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Known California Clergy Abusers

Over the last year, Catholic Dioceses from across the United States have released lists of known clergy sexual abusers. There’s no greater breach of trust than when someone in a position of power and authority sexually abuses someone. These acts have devastating effects on victims. Forester Haynie is an advocate for victims of clergy abuse as well as for anyone abused by a person in a position of power. Already, more than 3,000 civil lawsuits have been filed on behalf of victims of clergy abuse. Here are the names of known abusers in the state of California:

Last, FirstStatusDiocese
Spada, RinoAccusedMonterey, CA
Abaya, RubinAccusedLos Angeles, CA
Abercrombie, LeonardAccusedLos Angeles, CA
Abinate, PhillipAccusedMonterey, CA
Acebo, JeffreySuedOakland, CA
Aguilar-Rivera, NicolasChargedLos Angeles, CA
Ahumada, ArturoConvictedLos Angeles, CA
Albalaa, PierreAccusedLos Angeles, CA
Alejos-Montelongo, RaulunknownSan Diego, CA
Allison, William G.SuedMonterey, CA
Alonso, JoseAccusedLos Angeles, CA
Altamirano Torres, SebastianAccusedLos Angeles, CA
Alzugaray, Joseph F.SuedLos Angeles, CA
Andersen, Andrew ChristianConvictedOrange, CA
Anderson, David E.AccusedLos Angeles, CA
Anderson, RogerAccusedLos Angeles, CA
Arakal, FrancisSuedStockton, CA
Aranda, Sofronio A. (Pon)SettledOrange, CA
Arias, AndreasSuedLos Angeles, CA
Armstrong, Peter GomezAccusedSan Francisco, CA
Arzube, Juan (Bp.)SuedLos Angeles, CA
Atherton, GregorySuedOrange, CA
Austin, EdmundAccusedLos Angeles, CA
Ayala, SaulAccusedSan Bernardino, CA
Aylward, James W.SettledSan Francisco, CA
Babilonia, DelfinAccusedLos Angeles, CA
Baird, Lawrence J.AccusedOrange, CA
Baker, Michael StephenSettledLos Angeles, CA
Balak, Frederick R.SuedLos Angeles, CA
Balbin, VictorAccusedLos Angeles, CA
Ball, Edward LawrenceConvictedSan Bernardino, CA
Baquedano-Pech, TheodoreAccusedSan Francisco, CA
Barco, RobertoAccusedSan Bernardino, CA
Barmasse, Kevin P.SuedLos Angeles, CA
Battagliola, Alberto (Orlando)SuedMonterey, CA
Bauer, JohnConvictedLos Angeles, CA
Bautista, GasparAccusedLos Angeles, CA
Beatty, JohnAccusedSan Diego, CA
Bell, JosephAccusedSan Bernardino, CA
Beltran, GerardoChargedSacramento, CA
Benson, GustavoConvictedSan Bernardino, CA
Berbena, ChristopherSuedLos Angeles, CA
Berumen, Matthias A.SuedLos Angeles, CA
Bettencourt, ThomasAccusedSan Jose, CA
Billante, SalvatoreConvictedSan Francisco, CA
Bismonte, Honesto BayrantaConvictedLos Angeles, CA
Blanco, MarioSettledSacramento, CA
Boley, RobertSuedLos Angeles, CA
Bond, RobertAccusedLos Angeles, CA
Booth, James T.SuedSan Diego, CA
Bouska, JeromeAccusedLos Angeles, CA
Boyer, LelandSuedLos Angeles, CA
Boyle, EdwardSuedSacramento, CA
Bradley, John “Jack” A.SuedFresno, CA
Brady, VincentSettledSacramento, CA
Bravo, RobertoAccusedSan Francisco, CA
Breen, Vincent IgnatiusSuedOakland, CA
Brenkle, John J.ClearedSanta Rosa, CA
Brennan, John LawrenceSuedLos Angeles, CA
Bridgette, SisterSuedSan Diego, CA
Broderson, Donald EugeneSuedOakland, CA
Brown, LawrenceSuedLos Angeles, CA
Brown (Bp), Tod D.AccusedFresno, CA
Bucaro, MichaelSettledSan Bernardino, CA
Buchanan, RobertSuedSan Diego, CA
Buckley, Michael D.SuedLos Angeles, CA
Buckman, FranklinSuedOrange, CA
Burke, Edward ThomasConvictedSan Jose, CA
Byrom, EdSuedLos Angeles, CA
Caboang, Honorato (Henry)SuedLos Angeles, CA
