. Accused Pittsburgh, PA
Adams James R. Accused Pittsburgh, PA
Agudelo Cano Alexander Dario Accused Harrisburg, PA
Allen Francis (Scotty) II Accused Harrisburg, PA
Allen John G. Accused Harrisburg, PA
Altavilla Philip A Charges Dropped Scranton, PA
Amy Michael J. Accused Erie, PA
Angelo Girard F. Accused Scranton, PA
Armstrong James L. Accused Pittsburgh, PA
Arsenault David Accused Altoona-Johnstown, PA
Avery Edward V. Convicted Philadelphia, PA
Ayres William G. Sued Philadelphia, PA
Bach Francis Accused Harrisburg, PA
Balczeniuk Mark G. Accused Scranton, PA
Barajas Arias Luis Jesus Accused Harrisburg, PA
Barletta Michael G. Accused Erie, PA
Barr Philip R. Accused Philadelphia, PA
Baruch John S. Accused Allentown, PA
Bauer John M. Accused Pittsburgh, PA
Beeman James W. Accused Harrisburg, PA
Behan James J. Convicted Philadelphia, PA
Bender Joseph J. Sued Altoona-Johnstown, PA
Bender Thomas J. Convicted Allentown, PA
Benestad Thomas J. Accused Allentown, PA
Bevilacqua Anthony (Cardinal) Sued Pittsburgh, PA
Harold N. Sued Altoona-Johnstown, PA
Binder Jerome Accused Pittsburgh, PA
Bodenschatz Peter none Altoona-Johnstown, PA
Bodziak Charles Sued Altoona-Johnstown, PA
Bolen John P. Accused Harrisburg, PA
Bolesta Michael C. Accused Philadelphia, PA
Bolton Donald Convicted Erie, PA
Bonafed Joseph E. Accused Greensburg, PA
Bonilla Margarito Luis A. Sued Allentown, PA
Bonner Joseph P. Settled Scranton, PA
Bostwick, III John R. Accused Harrisburg, PA
Bowe John F. Accused Philadelphia, PA
Bower Robert F. Arrested Erie, PA
Boylan Martin M. Accused Scranton, PA
Boyle John J. Sued Altoona-Johnstown, PA
Bradel Frederick R. Accused Harrisburg, PA
Bradley H. Cornell Accused Philadelphia, PA
Bradley Joseph Accused Harrisburg, PA
Brady Martin D. or A. Sued Altoona-Johnstown, PA
Brague Robert J Sued Scranton, PA
Bransfield (Bp) Michael J. Accused Philadelphia, PA
Brennan Francis T Sued Scranton, PA
Brennan James J. Convicted Philadelphia, PA
Brennan Robert L. Settled Philadelphia, PA
Broughan Leonard W. Accused Philadelphia, PA
Brueckner John E. Accused Pittsburgh, PA
Brugger Craig F. Accused Philadelphia, PA
Brzyski James J. Sued Philadelphia, PA
Bucolo Joseph Settled Scranton, PA
Bunn James F. Accused Altoona-Johnstown, PA
Burchianti Leo Settled Pittsburgh, PA
Burkhardt Harold J. Accused Altoona-Johnstown, PA
Burns Gerald J. Accused Scranton, PA
Cadwallader George B. Accused Philadelphia, PA
Cahill Raymond J. Accused Philadelphia, PA
Campbell Andrew S. Settled Altoona-Johnstown, PA
Campbell Hugh P. Accused Philadelphia, PA
Cannon John A. Sued Philadelphia, PA
Caparelli Robert N. Convicted Scranton, PA
Carroll Thomas M. Accused Altoona-Johnstown, PA
Castellani Paul A. Accused Philadelphia, PA
Castelucci Robert J. Sued Pittsburgh, PA
Catullo Pasquale R. Accused Philadelphia, PA
Cautela Mauro J. Accused Pittsburgh, PA
Chambers Gerard W. Sued Philadelphia, PA
Chapman Michael A. Accused Philadelphia, PA
