Known Louisiana Clergy Abusers

Over the last year, Catholic Dioceses from across the United States have released lists of known clergy sexual abusers. There’s no greater breach of trust than when someone in a position of power and authority sexually abuses someone. These acts have devastating effects on victims. Forester Haynie is an advocate for victims of clergy abuse as well as for anyone abused by a person in a position of power. Already, more than 3,000 civil lawsuits have been filed on behalf of victims of clergy abuse. Here are the names of known abusers in the state of Louisiana:

Last First Status Diocese
Andries John Wesley Convicted Alexandria, LA
Arceneaux Jules M. Accused Lafayette, LA
Avallone Paul Accused New Orleans, LA
Basty John Accused New Orleans, LA
Begnaud Stanley Accused Lafayette, LA
Benedict James Accused New Orleans, LA
Berube John Sued Baton Rouge, LA
Boudreaux Claude P. Accused New Orleans, LA
Brady Patrick Accused New Orleans, LA
Brignac George Settled New Orleans, LA
Broussard F. David Charged Lafayette, LA
Broussard Mark A. Arrested Lake Charles, LA
Brueschere Dave Sued New Orleans, LA
Calamari Paul Accused New Orleans, LA
Cambiaire Pierre Celestin Accused New Orleans, LA
Cavell Lawrence A. Accused Houma-Thibodaux, LA
Ceglar Stanislaus Accused New Orleans, LA
Cinel Dino Acquitted New Orleans, LA
Claudine Marie Settled New Orleans, LA
Click Patrick R. Sued New Orleans, LA
Collery James Accused New Orleans, LA
Csik Paul Accused New Orleans, LA
Curtis George Sued Lafayette, LA
Davidson Carl Accused New Orleans, LA
DesRosiers N. Wilfred Accused Lafayette, LA
Dickerson Donald J. Settled New Orleans, LA
Dorsey Rene Sued Lafayette, LA
Ducote Jerome Accused New Orleans, LA
Ducote Jerome Accused New Orleans, LA
Duhe Thomas P. Cleared Baton Rouge, LA
Dutel Gilbert Accused Lafayette, LA
Engbers John Anthony Sued Lafayette, LA
Esposito Anthony Accused New Orleans, LA
Fagione (Faggioni) Ernest Settled New Orleans, LA
Faler Justin Accused New Orleans, LA
Farino Michael Accused New Orleans, LA
Feehan Vincent Sued New Orleans, LA
Fendin Charles Sued New Orleans, LA
Fontenot Bryan none New Orleans, LA
Fontenot Ronald L. Jean Paul) Convicted Lafayette, LA
Francisco Alexander Accused Houma-Thibodaux, LA
Franklin Jonathan W. Charged New Orleans, LA
Fraser Michael B. Settled New Orleans, LA
Gandara Robert Sued New Orleans, LA
Gauthe Gilbert Convicted Lafayette, LA
Gertrude Marie Sister Sued New Orleans, LA
Gilbert Aldeo Sued Lafayette, LA
Glapion Lloyd Settled New Orleans, LA
Glasgow Thomas Gaspard Accused New Orleans, LA
Guidry Michael S. Charged Lafayette, LA
Gyan Eric Accused Baton Rouge, LA
Hagan Alvin Marie (Sister) Sued New Orleans, LA
Hamilton Kenneth Settled New Orleans, LA
Harold Brother Accused New Orleans, LA
Hebert Lloyd Accused Lafayette, LA
Hebert Raymond P. Suit Withdrawn New Orleans, LA
Hecker Lawrence Accused New Orleans, LA
Henao Luis E. Accused New Orleans, LA
Herpin L. Michael Accused Lafayette, LA
Hotard Howard Accused New Orleans, LA
Howell Gerard “Jerry” Accused New Orleans, LA
Hurley Michael F. Accused New Orleans, LA
Isgro Salvatore “Sam” Sued New Orleans, LA
Keane Patrick Settled New Orleans, LA
Kilgour James Settled New Orleans, LA
Kinane Gerard P. Accused New Orleans, LA
Kita August Settled New Orleans, LA
Kujawa Patrick R. Convicted Houma-Thibodaux, LA
Labaky Mansour Sentenced Baton Rouge, LA
Ladet Sister Sued New Orleans, LA
Landry Wesley Michael Accused New Orleans, LA
Langenstein Richard J. Sued New Orleans, LA
Larriviere Marshall R. Sued Lafayette, LA
Laurdette Sister Sued New Orleans, LA
Lawrence Ralph Accused New Orleans, LA
LeBlanc Etienne Sued Houma-Thibodaux, LA