Cabot, Samuel CharlesSuedLos Angeles, CA
Cabral, Kenneth J.AccusedOakland, CA
Caffoe, Lynn RichardAccusedLos Angeles, CA
Cairns, JamesAccusedLos Angeles, CA
Camacho, AntonioAccusedStockton, CA
Campbell, Stuart B.SuedMonterey, CA
Cano, JuanAccusedLos Angeles, CA
Carey, Cleve W.SuedLos Angeles, CA
Carriere, (Laurian) DavidSuedLos Angeles, CA
Carroll (in Calif.), Michael J.SuedLos Angeles, CA
Carter, Daniel E.SuedSan Francisco, CA
Carvajal Hernandez, RaulAccusedLos Angeles, CA
Casey, Edward J.SuedLos Angeles, CA
Casey, John JosephSuedLos Angeles, CA
Casey, Michael JosephAccusedLos Angeles, CA
Casimano (Casamino), SantinoAccusedOrange, CA
Castillo, Alejandro Jose (AlexConvictedSan Bernardino, CA
Castro, WillebaldoSuedLos Angeles, CA
Cavalli, Vincent V.SuedLos Angeles, CA
Ceniza, Hermy Dave O.SuezFresno, CA
Chavarin, JoseAccusedSan Diego, CA
Chavira, Marcos CapistranAccusedMonterey, CA
Chandler, David  C.S.P.AccusedLos Angeles, CA
Chong, Damien (Patrick)SettledLos Angeles, CA
Chumik, GeraldAccusedLos Angeles, CA
Cimmarrusti, MarioSuedLos Angeles, CA
Clark, James A.SuedOakland, CA
Clavell, Didacus (Didachus)AccusedStockton, CA
Cloutier, Edmond G.SuedSan Francisco, CA
Coffield, John V.SuedOrange, CA
Collins (in Fresno), JamesSuedFresno, CA
Colosimo, Eugene J.AccusedLos Angeles, CA
Condon, ThomasAccusedMonterey, CA
Connor, Charles LeonardConvictedSan Jose, CA
Connolly, Bernard  O.F.M.AccusedLos Angeles, CA
Cook, Ozias BaileyAccusedLos Angeles, CA
Coria Gonzales, HectorArrestedSacramento, CA
Corral, Andres S.AccusedLos Angeles, CA
Cortes, AntonioConvictedMonterey, CA
Corcoles, CandidoAccusedLos Angeles, CA
Cosgrove, John V.SuedLos Angeles, CA
Cotter, Patrick J.SuedLos Angeles, CA
Coughlin, Richard T.AccusedLos Angeles, CA
Cousineau, R. DavidSuedLos Angeles, CA
Covas, PeterSuedSan Bernardino, CA
Cremins, Daniel J.AccusedLos Angeles, CA
Crespin, George E.SuedOakland, CA
Crews, EdwardAccusedMonterey, CA
Crews, John S.AccusedSanta Rosa, CA
Cronin, SeanSuedLos Angeles, CA
Cruces, AngelSuedLos Angeles, CA
Cuevas, Jose LuisConvictedLos Angeles, CA
Cunha, Arthur ManuelConvictedSan Francisco, CA
Cunningham, ChristopherSuedLos Angeles, CA
Custodio, Sidney J.SuedOakland, CA
D’Amora, EditoAccusedSan Diego, CA
da Silva, OwenSuedSan Bernardino, CA
Dabbene, BernardConvictedSan Francisco, CA
Daley, Wallace J.SuedLos Angeles, CA
Daly, John JosephSuedSan Diego, CA
Daly, PatrickAccusedMonterey, CA
Damasco, NelsonAccusedSan Diego, CA
Danielson, HaroldSuedSan Francisco, CA
Dawson, John H.SuedLos Angeles, CA
De Dominicis, DanielAccusedSan Bernardino, CA
De Francisco, Luis EugeneArrestedSan Diego, CA
Deady, John P.SuedLos Angeles, CA
Deehr, Anselm  S.T.AccusedLos Angeles, CA
DeFore, DonaldAccusedLos Angeles, CA
DeJonghe, Harold J.SuedLos Angeles, CA
Delahunty, RichardSettledOrange, CA
Delgado, RodolfoSuedSacramento, CA
DeLisle, Harold F.AccusedLos Angeles, CA
Dermody, MichaelSettledSacramento, CA
De Otero, Roberto A.AccusedLos Angeles, CA
Devaney, JamesSuedLos Angeles, CA
Di Peri, Joseph B.AccusedLos Angeles, CA
Diamond, William L.AccusedLos Angeles, CA
Diesta, Arwyn N.AccusedLos Angeles, CA
Dittmar, FrederickSuedLos Angeles, CA
Doan, Michael Son TrongAccusedLos Angeles, CA
Dobbins, DanSuedLos Angeles, CA
Dober, Edward J.SuedLos Angeles, CA
Doherty, RogerAccusedLos Angeles, CA
Doherty, RogerAccusedLos Angeles, CA
Doherty (Dougherty), John B.SuedLos Angeles, CA