Chappell Arthur B. Accused Philadelphia, PA
Chatt Charles J. Sued Pittsburgh, PA
Cherry Athanasius C. Sued Altoona-Johnstown, PA
Chludzinski Dennis C. Accused Erie, PA
Cingle Martin A Accused Altoona-Johnstown, PA
Cipolla/Cipola Anthony J. Settled Pittsburgh, PA
Ciufoli Bonaventure M. Accused Erie, PA
Clark James W. Accused Greensburg, PA
Clay Christopher R. Accused Scranton, PA
Close John A. Accused Philadelphia, PA
Cochrane Richard J. Convicted Philadelphia, PA
Cofenas Robert G. Accused Allentown, PA
Coleman Dennis E. Sued Altoona-Johnstown, PA
Collins James J. Accused Philadelphia, PA
Conmy Anthony P. Accused Scranton, PA
Connell David Accused Allentown, PA
Conroy Michael F. Accused Philadelphia, PA
Coonan James J. Accused Philadelphia, PA
Cooper Donald J. Accused Erie, PA
Costello Bernard B. Accused Pittsburgh, PA
Costigan George A. Accused Philadelphia, PA
Coveney James B. Accused Altoona-Johnstown, PA
Cramer Donald W. Accused Harrisburg, PA
Cray Kevin E. Accused Erie, PA
Crowley John David Accused Pittsburgh, PA
Crynes J. Peter Accused Scranton, PA
Cudemo Nicholas V. Sued Philadelphia, PA
D’Allesandro Patrick Accused Harrisburg, PA
Dacal Rosendo F. Arrested Pittsburgh, PA
Daly G. Matthew Accused Erie, PA
DeChico Philip Accused Harrisburg, PA
Dellamalva Dennis Settled Greensburg, PA
Delli Carpini John J. Accused Philadelphia, PA
Demblowski Charles Accused Pittsburgh, PA
Demsher Ferdinand B. Accused Pittsburgh, PA
DePaoli Edward M. Convicted Philadelphia, PA
Deviney Raymond L. Accused Scranton, PA
DiGregorio Joseph L. Accused Philadelphia, PA
Diskin Myles Eric Sued Pittsburgh, PA
Dobrowolski David V. Accused Erie, PA
Dolan Jason R. Convicted Pittsburgh, PA
Dolan Richard D. Accused Philadelphia, PA
Donofrio Michael J. Sued Philadelphia, PA
Dorsch Richard J. Convicted Pittsburgh, PA
Dorsey Donald J. Accused Scranton, PA
Dougherty John C. Accused Philadelphia, PA
Dougherty Raymond E. Accused Harrisburg, PA
Dougherty William J. Accused Philadelphia, PA
Dowling Philip J. Accused Philadelphia, PA
Downey Alvin T. Sued Altoona-Johnstown, PA
Downs James Accused Pittsburgh, PA
Driscoll, C.SS.R. Joseph H. Accused Harrisburg, PA
Dunne Peter J. Accused Philadelphia, PA
Durante Ernest A. Sued Philadelphia, PA
Durkin Thomas J. Accused Philadelphia, PA
Dux James M. Accused Philadelphia, PA
Dzermejko David F. Convicted Pittsburgh, PA
Dzurko John J. Accused Scranton, PA
Engelhardt Charles F. Convicted Philadelphia, PA
Ensey Eric Sued Scranton, PA
Esposito Ralph J. Sued Pittsburgh, PA
Fabbri Mario Accused Altoona-Johnstown, PA
Farry James F. Accused Scranton, PA
Fedor James F. Accused Scranton, PA
Feltz Joseph F. Accused Pittsburgh, PA
Feret Francis S. Sued Philadelphia, PA
Fernandes Mark E. Accused Philadelphia, PA
Ferraldo Ralph N. Accused Scranton, PA
Ferrara (Ferrar) Angelus Convicted Scranton, PA
Figurelle Elwood F. Convicted Altoona-Johnstown, PA
Fink Felix C. Accused Allentown, PA
