Forester Haynie’s Practice Areas

Bad Drugs & Devices

Our attorneys specializes in bringing claims against manufacturers of harmful drugs and medical devices, advocating for those who have been negatively affected by products like Exactech Knee, certain hair relaxers, the herbicide Paraquat, and TDF.

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Wages & Overtime

Forester Haynie is committed to ensuring fair compensation for workers. We handle wage and overtime disputes, including issues related to be Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA), and specific cases involving delivery drivers and Sonic Drive-In Carhops.

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Personal Injury

Our firm provides compassionate and aggressive representation for individuals who have suffered personal injuries. We handle a variety of cases, including those related to the Biometric Information Privacy Act, Camp Lejeune Water Contamination, survivors of sexual assault, catastrophic personal injuries, and lawsuits against clergy members.

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Criminal Defense

Forester Haynie provides robust criminal defense services. We specialize in a range of areas including DUI & DWI offenses and are proud to have Jim Spangler Jr., a distinguished criminal.

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