Dolan, James E.SuedLos Angeles, CA
Dominguez, JesusConvictedSan Bernardino, CA
Donat, Robert J.AccusedSan Bernardino, CA
Dondero, JosephAccusedSan Jose, CA
Donovan, Pearse P.SuedOakland, CA
Dove, Thomas J.AccusedLos Angeles, CA
Dowd, FrancisSuedLos Angeles, CA
Doxie, Donald F.SuedSan Diego, CA
Duffin, ThomasSuedLos Angeles, CA
DuFour, Donald J.SuedLos Angeles, CA
Duggan, Albert JosephSettledLos Angeles, CA
Dunne, JosephAccusedLos Angeles, CA
Dunne, KevinAccusedSan Bernardino, CA
Duplessius, DonaldSuedLos Angeles, CA
Durkin, CharlesAccusedSan Francisco, CA
Dwyer, VincentSettledMonterey, CA
Eagen, I. BrentSuedSan Diego, CA
Eagleson, Donald W.SuedSanta Rosa, CA
Elanjimannil, Sebastian C.AccusedLos Angeles, CA
Ellis, HalSettledSan Francisco, CA
Encinas, Andrew GabrielAccusedLos Angeles, CA
English, Thomas PatrickSuedLos Angeles, CA
Epperson, MarkSuedLos Angeles, CA
Esquivel, Juan CarlosAccusedMonterey, CA
Eslava, Joseph  C.M.F. (Brother)AccusedLos Angeles, CA
Etienne, Clifton RaymondSuedSan Bernardino, CA
Fahy, Murty M.AccusedStockton, CA
Falvey, Arthur A.SettledSacramento, CA
Falvey, Mark A.AccusedLos Angeles, CA
Falvey, Sinon F.SuedOrange, CA
Farabaugh, ClintAccusedLos Angeles, CA
Faria, CarlAccusedMonterey, CA
Farmer, Donald G.ArrestedLos Angeles, CA
Farrington, William C.AccusedSan Jose, CA
Farrell, TerrenceAccusedLos Angeles, CA
Farris, John V.SuedLos Angeles, CA
Fatooh, Charles GeorgeSuedLos Angeles, CA
Faue, GeraldSuedLos Angeles, CA
Feeney, John J.C.AccusedLos Angeles, CA
Feeser, William “Bill”AccusedSacramento, CA
Fernando, Arthur (Arturo) N.SuedLos Angeles, CA
Fernando, WalterSuedLos Angeles, CA
Ferreira, Joseph A.SuedOakland, CA
Fertal, Joseph (Joe)SettledSan Bernardino, CA
Fessard, Gerald B.ConvictedLos Angeles, CA
Finn, WilliamAccusedLos Angeles, CA
Fitz-Henry, EdwardSuedMonterey, CA
Fitzpatrick, James J.AccusedLos Angeles, CA
Fitzpatrick, Thomas Q.AccusedLos Angeles, CA
Flannery, PatrickAccusedLos Angeles, CA
Flickinger, Don D.SettledSan Jose, CA
Flores, MiguelAcquittedFresno, CA
Flynn, Herman FrancisAccusedSan Diego, CA
Flynn, Vincent StephenAccusedLos Angeles, CA
Foley, GeorgeSuedLos Angeles, CA
Foley, J. PatrickAccusedSacramento, CA
Foley, RobertSettledOrange, CA
Ford, James MichaelSettledLos Angeles, CA
Francis, George J.SuedOakland, CA
Freitas, Robert E.ConvictedOakland, CA
French, MichaelAccusedSan Diego, CA
Gabriel, BenjaminSuedFresno, CA
Gaioni, Dominic T.AccusedLos Angeles, CA
Galindo, RudolphSettledSan Diego, CA
Gallagher, George MichaelSuedLos Angeles, CA
Gamel, RobertSentencedFresno, CA
Ganahl, James A.AccusedSan Diego, CA
Garay, JesusSuedLos Angeles, CA
Garcia, ChristobalSuedLos Angeles, CA
Garcia, Francisco JavierSuedSacramento, CA
Garcia, Louis AloysiusConvictedFresno, CA
Garcia, LuisAccusedMonterey, CA
Garcia, Peter E.SuedLos Angeles, CA
Garcia, RamonSuedLos Angeles, CA
Garcia, Richard FrancisSuedLos Angeles, CA
Garcia, Sergio E.AccusedLos Angeles, CA
Garduno, Anthony MartinezConvictedSan Bernardino, CA
Gil, RudiAccusedSan Bernardino, CA
Gill, PaulSuedSan Diego, CA
Ginty, DenisSuedLos Angeles, CA
Gleeson, PatrickSuedSanta Rosa, CA
Gomez Macouzet, MaximilianoSuedSan Bernardino, CA
Granadino, David F.AccusedLos Angeles, CA
Grasha, Donald FrancisAccusedLos Angeles, CA
Gray, Robert A.ConvictedSan Jose, CA
Green, William S.ConvictedOakland, CA
Grill, Philip L.SuedLos Angeles, CA