Fisher Paul Accused Harrisburg, PA
Fitzgerald John P. (Jack) Accused Pittsburgh, PA
Flanagan Austin E. Accused Scranton, PA
Flanagan Bernard A. Accused Allentown, PA
Flannery Joseph D. Accused Scranton, PA
Fleming Martin J. Accused Scranton, PA
Flohr Gregory Accused Greensburg, PA
Flood J. Michael Suit Withdrawn Philadelphia, PA
Ford Richard J. Sued Allentown, PA
Forish Stephen T Sued Allentown, PA
Fromholzer Francis (Frank) J. Sued Allentown, PA
Furjanic Gregory P. Accused Erie, PA
Furmanski Leonard A. Accused Philadelphia, PA
Gaborek Joseph Accused Altoona-Johnstown, PA
Gaffney James F. Sued Allentown, PA
Gaghan Robert W. Accused Philadelphia, PA
Galko Joseph D. Accused Allentown, PA
Gallagher Francis J. Arrested Philadelphia, PA
Gallagher Joseph J. Sued Philadelphia, PA
Gallagher Joseph P. Sued Philadelphia, PA
Gana Stanley M. Accused Philadelphia, PA
Ganster Edward G. Accused Allentown, PA
Ganter Joseph M. Accused Pittsburgh, PA
Garcia Armand D. none Philadelphia, PA
Garrity Stephen M. Accused Philadelphia, PA
Gaspar Mark S. Accused Philadelphia, PA
Gausch Joseph P. Sued Philadelphia, PA
Gawronski Chester J. Accused Erie, PA
Genizer John A. Accused Pittsburgh, PA
Gibson Robert J Settled Scranton, PA
Giella Augustine Settled Harrisburg, PA
Gilgallon Joseph G. Accused Scranton, PA
Giliberti Francis A. Accused Philadelphia, PA
Gillespie Francis T. Accused Allentown, PA
Gillespie John E. Sued Philadelphia, PA
Gillis David C. Cleared Allentown, PA
Ginder Charles Richard Convicted Pittsburgh, PA
Ginn Charles, Jr. Accused Philadelphia, PA
Giuliani/Guiliani Richard J Sued Allentown, PA
Givey David W. Accused Philadelphia, PA
Glatts Joseph M. Accused Philadelphia, PA
Gloekler Herbert G. Accused Erie, PA
Graff Edward R. Settled Allentown, PA
Graham James G. Accused Pittsburgh, PA
Grattan Bernard V. Settled Altoona-Johnstown, PA
Greensburg Priest #1 Accused Greensburg, PA
Griffin Joseph A. Accused Scranton, PA
Gruber Mark F. X. Accused Greensburg, PA
Grumm Thomas J. Accused Philadelphia, PA
Guth Charles B. Accused Greensburg, PA
Hackman Donald Convicted Harrisburg, PA
Hagan David I. Sued Philadelphia, PA
Hager Joseph Accused Harrisburg, PA
Hammond Joseph T. Accused Scranton, PA
Haney Thomas Ronald Accused Harrisburg, PA
Hannon Robert E. Accused Erie, PA
Harris Steven Accused Philadelphia, PA
Hartman Bernard Joseph Convicted Pittsburgh, PA
Haviland William T. Accused Harrisburg, PA
Haynes Mark J. Convicted Philadelphia, PA
Hazzouri Alex J Accused Scranton, PA
Healy Patrick J. Accused Erie, PA
Henry James T. Accused Philadelphia, PA
Herber, C.PP.S. John Accused Harrisburg, PA
Hermley Robert J. Convicted Philadelphia, PA
Hildebrand William Charles Accused Pittsburgh, PA
Hoehl John Sued Pittsburgh, PA
Hoffman Gerard J. Accused Philadelphia, PA
Homer P. Lawrence Accused Scranton, PA
Hopkins James P. or F. Accused Erie, PA
Houseknecht Leo J. Sued Allentown, PA
Houston Joseph F. Accused Scranton, PA
