Forester Haynie Joins Forces to Host CLE Event at the Collin County Courthouse

Last Friday, November 9, Forester Haynie, along with Texas Young Lawyers Association and Collin County Young Lawyers Association, hosted the Collin County Roadshow event at the Collin County Courthouse.

Attendees were able to earn up to 3 hours of CLE credit as they attended presentations from Kirk Cooper and Zeke Fortenberry on how to draft stronger appellate briefs and ways to expand their law practices.


After the event, Forester Haynie was delighted to host a happy hour at Blue Goose Cantina, where guests enjoyed food, drinks, and great conversation.


Thank you to all who came out to make this event a success!

Wish you were there?

The next scheduled roadshow is scheduled for December 7 from 12:30 pm- 5:00 pm at Belo Mansion and Pavillion. The price to attend will be $50 and guests can earn up to 3.75 hours of CLE credit.



Class Action Certified against Texas Pizza Hut

Forester Haynie’s class action lawsuit against Pizza Hut of San Antonio Inc. (Pizza Hut franchise in Texas) for failing to pay their delivery drivers the federal minimum wage has been certified. The case is called Autry v. Pizza Hut of San Antonio et al., pending in Federal Court in the Western District of Texas.

The lawsuit alleges that instead of reimbursing delivery drivers for the costs of using their personal vehicles, the pizza franchise uses a flawed method to determine reimbursement for delivery drivers’ mileage. These rates fall below any reasonable estimate of the expenses the drivers incur, causing their wages to fall below the federal minimum wage.

If you have been a delivery driver in the last three years at one of the many store(s) owned by Pizza Hut of San Antonio Inc. and want to join this class action, call our office toll-free at 214-210-2100 or email us at


Essure Implant Linked to Serious Health Problems

Essure, the controversial device used as a form of permanent birth control by over 750,000 women, was recently taken off the market by its manufacturer, Bayer.

Thousands of women have accused the device of causing serious health problems, demanding Bayer to halt sales of the product.

Forester Haynie is currently investigating Essure cases involving:

  1. Pain in the uterus or fallopian tubes
  2. Perforations in the uterus or fallopian tubes
  3. Migration of the coils into the pelvis or abdomen
  4. Heavier menses/menstrual irregularities
  5. Headaches and fatigue
  6. Weight fluctuations

If you or a loved one developed any of these symptoms while using Essure, then contact Forester Haynie as soon as possible. In fact, click the link below to have one of our experienced attorneys start working on your case immediately.


Valsartan Recall

Valsartan, also known as Diovan is prescribed for high blood pressure and heart failure. It is manufactured and distributed by many different pharmaceutical companies including Teva Pharmaceuticals, Alembic Pharmaceuticals, Novartis, Zhejiang Huahai, Camber Pharmaceuticals, and Prinston Pharmaceutical among others.

On July 13, 2018, the FDA began recalling Valsartan because it was discovered that many prescriptions of Valsartan had been contaminated with a chemical, N-nitrosodimethylamine (NDMA), a known carcinogen. The specific Valsartan being recalled has been linked to liver damage (fibrosis, scarring, abnormal liver function tests) along with kidney and liver tumors – both malignant and benign. The longer someone used the contaminated Valsartan, the more likely the user is to develop these catastrophic injuries.

Forester Haynie is currently investigating Valsartan cases involving:

  1. Stomach cancer
  2. Kidney cancer, kidney tumors
  3. Intestinal tract cancer – colon / colorectal
  4. Liver cancer, liver tumors, liver injuries
  5. Bladder cancer
  6. Pancreatic cancer

If you or a loved one developed digestive tract, liver, pancreatic or kidney problems anytime after January 1, 2010, then contact Forester Haynie as soon as possible. In fact, click the link below to have one of our experienced attorneys start working on your case immediately.


Forester Haynie Recognized as a Wage Justice Advocate

Forester Haynie was recently recognized by Towards Justice as a Wage Justice Advocate in the state of Colorado, an honor reserved for those who demonstrate a marked commitment to their organization.

Towards Justice is a nonprofit organization whose mission is to defend economic stability for working families.  Since 2014, they have represented over 150,000 workers and have received judgments and settlements for workers totaling more than $2,300,000 in stolen wages, penalties, and fees.

Likewise, Forester Haynie has relentlessly combatted wage theft across the country, ensuring underpaid and improperly paid workers recovered for their losses. Forester Haynie currently represents hundreds of oilfield workers, pizza delivery drivers, entertainers, and restaurant employees across the country.

Given our shared commitment to representing workers in our communities, our firm felt compelled to assist in their mission. We are proud to be recognized as a dedicated leader in wage advocacy and look forward to the progress our alliance will make for hardworking Americans and their families.