Grimes, JamesSuedLos Angeles, CA
Guarin-Sosa, Julio CesarNot GuiltyStockton, CA
Guerrero, Matteo (Mateo)AccusedLos Angeles, CA
Guerrini, Roderic M.SuedLos Angeles, CA
Guillen, JuanAccusedMonterey, CA
Gunst, George A.SuedLos Angeles, CA
Gutierrez-Cervantes, Joseph (Jesse)SettledOakland, CA
Guzman, VincenteSuedLos Angeles, CA
Hackett, John JosephSuedLos Angeles, CA
Hagenbach, Clinton VincentSettledLos Angeles, CA
Hanley, Bernard BrianSuedLos Angeles, CA
Haran, Michael JosephSuedLos Angeles, CA
Hardy, PaschalAccusedLos Angeles, CA
Harman/Harmon, CharlesAccusedLos Angeles, CA
Harris, Michael A.SettledOrange, CA
Harrison, ArthurSettledSan Jose, CA
Hartman, Richard A.SuedLos Angeles, CA
Haskins, EdwardAccusedMonterey, CA
Havel, Thomas E.SuedLos Angeles, CA
Hawkes, BenjaminSettledLos Angeles, CA
Hayes, J. Ernest/Ernest J.AccusedSan Bernardino, CA
Heaney, John P.IndictedSan Francisco, CA
Heather, GeraldSuedLos Angeles, CA
Henriques, EdwardSuedLos Angeles, CA
Henry, Richard AllenConvictedLos Angeles, CA
Henson, Jerome M.AccusedSacramento, CA
Herdegen, Anthony G.SuedFresno, CA
Hernandez, AlfredSettledLos Angeles, CA
Hernandez, Stephen C.ConvictedLos Angeles, CA
Hernandez-Tovar, FranciscoAccusedSacramento, CA
Higgins, MichaelAccusedSan Diego, CA
Hill, Patrick J.AccusedLos Angeles, CA
Higson, JohnAccusedLos Angeles, CA
Hold, William B.AccusedSacramento, CA
Hollenbach, Frank A.AccusedLos Angeles, CA
Hollinger, WilliamAccusedLos Angeles, CA
Holtey, Gary MichaelConvictedSan Diego, CA
Horvath, Bertrand W.SuedOrange, CA
Houck, Richard L.SettledSan Diego, CA
Hughes, Patrick J.AccusedSan Diego, CA
Hunt, Michael A.SuedLos Angeles, CA
Hurley, John J.SuedLos Angeles, CA
Hurley, RichardSuedLos Angeles, CA
Ilagan, Jose MedranoAccusedLos Angeles, CA
Ingels, Gregory G.ChargedSan Francisco, CA
Jablonski, JosephAccusedSan Bernardino, CA
Jablonowski, AnthonyAccusedLos Angeles, CA
James, JosephAccusedLos Angeles, CA
James, Melvin P.AccusedLos Angeles, CA
Jaramillo, LuisSuedLos Angeles, CA
Jayawardene, Tilak A.IndictedLos Angeles, CA
Jimenez, Edgardo ArrunataeguiAccusedOrange, CA
Jimenez, ManuelAccusedMonterey, CA
Jimenez-Pelayo, EmmanuelAccusedLos Angeles, CA
Johnson, David (Dave) E.SuedLos Angeles, CA
Jost, Dennis RaymondConvictedSan Bernardino, CA
Juarez, AnthonyAccusedLos Angeles, CA
Juarez, Robert JesusAccusedLos Angeles, CA
Kain, StephenSuedLos Angeles, CA
Kareta, GregorySuedMonterey, CA
Kavanaugh, PhilipAccusedLos Angeles, CA
Kearney, ChristopherSuedLos Angeles, CA
Keegan, Austin PeterSuedSan Francisco, CA
Keeney, JohnAccusedLos Angeles, CA
Keith, John CharlesSettledSan Diego, CA
Kelly, Matthew H.SuedLos Angeles, CA
Kelly, Michael E.IndictedStockton, CA
Kelly, Patrick M.ConvictedLos Angeles, CA
Kenney, John M.SuedLos Angeles, CA
Keohane, Daniel T.AccusedSan Francisco, CA
Keppel, Timothy F.AccusedSan Bernardino, CA
Kiesle, StephenConvictedSan Francisco, CA
Killeen, John F.AccusedLos Angeles, CA
Killeen, Sister Mary JosephSuedLos Angeles, CA
Kimball, Donald WrenSettledSanta Rosa, CA
King, Thomas F.SuedLos Angeles, CA
Klikunas, Bruce J.SuedLos Angeles, CA
Knoernschild, JohnSuedOrange, CA
Koerner, Robert S.AccusedSan Diego, CA
Kohlbeck, FrankSuedLos Angeles, CA
Kohnke, JohnArrestedLos Angeles, CA
Kowalczyk, Adalbert (Albert) J.SuedSan Diego, CA
Kraft, William ArmstrongSettledSan Diego, CA
Krumm, Gustave R. (Gus)SettledLos Angeles, CA