Hower Philip A. Accused Harrisburg, PA
Howitz Regis Accused Philadelphia, PA
Hoy Daniel J. Accused Philadelphia, PA
Huber John J. Accused Pittsburgh, PA
Hudak Francis Accused Harrisburg, PA
Hudock Barry M. Accused Erie, PA
Huff Edward G. Convicted Pittsburgh, PA
Hulko Joseph D. Accused Allentown, PA
Hummell John F. Accused Philadelphia, PA
Iannarella James M. Accused Philadelphia, PA
Inman Leonard Sued Altoona-Johnstown, PA
Janowski Stanley Accused Philadelphia, PA
Jerge Joseph W. Accused Erie, PA
Jeselnick Stephen E. Accused Erie, PA
Jones Richard G. Sued Philadelphia, PA
Jones William E. Sued Allentown, PA
Joseph William T. Accused Philadelphia, PA
Joyce Edward Sued Pittsburgh, PA
Jungquist Edward W. Accused Erie, PA
Justi Marvin Accused Pittsburgh, PA
Kaczmarczyk Bernard J. Accused Pittsburgh, PA
Karabin Joseph D. Sued Pittsburgh, PA
Kayda Kevin L. Accused Harrisburg, PA
Kean Joseph H. Accused Allentown, PA
Keegan John Accused Pittsburgh, PA
Kelley Thomas C. Accused Erie, PA
Kelly Robert J. Settled Altoona-Johnstown, PA
Kerestus Thomas J. Accused Allentown, PA
Kerins Sean P. Accused Erie, PA
Ketcham Gary L. Convicted Erie, PA
Kiefer William Accused Pittsburgh, PA
Killian William N. Sued Philadelphia, PA
Kline James Accused Pittsburgh, PA
Kline John Accused Philadelphia, PA
Koharchik George D. Accused Altoona-Johnstown, PA
Kohler Thomas M. Arrested Philadelphia, PA
Kolenkiewicz Louis J. Accused Philadelphia, PA
Kondzielski Thaddeus T. Accused Erie, PA
Kopec Bronislaus J. Accused Allentown, PA
Kornacki Matthew J. Convicted Philadelphia, PA
Kostelnick Albert T. Accused Philadelphia, PA
Kovach William Accused Altoona-Johnstown, PA
Koychick George J. Accused Harrisburg, PA
Krawczyk Henry R. Accused Pittsburgh, PA
Krebs Gerard/Gerald Accused Erie, PA
Kryston Edward L. Accused Pittsburgh, PA
Kucan/Kucon Jerome Accused Erie, PA
Kuczynski Edward P. Sued Philadelphia, PA
Kujovsky Thomas J. Accused Harrisburg, PA
Kulig Francis G. Accused Scranton, PA
Kumar Anujit Accused Pittsburgh, PA
Kurutz George Accused Pittsburgh, PA
Kuzmann Robert J. Accused Allentown, PA
Labuda Kevin Accused Harrisburg, PA
Lanctot Dexter A. Accused Philadelphia, PA
Lang Hugh J. Accused Pittsburgh, PA
Lawler Thomas F. Accused Harrisburg, PA
Lawlor David T. Arrested Philadelphia, PA
Lawrence Michael S. Sued Allentown, PA
Lazar Fidelis G. Accused Erie, PA
Lechner Thomas M. Accused Erie, PA
Leech George T. Sued Pittsburgh, PA
Lelonis Richard M. none Pittsburgh, PA
Lemmon Thomas M. Accused Altoona-Johnstown, PA
Leneweaver Raymond O. Accused Philadelphia, PA
Leonard Albert Accused Pittsburgh, PA
Lesniak Francis M. Sued Greensburg, PA
Lewandowski Casimir F. Accused Pittsburgh, PA
Liberatore, Jr. Albert M Convicted Scranton, PA
Liggio John R. Sued Philadelphia, PA
Little Anthony M. Accused Altoona-Johnstown, PA
Logrip Joseph L. Reinstated Philadelphia, PA
Logue Robert Accused Harrisburg, PA
