Essure Implant Linked to Serious Health Problems

Essure, the controversial device used as a form of permanent birth control by over 750,000 women, was recently taken off the market by its manufacturer, Bayer.

Thousands of women have accused the device of causing serious health problems, demanding Bayer to halt sales of the product.

Forester Haynie is currently investigating Essure cases involving:

  1. Pain in the uterus or fallopian tubes
  2. Perforations in the uterus or fallopian tubes
  3. Migration of the coils into the pelvis or abdomen
  4. Heavier menses/menstrual irregularities
  5. Headaches and fatigue
  6. Weight fluctuations

If you or a loved one developed any of these symptoms while using Essure, then contact Forester Haynie as soon as possible. In fact, click the link below to have one of our experienced attorneys start working on your case immediately.


Valsartan Recall

Valsartan, also known as Diovan is prescribed for high blood pressure and heart failure. It is manufactured and distributed by many different pharmaceutical companies including Teva Pharmaceuticals, Alembic Pharmaceuticals, Novartis, Zhejiang Huahai, Camber Pharmaceuticals, and Prinston Pharmaceutical among others.

On July 13, 2018, the FDA began recalling Valsartan because it was discovered that many prescriptions of Valsartan had been contaminated with a chemical, N-nitrosodimethylamine (NDMA), a known carcinogen. The specific Valsartan being recalled has been linked to liver damage (fibrosis, scarring, abnormal liver function tests) along with kidney and liver tumors – both malignant and benign. The longer someone used the contaminated Valsartan, the more likely the user is to develop these catastrophic injuries.

Forester Haynie is currently investigating Valsartan cases involving:

  1. Stomach cancer
  2. Kidney cancer, kidney tumors
  3. Intestinal tract cancer – colon / colorectal
  4. Liver cancer, liver tumors, liver injuries
  5. Bladder cancer
  6. Pancreatic cancer

If you or a loved one developed digestive tract, liver, pancreatic or kidney problems anytime after January 1, 2010, then contact Forester Haynie as soon as possible. In fact, click the link below to have one of our experienced attorneys start working on your case immediately.


Forester Haynie Recognized as a Wage Justice Advocate

Forester Haynie was recently recognized by Towards Justice as a Wage Justice Advocate in the state of Colorado, an honor reserved for those who demonstrate a marked commitment to their organization.

Towards Justice is a nonprofit organization whose mission is to defend economic stability for working families.  Since 2014, they have represented over 150,000 workers and have received judgments and settlements for workers totaling more than $2,300,000 in stolen wages, penalties, and fees.

Likewise, Forester Haynie has relentlessly combatted wage theft across the country, ensuring underpaid and improperly paid workers recovered for their losses. Forester Haynie currently represents hundreds of oilfield workers, pizza delivery drivers, entertainers, and restaurant employees across the country.

Given our shared commitment to representing workers in our communities, our firm felt compelled to assist in their mission. We are proud to be recognized as a dedicated leader in wage advocacy and look forward to the progress our alliance will make for hardworking Americans and their families.



It’s Time to Talk About Class Actions

Ten New Class Action Certifications Nationwide

Forester Haynie has recently certified ten additional class actions for pizza delivery drivers nationwide. These lawsuits allege the named pizza franchises used a flawed method to determine reimbursement for drivers’ mileage under the Fair Labor Standards Act, causing their wages to fall below the federal minimum wage.

With much of Forester Haynie’s work involving class actions, the importance, impact, and implications of class action lawsuits remain at the forefront of our firm’s goals. As a result, we are intimately aware of both the benefits and the challenges of class actions, and with the recent developments pertaining to class action lawsuits, it is perhaps more important than ever that our clients- and the community- has a better understanding of the process.

What is a class action?

A class action allows one or more plaintiffs to bring a lawsuit on behalf of a larger group, or class, all of whom have suffered the same or similar wrongs at the hands of the same defendant.

What are the benefits of class actions?

One benefit of class actions is a matter of efficiency. When hundreds of plaintiffs are alleging the same harm against the same defendant, it would be overburdensome to expect the courts to resolve these matters individually. To that same end, plaintiffs hoping to show a pattern or practice of illegal conduct are benefited when they can join together.

Additionally, plaintiffs who have relatively minor injuries and may not have a case on their own may join with others to increase the value of their claims. Collectively, the costs of litigation increases, and so too do the damages plaintiffs may recover. Notably, these higher litigations costs are consolidated and less burdensome on each individual plaintiff.

While there are many more benefits, the efficiency and potential to recover more damages are arguably the most appealing to plaintiffs. Also, these lawsuits are uniquely able to encourage defendants to modify their behavior to prevent future class actions.

What are the challenges of pursuing class actions?

Despite the plethora of benefits class actions afford plaintiffs, class actions are difficult suits to bring, especially with the prevalence of arbitration agreements. Arbitration agreements are contracts where both parties agree any dispute will be resolved outside of court. Many employers require their employees to sign these agreements, and once the agreement to arbitrate is signed, it becomes much harder- if not, impossible- to bring a lawsuit, much less a class action.

Just this May, the Supreme Court held employers may require employees to settle collective disputes in individual arbitration, barring them from joining together in a class action. Admittedly, arbitration is capable of resolving many disputes and is often more expedient and less expensive than formal litigation. However, these agreements ban employees from the court system for a vast array of claims and allow employers to continue harmful practices without the publicity or ramifications of class actions.

Bottom line

Ultimately, class actions are a powerful tool for plaintiffs wishing to effect change and recover for their injuries. While there are hoops class action attorneys must jump through, namely the Supreme Court’s decision permitting forced arbitration agreements in the workplace, competent attorneys familiar with the process are often able to recover more for their plaintiffs in a class than they could if representing them individually.

Forester Haynie is Here to Help

Forester Haynie is dedicated to representing drivers in class actions who have been improperly reimbursed by their employers. If you have ever been a delivery driver, then please contact Forester Haynie today:

Roundup Weedkiller and Cancer Diagnoses

Many homeowners, lawn care workers, and others who relied on Roundup weedkiller to treat lawns are alleging the active chemical, glyphosate, is the cause of their cancer diagnoses.

The World Health Organization in 2015 classified glyphosate as a probable carcinogen to humans. Thousands of Roundup customers have filed lawsuits alleging they have developed non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma, leukemia, or other forms of cancer after using the product.

Most notably, a California jury in August of 2018 ordered the company behind Roundup, Monsanto, to pay one man $289 million after he alleged the glyphosate in its weedkiller caused his cancer.

Forester Haynie is currently investigating Roundup cases, and we are dedicated to helping the victims of the potentially negligent company behind Roundup. If you have questions about something that has happened to you or a loved one after using Roundup weedkiller, please do not hesitate to reach out to one of our experienced attorneys by clicking the link below fоr а frее саsе rеvіеw.