Kurilec, RobertAccusedSan Bernardino, CA
Kurlandski, LawrenceSuedSan Diego, CA
Lacar, SylvioSuedLos Angeles, CA
LaGasse, Ronald J.ArrestedOakland, CA
Lally, GeorgeSuedSan Diego, CA
Lalor, MichaelAccusedLos Angeles, CA
Lane, Timothy R.AccusedLos Angeles, CA
Langille, JustinAccusedSan Diego, CA
Lanuevo, Tarcisio D.AccusedOakland, CA
LaPierre, DavidSuedLos Angeles, CA
Largente, LaurentAccusedSan Jose, CA
Larkin, Alexander C.SuedSan Jose, CA
Lawless, FergusAccusedLos Angeles, CA
Leach, JeromeArrestedSan Francisco, CA
Leehan, Cornelius PatrickSuedOakland, CA
Lenihan, John PeterSettledOrange, CA
Leon, ModestoSuedLos Angeles, CA
Lindner, Jerold W.SuedLos Angeles, CA
Llanos, TheodoreAccusedLos Angeles, CA
Loofborough, CharlesSuedLos Angeles, CA
Loomis, Richard A.SuedLos Angeles, CA
Lopez, JosephAccusedLos Angeles, CA
Lopez Lopez, FernandoConvictedLos Angeles, CA
Lord, John “Jack” W.SuedOrange, CA
Lorenzoni, LarrySuedLos Angeles, CA
Lovell, Lawrence Joseph (LJ)ConvictedLos Angeles, CA
Luiz, Gary M.SuedOakland, CA
Luque, Peter H.SuedSan Bernardino, CA
Lyons, DenisSuedLos Angeles, CA
Macias, JuanSuedLos Angeles, CA
MacSweeney, EugeneSuedLos Angeles, CA
Mahony (Bp), RogerAccusedLos Angeles, CA
Maio, Eugene A.SuedLos Angeles, CA
Manville, AlexanderSuedOrange, CA
Mariano, Angel CrisostomoConvictedSan Jose, CA
Marini, Michael A.SettledMonterey, CA
Mark, (unknown)SuedLos Angeles, CA
Marron, Michael VictorAccusedSan Diego, CA
Marron, Peter JosephAccusedSan Diego, CA
Marshall, Thomas R.ChargedLos Angeles, CA
Marsicek, Robert (Bob)ConvictedSacramento, CA
Martin, James AloysiusAccusedLos Angeles, CA
Martinez, ErnestSuedLos Angeles, CA
Martinez, Ruben D.SuedLos Angeles, CA
Martini, Richard M.SuedLos Angeles, CA
Mascardo, EdithoReinstatedStockton, CA
Mateo, LeonardoAccusedLos Angeles, CA
Mateos, FranciscoSuedLos Angeles, CA
Mayer, Charles PatrickChargedLos Angeles, CA
McAsey, Joseph  S.J.AccusedLos Angeles, CA
McCabe, Patrick JosephArrestedSanta Rosa, CA
McCabe, VincentAccusedLos Angeles, CA
McCarthy, KevinAccusedLos Angeles, CA
McCarthy, ScottAccusedMonterey, CA
McCormick, PeterAccusedSan Bernardino, CA
McCrillis, Philip E.AccusedSan Francisco, CA
McDonald, ForrestAccusedLos Angeles, CA
McDonald, MichaelSettledMonterey, CA
McDonough, DanielSuedLos Angeles, CA
McElhatton, ThomasSuedLos Angeles, CA
McGinn, Malachy M.AccusedSan Diego, CA
McGloin, JamesSuedLos Angeles, CA
McGrath, Sean JohnAccusedLos Angeles, CA
McHugh, PatrickSuedLos Angeles, CA
McKeon, MartinSuedLos Angeles, CA
McNamara, Patrick CarlAccusedSan Diego, CA
McNamara, Patrick H.SuedLos Angeles, CA
Medaer, Mark/Marc A.AccusedSan Diego, CA
Mejia, RicardoAccusedSan Diego, CA
Mejia Gonzales, JoseAccusedLos Angeles, CA
Melzer, HowardAccusedSan Bernardino, CA
Mendez, Jose J.SuedLos Angeles, CA
Mengon, Albert (Alberto)AccusedMonterey, CA
Messenger, William P.AccusedLos Angeles, CA
Meyer, GilbertAccusedMonterey, CA
Meyer, Louis L.SuedLos Angeles, CA
Miani, Titian Jim (Athos?)SuedLos Angeles, CA
Migliazzo, FelixAccusedMonterey, CA
Miller, George MichaelConvictedLos Angeles, CA
Mitchell, John D.AccusedLos Angeles, CA
Mohan, Thomas JosephAccusedOrange, CA
Moloney, ThomasSuedSan Diego, CA
Molthen, VincentAccusedLos Angeles, CA
Monaghan, James T.ConvictedSacramento, CA
Moniz, John RodriguesConvictedSan Jose, CA
Montagna, PaolinoAccusedSan Diego, CA
Monte, Alfred J.SuedLos Angeles, CA
Moody, Michael AndreSuedLos Angeles, CA