Lonergan Kevin Charged Allentown, PA
Long Arthur J. Accused Harrisburg, PA
Lorei Louis H. Accused Erie, PA
Luck David H. Accused Harrisburg, PA
Luddy Francis E. Settled Altoona-Johnstown, PA
Lukac Raymond Accused Greensburg, PA
Lukasik John Sued Pittsburgh, PA
Luzzi Salvatore P. Accused Erie, PA
Lynch Richard D. Accused Erie, PA
Lynn William J. Accused Philadelphia, PA
Mabon Thomas K. Settled Altoona-Johnstown, PA
Macanga Joseph E. Convicted Philadelphia, PA
Madaj John A. Accused Scranton, PA
Maher Robert J. Accused Harrisburg, PA
Mahoney Daniel Joseph Accused Harrisburg, PA
Maloney John P. Accused Pittsburgh, PA
Marcinek Henry J. Accused Greensburg, PA
Margarito Luis A. Bonilla Accused Allentown, PA
Marsico Guy D. Accused Harrisburg, PA
Martin Daniel J Accused Erie, PA
Martins Nilo C. Convicted Philadelphia, PA
Maslar William J. Accused Allentown, PA
Mathis Joseph L. Accused Allentown, PA
Matusak Michael W. Accused Greensburg, PA
Maurizio Joseph D Sentenced Altoona-Johnstown, PA
May Julius F. Accused Pittsburgh, PA
Mazzotta George J. Accused Philadelphia, PA
McAuliffe James M. Accused Scranton, PA
McCaa Francis Sued Altoona-Johnstown, PA
McCafferty Joseph F. Accused Philadelphia, PA
McCamley Martin D. Settled Altoona-Johnstown, PA
McCarthy Michael J. Accused Philadelphia, PA
McCashin William J. Sued Pittsburgh, PA
McCole John F. Sued Philadelphia, PA
McColgan Charles P. Sued Philadelphia, PA
McCormick Andrew D. Indicted Philadelphia, PA
McGee Dominic E. Accused Pittsburgh, PA
McGee, Jr. H. Desmond Accused Erie, PA
McGinley Anthony J. Accused Harrisburg, PA
McGinnis III James J. Accused Philadelphia, PA
McGuire James E. Accused Philadelphia, PA
McHale James J. Sued Allentown, PA
McKenna Thomas Accused Pittsburgh, PA
McKenzie Joseph M. Accused Philadelphia, PA
McLaughlin Neil P. Accused Scranton, PA
Mcllvane Donald W. Accused Pittsburgh, PA
McLoughlin Richard J. Accused Philadelphia, PA
McMahon Albert none Pittsburgh, PA
McNelis Francis Joseph Sued Allentown, PA
Meder Francis Accused Pittsburgh, PA
Meighan Joseph F. Accused Scranton, PA
Meisinger Joseph F. Accused Erie, PA
Mercado Ibarra C. Accused Harrisburg, PA
Merrell Arthur R. Accused Pittsburgh, PA
Meyers John F. Accused Philadelphia, PA
Mihalak James J. Charged Allentown, PA
Mills Donald J. Accused Philadelphia, PA
Monahan Joseph R. Accused Philadelphia, PA
Moslener Robert Accused Greensburg, PA
Motsay Russell E. Accused Scranton, PA
Mravintz Ralph Convicted Pittsburgh, PA
Mraz John Stephen Convicted Allentown, PA
Mueller Joseph Accused Pittsburgh, PA
Mulholland John H. Sued Philadelphia, PA
Muroski Leon T. Accused Erie, PA
Murphy Edmundus Accused Erie, PA
Murphy Neil J. Accused Harrisburg, PA
Murray John J. Accused Philadelphia, PA
Murray John L. Convicted Erie, PA
Murtha Michael G. Accused Philadelphia, PA
Myers Regis Accused Altoona-Johnstown, PA
Nave Francis Sued Allentown, PA
Navit Zachary Accused Philadelphia, PA