Moore, Charles L.AccusedMonterey, CA
Morales, Raymond D.AccusedLos Angeles, CA
Moreno, JorgeAccusedSacramento, CA
Moreno, Kolbe  O.Praem.AccusedLos Angeles, CA
Moriarty, JohnSettledSan Francisco, CA
Moss, GeorgeAccusedSan Jose, CA
Munoz, AntonioAccusedStockton, CA
Murguia, RalphSuedLos Angeles, CA
Murnig, Guy AnthonySuedSan Francisco, CA
Murphy, Francis J.AccusedLos Angeles, CA
Murphy, Joseph L.AccusedLos Angeles, CA
Murray, Daniel J.SuedLos Angeles, CA
Myers, William S.AccusedSan Francisco, CA
Neary, ThomasAccusedMonterey, CA
Newell, JeffreySuedLos Angeles, CA
Nguyen, DomincAccusedOrange, CA
Nguyen, PaulAccusedSan Bernardino, CA
Nikliborc, Robert Daniel.SuedSan Diego, CA
Nocita, Michael StephenSuedLos Angeles, CA
Noia, Leonel C.ConvictedSan Jose, CA
Nunez, Joseph R.SuedSan Bernardino, CA
Nwankwo, CyrilAccusedLos Angeles, CA
O’Brien, LawrenceSuedOakland, CA
O’Brien, KennethAccusedLos Angeles, CA
O’Byrne, John F.SuedLos Angeles, CA
O’Carroll, Charles W.SuedLos Angeles, CA
O’Connell, Vincent A.SuedFresno, CA
O’Connor, ColmanAccusedMonterey, CA
O’Connor, Cornelius F.AccusedSacramento, CA
O’Connor, Donal P.SuedLos Angeles, CA
O’Connor, John J.AccusedSan Francisco, CA
O’Dwyer, PatrickSuedLos Angeles, CA
O’Grady, James F.AccusedLos Angeles, CA
O’Grady, Oliver FrancisConvictedStockton, CA
O’Keeffe, Patrick J.SuedSan Diego, CA
O’Leary, MarkAccusedLos Angeles, CA
O’Loghlen, MartinSuedLos Angeles, CA
O’Neill, VincentSettledSanta Rosa, CA
O’Rourke, Thomas E.AccusedLos Angeles, CA
O’Shea, Patrick J.ArrestedSan Francisco, CA
Ochoa, Francisco XavierIndictedSanta Rosa, CA
Ochoa, JavierAccusedLos Angeles, CA
Ojeda, UrielConvictedSacramento, CA
Omemaga, Emmanuel O.ChargedSan Diego, CA
Orellana Mendoza, SamuelSuedLos Angeles, CA
Oswald, TedSuedSanta Rosa, CA
Pacheco, Dan (Danilo)AccusedSan Francisco, CA
Pacheco, GarySettledLos Angeles, CA
Pacheco, JosephSuedMonterey, CA
Pacheco, MarioAccusedLos Angeles, CA
Parker, Thomas G.AccusedSanta Rosa, CA
Pecharich, Michael P.AccusedLos Angeles, CA
Peck, Daniel P.AccusedLos Angeles, CA
Peguero, Robert H.AccusedLos Angeles, CA
Pelaez, Oscar (Oskar)ConvictedStockton, CA
Pena, AmadoChargedLos Angeles, CA
Pereira, Anthony  S.D.B.AccusedLos Angeles, CA
Perez Carillo, AntonioAccusedLos Angeles, CA
Perez, Francisco JavierAccusedLos Angeles, CA
Perez Torrez, EduardoAccusedStockton, CA
Perreault, Louis G.AccusedSan Bernardino, CA
Person, JamesAccusedLos Angeles, CA
Pick, Louis V.SuedLos Angeles, CA
Pierson, JohnAccusedMonterey, CA
Pillon, Gordon JohnAccusedOrange, CA
Pina, Joseph D.SuedLos Angeles, CA
Pinal Contellanos, Jose AnthonyAccusedSacramento, CA
Pleimann (Plieman), Bernard ThomasAccusedLos Angeles, CA
Plesetz, Gerald JohnSuedLos Angeles, CA
Ploughman, Bernard  S.M. (Brother)AccusedLos Angeles, CA
Polizzi, DanielAccusedSan Diego, CA
Ponciroli, RobertArrestedOakland, CA
Poon, StanislausAccusedLos Angeles, CA
Porter, Thomas A.SuedLos Angeles, CA
Power, VincentAccusedLos Angeles, CA
Presenti, Richard P.SuedSan Francisco, CA
Prindeville, James E.SuedOakland, CA
Pritchard, Joseph T.SettledSan Jose, CA
Prochnow, JosephAccusedLos Angeles, CA
Purcell, PatrickSuedLos Angeles, CA
Puthenkandam, Joseph J.  C.M.I.AccusedLos Angeles, CA
Quatannens, John C.AccusedLos Angeles, CA
Quinlan, CelestineSuedLos Angeles, CA
Ramaekers, TimothySuedOrange, CA
Ramirez, Luis EduardoConvictedOrange, CA
Ramos, EleuterioSettledLos Angeles, CA
Reagan (Regan), Joseph FranklinSuedLos Angeles, CA
Reilly, PatrickSuedLos Angeles, CA
Reilly, TerrenceSuedLos Angeles, CA
Reina, NicholasAccusedLos Angeles, CA
Reveles, NicholasAccusedSan Diego, CA
Ribeiro, Arthur A. (Arturo)SuedOakland, CA
Riebe, LorenAccusedLos Angeles, CA
Riley, Miles O’BrienAccusedSan Francisco, CA
Robier, FranzSuedSan Diego, CA
Robinson, James RichardAccusedLos Angeles, CA
Rodie, ErnestSuedLos Angeles, CA
Rodrigue, Edward AnthonyConvictedSan Diego, CA
Rodriguez, Antonio MunozAccusedStockton, CA
Rodriguez Macal, SaulAccusedLos Angeles, CA
Rodriguez, Carlos ReneConvictedLos Angeles, CA
Roebert, Michael M.SuedLos Angeles, CA
Roemer, Donald PatrickConvictedLos Angeles, CA
Rogers, John K.AccusedSanta Rosa, CA
Roll, DavidAccusedSan Diego, CA
Roper, WilliamSuedLos Angeles, CA
Rosas Flores, FidelAccusedLos Angeles, CA
Rossell, Joseph (Jose)AccusedSan Diego, CA
Rowe, Dorian G.SuedLos Angeles, CA
Rozo Rincon, EfrainSuedLos Angeles, CA
Rucker, George NevilleSuedLos Angeles, CA
Ruhl, John (Jon) E.SettledOrange, CA
Ryan, Joseph FrancisAccusedLos Angeles, CA
Ryan, ThomasAccusedLos Angeles, CA
Salas, Jorge HumeAccusedSanta Rosa, CA
Salazar, AlexanderAccusedLos Angeles, CA
Salazar, ArmandoAccusedLos Angeles, CA
Salazar, CesarAccusedOrange, CA
Salazar-Jimenez, John AnthonyConvictedLos Angeles, CA
Salinas, GabrielAccusedLos Angeles, CA
Sanchez, Jose L.AccusedLos Angeles, CA
Sanchez, Juan FranciscoAccusedLos Angeles, CA
Sanchez, Manuel OntiverosSuedLos Angeles, CA
Sandstrom, LawrenceSuedLos Angeles, CA
Santillan, Juan (John)SuedLos Angeles, CA
Santomassimo, Sister AgnesSuedLos Angeles, CA
Satterthwaite, RichardSuedLos Angeles, CA
Savino, DominicSuedLos Angeles, CA
Savord, William R.AccusedSan Diego, CA
Savrianandam, ArulappanAccusedLos Angeles, CA
Schaller, Emmett GilroySuedLos Angeles, CA
Scheier, MauriceAccusedLos Angeles, CA
Sheahan, John AAccusedLos Angeles, CA
Schipper, Carl AnthonyConvictedSan Francisco, CA
Schimmaly, EdwardAccusedLos Angeles, CA
Scott, George M.SuedLos Angeles, CA
Selmo, LouisAccusedLos Angeles, CA
Senevirante, NoelAccusedSan Jose, CA
Serratos, Avdon (Audon)ConvictedLos Angeles, CA
Sharkey, JoeSuedLos Angeles, CA
Sharpe, Joseph F.SuedLos Angeles, CA
Sheahan, John A.SuedOrange, CA
Sheehan, JosephAccusedMonterey, CA
Shelton, Charles  O.F.M.AccusedLos Angeles, CA
Shepherd, John R.AccusedLos Angeles, CA
Sheridan, Gregory SierraAccusedSan Diego, CA
Shimmaly, Edward E.SuedLos Angeles, CA
Silva-Flores, Fidencio SimonSuedLos Angeles, CA
Simon, Francis (Raymond E).AccusedLos Angeles, CA
Sintef, MichaelAccusedLos Angeles, CA
Slane, AnthonySuedOakland, CA
Smith, Lawrence GerardConvictedSan Francisco, CA
Spader, Robert WilliamAccusedLos Angeles, CA
Spain, William D.AccusedSan Diego, CA
Specialle (Speciale), Stephen EmmettSettledLos Angeles, CA
Sprouffske, Matthew MichaelArrestedLos Angeles, CA
Stadtfeld, JosephSuedLos Angeles, CA
Stallkamp, Louis G.AccusedLos Angeles, CA
Stiechen, Raymond  S.D.B.AccusedLos Angeles, CA
Su, Stanislaus S.  C.S.J.B.AccusedLos Angeles, CA
Stanislaus, Wellington Joseph “Brother Stan”ArrestedSan Francisco, CA
Suarez, LeoAccusedStockton, CA
Sullivan, Thomas J.SuedLos Angeles, CA
Sunseri, PhilAccusedSan Jose, CA
Superiaso, JoseConvictedSan Francisco, CA
Sutphin, Carl MauriceArrestedLos Angeles, CA
Swearingen, EricSuedFresno, CA
Sweeney, Francis M. C.S.P.