Nawn Henry “Harry” J. Sued Philadelphia, PA
Nealen Giles L. Accused Erie, PA
Ned Father Accused Scranton, PA
Neetz Christian Accused Altoona-Johnstown, PA
Newman Charles Sued Philadelphia, PA
Noel James E. Accused Harrisburg, PA
Nolan James F. Accused Scranton, PA
O’Connell Lawrence Sued Pittsburgh, PA
O’Donnell Thomas M. Accused Pittsburgh, PA
O’Friel Daniel F. Accused Altoona-Johnstown, PA
O’Malley William P. III Sued Pittsburgh, PA
Olowin Jan C. Accused Erie, PA
Oris Fabian G. Accused Greensburg, PA
Palko John J. Accused Altoona-Johnstown, PA
Paone Ernest C. Accused Pittsburgh, PA
Parme George J. Sued Pittsburgh, PA
Patil Gabriel M. Sued Allentown, PA
Paul John P. Accused Philadelphia, PA
Paulish W (William) Jeffrey Convicted Scranton, PA
Pawlaczyk Andrew W. Accused Erie, PA
Pease Joseph M. Accused Harrisburg, PA
Pender John A. Accused Scranton, PA
Perzan Stephen B. Accused Philadelphia, PA
Peterson Leonard Accused Philadelphia, PA
Petracca Anthony J. Accused Altoona-Johnstown, PA
Piatkowski John A. Accused Erie, PA
Pierce George R. Accused Greensburg, PA
Pilarski Peter R. Sued Pittsburgh, PA
Pindel Paul E. Accused Pittsburgh, PA
Pinkowski Terrance Sued Philadelphia, PA
Pisaneschi Clare Accused Scranton, PA
Plaushin Mark Accused Scranton, PA
Podson Ted (Theodore) Accused Philadelphia, PA
Polcha Michael G. Accused Scranton, PA
Poulson David Convicted Erie, PA
Povish Robert Accused Philadelphia, PA
Powers Richard T. Accused Philadelphia, PA
Premoshis Gregory F. Sued Greensburg, PA
Presley William F. Accused Erie, PA
Procopio Charles Accused Harrisburg, PA
Pucci Francis Charged Pittsburgh, PA
Pulicare Michael J. Accused Scranton, PA
Puza Paul G. Accused Allentown, PA
Quiroz Reyes Guido Miguel none Harrisburg, PA
Ream Gerard J. Accused Altoona-Johnstown, PA
Reardon John D. Accused Philadelphia, PA
Rebel John W. Accused Pittsburgh, PA
Reschick Joseph W. Accused Pittsburgh, PA
Reszkowski Joseph V. Accused Erie, PA
Rhoden Raymond R. Sued Pittsburgh, PA
Rice William A. Accused Erie, PA
Rigney Dennis A. Sued Allentown, PA
Rock Joseph A. Sued Allentown, PA
Roemele Carl M. Accused Pittsburgh, PA
Rogers (in Philly) Francis P. Accused Philadelphia, PA
Rolko Stephen M. Accused Harrisburg, PA
Romero Michael C. Accused Pittsburgh, PA
Romero Oswald E. Accused Pittsburgh, PA
Rooney Thomas Accused Philadelphia, PA
Rosensteel William A. Accused Altoona-Johnstown, PA
Rossetti Mark T. Accused Scranton, PA
Royer Gerald J. Accused Allentown, PA
Ruffenach Charles J. Accused Allentown, PA
Rush James Accused Harrisburg, PA
Sabadish Joseph F. Sued Philadelphia, PA
Sabas John P./John Pascal Settled Allentown, PA
Sacks Edward Reinstated Allentown, PA
Sanesi Leonard Accused Greensburg, PA
Santry William L. Accused Philadelphia, PA
Satchell Martin J. Sued Philadelphia, PA
Scala Thomas none Harrisburg, PA
Schaeflein Charles J. Accused Philadelphia, PA
Schanz John P. Accused Erie, PA
Scharf David Accused Pittsburgh, PA