AccusedLos Angeles, CA
Tacderas, JosephAccusedLos Angeles, CA
Tamayo, Santiago L.SuedLos Angeles, CA
Tanilong, Gerardo JarencioConvictedOrange, CA
Teluma, Lukas BaoAccusedLos Angeles, CA
Tepe, Raymond (Jose)AccusedLos Angeles, CA
Terra, MichaelSuedLos Angeles, CA
Thing, TomSuedLos Angeles, CA
Thomas, (unknown)SuedSan Diego, CA
Thompson, Matthew J.AccusedSan Diego, CA
Thorne, Vance ZebulonSuedLos Angeles, CA
Timmons, GaryConvictedSanta Rosa, CA
Tollner, Gary B.AccusedOakland, CA
Toro, HernanConvictedSan Jose, CA
Trainor, Henry J.AccusedSan Francisco, CA
Tresler, Carl D.AccusedLos Angeles, CA
Trujillo, EstebanAccusedSan Bernardino, CA
Tubbs, Leo DonaldAccusedSan Francisco, CA
Tugade, ValentineSuedLos Angeles, CA
Turba, JeromeAccusedLos Angeles, CA
Uboldi, VictorSuedSan Diego, CA
Ugarte, Jose I.AccusedLos Angeles, CA
Urbina, Jose LuisConvictedSacramento, CA
Valdez, Paul R.SettledMonterey, CA
Valverde, WilliamSuedSan Diego, CA
Van der Putten, BenedictAccusedSan Jose, CA
Van Handel, Robert M.ConvictedSan Francisco, CA
Van Liefde, ChristopherSuedLos Angeles, CA
Van ter Toolen, VincentAccusedLos Angeles, CA
Vas, JohnAccusedOakland, CA
Vasquez, PedroAccusedLos Angeles, CA
Velez, JohnSuedMonterey, CA
Verhart, JohnSuedLos Angeles, CA
Verngren, FrancisSuedOakland, CA
Vetter, Henry XavierSuedLos Angeles, CA
Villa Gomez, Gillmero NemoriaSuedLos Angeles, CA
Villalobos, Ferdinand (Fernando)SuedStockton, CA
Villoria, Luis C.M.F.AccusedLos Angeles, CA
Villaroya, Ernesto CorralSuedLos Angeles, CA
Vinyard, BarrySuedSan Diego, CA
Vita, William S.SuedLos Angeles, CA
Vorisek, RudolphAccusedLos Angeles, CA
Wadeson, John H.ReinstatedLos Angeles, CA
Wallace, MurroughAccusedSacramento, CA
Walsh, James JosephSuedLos Angeles, CA
Walsh, Milton T.ArrestedSan Francisco, CA
Walsh (California), MichaelSettledSacramento, CA
Waltos, BernardAccusedSan Bernardino, CA
Ward, Bernard (Bernie)ConvictedSan Francisco, CA
Warren, A. ThomasAccusedLos Angeles, CA
Watt, JosephSettledMonterey, CA
Weber, Francis J.AccusedLos Angeles, CA
Weitz, WilfredSuedLos Angeles, CA
Wempe, Michael EdwinConvictedLos Angeles, CA
Wertz, GeraldSuedLos Angeles, CA
Wert, WilliamAccusedLos Angeles, CA
Whelan, Stephen (Steve)SuedOakland, CA
Wiecek, RonAccusedSanta Rosa, CA
Wilcox, GordonSuedOakland, CA
Wisecaver, JamesAccusedMonterey, CA
Wishard, John W.ConvictedLos Angeles, CA
Wood, WilliamAccusedLos Angeles, CA
Wolfe, Philip MarkConvictedLos Angeles, CA
Wong, TerrenceSuedOakland, CA
Yost, PeterAccusedSan Francisco, CA
Ziemann (BP), G. PatrickSuedLos Angeles, CA

Forester Haynie is an advocate for victims of clergy abuse as well as for anyone abused by a person in a position of power.  If you have suffered sexual abuse by a member of the clergy or a person of authority please fill out the form or call us at (888) 869-8100. Our firm offers free consultations to help you access compensation and help with your recovery.  We stand ready to assist you, and we stand ready to hold these institutions to accountable

In the U.S. legal system, all accused persons are presumed innocent until proven guilty. This chart is based generally on allegations reported publicly in the media or publicly filed in the courts. Forester Haynie does not confirm the accuracy of any actual allegation, and this chart is not a representation of the legal case history of an individual. Reasonable efforts have been made to ensure accuracy.

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