Scherer Richard Accused Pittsburgh, PA
Schlager Bryan Accused Harrisburg, PA
Schmeer John P. Sued Philadelphia, PA
Schmitt Charles R. Accused Erie, PA
Schultz Raymond T. Accused Pittsburgh, PA
Shank Herbert J. Accused Harrisburg, PA
Shannon Patrick J. Accused Harrisburg, PA
Shea Thomas F. Accused Philadelphia, PA
Sheets Charles A., Jr. Accused Erie, PA
Shields William J. Sued Allentown, PA
Shigo Stephen F. Accused Allentown, PA
Shoback Edward J. Accused Scranton, PA
Shoback Thomas P Convicted Scranton, PA
Sicoli David C. Accused Philadelphia, PA
Siegele Charles J. Sued Philadelphia, PA
Siler Francis A. Sued Pittsburgh, PA
Sinclair Roger A. Accused Greensburg, PA
Skeabeck Mary Carmel Accused Erie, PA
Skotek Thomas D. Accused Scranton, PA
Skupien James F. Accused Altoona-Johnstown, PA
Slocum Samuel B. Convicted Erie, PA
Smart Raymond W. Accused Philadelphia, PA
Smith Edward J. Sued Philadelphia, PA
Smith Edward P. Sued Pittsburgh, PA
Smith Thomas E. Accused Pittsburgh, PA
Thomas E. Accused Erie, PA
Smith Thomas J. Accused Philadelphia, PA
Snyderwine Thomas Accused Erie, PA
Sobotka DePaul Accused Philadelphia, PA
Soderlund David A. Convicted Allentown, PA
Somma, Jr. James E. Sued Pittsburgh, PA
Sorensen Bartley A. Convicted Pittsburgh, PA
Spangenberg Robert E. Accused Pittsburgh, PA
Sperber Timothy none Harrisburg, PA
Spisak Paul G. Accused Pittsburgh, PA
Sredzinski Joseph L. Accused Greensburg, PA
Stebler Lawrence F. Accused Pittsburgh, PA
Steffen Carl J. Accused Harrisburg, PA
Steingraber Louis M. Accused Philadelphia, PA
Strassner Henry E. Accused Allentown, PA
Strittmatter Joseph J. Sued Altoona-Johnstown, PA
Suknaic John J. Accused Harrisburg, PA
Suran Andrew J. Sued Pittsburgh, PA
Sweeney John Thomas Convicted Greensburg, PA
Swierzy Michael W. Convicted Philadelphia, PA
Talocci Peter Accused Philadelphia, PA
Tamalis John J. Accused Scranton, PA
Tamilowski Joseph A. Accused Greensburg, PA
Taraborelli Carmen F. Accused Philadelphia, PA
Taylor Daniel J. Accused Erie, PA
Taylor Francis J. Accused Harrisburg, PA
Terdine Richard Gerard Accused Pittsburgh, PA
Tetherow Virgil Bradley Convicted Scranton, PA
Thetherow Virgil B. Accused Scranton, PA
Thomas Charles Accused Pittsburgh, PA
Thomas Joseph W. Accused Philadelphia, PA
Timchak Robert M Convicted Scranton, PA
Tisak Daniel J. Convicted Pittsburgh, PA
Tokarick John, Jr. Accused Harrisburg, PA
Tome John Accused Erie, PA
Trauger Francis X. Sued Philadelphia, PA
Trichtinger David Accused Pittsburgh, PA
Trott Roger J. Convicted Greensburg, PA
Tucci Bruno M. Charged Allentown, PA
Uhrig A. Gregory Accused Allentown, PA
Ulincy Andrew Aloysius Accused Allentown, PA
Unger John Sued Pittsburgh, PA
Unnamed # 1 (Erie) Unnamed Accused Erie, PA
Unnamed # 2 (Erie) Unnamed Accused Erie, PA
Unnamed Priest in Pittsburgh #1 Accused Pittsburgh, PA
Urrutigoity Carlos Accused Scranton, PA
Valentine Daniel A. Accused Pittsburgh, PA
Vallimont Patrick B. Accused Erie, PA
Vath Aloysius H. Accused Philadelphia, PA
Vaughn Frederick J. Accused Harrisburg, PA
Vecera James Accused Harrisburg, PA
Veri Alberta Sued Pittsburgh, PA
Waldruff Raymond Accused Altoona-Johnstown, PA
Walls David E. Accused Philadelphia, PA
Weber Charles Accused Greensburg, PA
Wellinger John W. Sued Pittsburgh, PA
Weniger Lawrence P. Accused Scranton, PA
Wichmanowski Joseph S. Sued Pittsburgh, PA
Wiejata Sylwester Accused Philadelphia, PA
Wilson Joseph B./Raphael Accused Scranton, PA
Wilt George Accused Pittsburgh, PA
Wisniewski Thomas J. Accused Philadelphia, PA
Wolfe Benedict Accused Altoona-Johnstown, PA
Wolk Robert G. Convicted Pittsburgh, PA
Wolpert Steven J Sentenced Scranton, PA
Yarrosh Ronald J. Convicted Allentown, PA
Yockey William B. Accused Pittsburgh, PA
Zabowski Theodore P. Accused Pittsburgh, PA
Zangari Salvatore V. Accused Harrisburg, PA
Zirwas George Sued Pittsburgh, PA
Zmijewski Joseph A. Accused Allentown, PA
Zolondek John G. Accused Allentown, PA
Zula Richard F. Convicted Pittsburgh, PA
Gilespie Francis Accused Allentown, PA
Johnson Timothy Accused Allentown, PA
Gross Jim Accused Allentown, PA
Freeman Michael Accused Erie, PA
Ggawronski Chester Accused Erie, PA
Gloeker Herbert Accused Erie, PA
Murray John Accused Erie, PA
Oris Fabian Accused Greensburg, PA
Parrakow Edmond Accused Greensburg, PA
Rogers Thomas Accused Greensburg, PA
Tamikowski Joseph A. Accused Greensburg, PA
Allen John Accused Harrisburg, PA
Barry Richard Accused Harrisburg, PA
Emala Walter Accused Harrisburg, PA
Konat Edward Accused Harrisburg, PA
McDevitt John Accused Harrisburg, PA
McLucas James Accused Harrisburg, PA
Conner John Accused Pittsburgh, PA
McMahon John Accused Pittsburgh, PA
Silvers Rudolph Accused Pittsburgh, PA
Balzeniuk Mark Accused Pittsburgh, PA
Braque Robert Accused Pittsburgh, PA
Duggan John M. Accused Pittsburgh, PAF
Honart Mark Accused Pittsburgh, PA
Libertore Albert Accused Pittsburgh, PA
Van Der Putten Benedict J. Accused Scranton, PA

Forester Haynie is an advocate for victims of clergy abuse as well as for anyone abused by a person in a position of power.  If you have suffered sexual abuse by a member of the clergy or a person of authority please fill out the form or call us at (888) 869-8100. Our firm offers free consultations to help you access compensation and help with your recovery.  We stand ready to assist you, and we stand ready to hold these institutions to accountable

In the U.S. legal system, all accused persons are presumed innocent until proven guilty. This chart is based generally on allegations reported publicly in the media or publicly filed in the courts. Forester Haynie does not confirm the accuracy of any actual allegation, and this chart is not a representation of the legal case history of an individual. Reasonable efforts have been made to ensure accuracy.

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