LeBlanc Francis William Convicted New Orleans, LA
LeBourgeois Louis Accused New Orleans, LA
Lemoine Daniel Settled Baton Rouge, LA
Limoges Robert Marcel Sued Lafayette, LA
Lockwood James Accused New Orleans, LA
Lyons Frederick J. Accused Alexandria, LA
Martin Marie Sister Sued New Orleans, LA
Martinez Samuel F. Sued New Orleans, LA
Mary Omer Sister Sued New Orleans, LA
Masters Andrew Accused New Orleans, LA
McCarthy Donald P. Sued Alexandria, LA
Medina-Cruz Jamie Accused Alexandria, LA
Melancon Robert L. Convicted Houma-Thibodaux, LA
Miller William Accused New Orleans, LA
Morvant Kenneth Accused Lafayette, LA
Ory Claude Accused New Orleans, LA
Pankowski Joseph Accused New Orleans, LA
Pearce J. Donald Accused New Orleans, LA
Pellettieri (Pelletieri) Joseph F. Sued Lafayette, LA
Pimple Alfred Accused New Orleans, LA
Porte Cheryl Accused Lafayette, LA
Pousson Donald Accused Lafayette, LA
Primeaux David Accused Lafayette, LA
Prinz Gerald Sued Houma-Thibodaux, LA
Pullman Valerie Settled Lafayette, LA
Putnam Gorham Joseph Accused New Orleans, LA
Quick Harry Accused Lafayette, LA
Richard Mark Arrested Lafayette, LA
Robichaux Robie Accused Lafayette, LA
Sanders Patrick Accused New Orleans, LA
Sax John C. Accused New Orleans, LA
Schmaltz Bernard Accused New Orleans, LA
Seery John Accused New Orleans, LA
Simoneaux Jody J. Accused Lafayette, LA
Smit Gerard C. Accused Lake Charles, LA
Sokol Alfred Accused New Orleans, LA
Springer Christopher J. Sued Baton Rouge, LA
Stephen Rose Sister Sued New Orleans, LA
Strassel Malcolm Settled New Orleans, LA
Sullivan (Bp) Joseph V. Sued Baton Rouge, LA
Temme Roger Accused New Orleans, LA
Thomann John Accused New Orleans, LA
Tremblay J.C. Leger Sued Alexandria, LA
Weber John Accused New Orleans, LA
Wren Benjamin L. Settled New Orleans, LA
Zaunbrecher Charles J. Accused Lafayette, LA
Naughton Thomas Accused Sherveport
Coyle Charles G Accused Sherveport
Landwermeyer Francis M Accused Sherveport
Parks Austin Accused Sherveport
Bartles Charles Accused Sherveport
Fontenot Lane Accused Lafayette
Rogge Norman Accused St. Landry
Arul Susai Settled Lafayette
Bourgeois J.M Settled Evangeline Parish
Breaux Lester Settled Lafayette
Quick Harry Settled Lafayette
Alexander Joseph Accused Lafayette
Begnaud Stanley Accused Lafayette
Blanchard Jody Accused St. Landry
Bostwick John Accused St. Mary
Metrejean Paul Accused St. Landry
Streva Carlos Accused St. Mary
Hebert Maura Accused St. Landry
Estilette Grady Accused Lafayette
Guidry Dale Convicted Houma-Thibodaux
Melendez Carlos Convicted Houma-Thibodaux
Luce Ramon Accused Houma-Thibodaux
Nguyen Dac Accused Houma-Thibodaux
Poche Daniel Accused Houma-Thibodaux

Forester Haynie is an advocate for victims of clergy abuse as well as for anyone abused by a person in a position of power.  If you have suffered sexual abuse by a member of the clergy or a person of authority please fill out the form or call us at (888) 869-8100. Our firm offers free consultations to help you access compensation and help with your recovery.  We stand ready to assist you, and we stand ready to hold these institutions to accountable

In the U.S. legal system, all accused persons are presumed innocent until proven guilty. This chart is based generally on allegations reported publicly in the media or publicly filed in the courts. Forester Haynie does not confirm the accuracy of any actual allegation, and this chart is not a representation of the legal case history of an individual. Reasonable efforts have been made to ensure accuracy.

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  1. This is a terrible thing to have happen to anyone. The worst part is that you trust your Priest or Sister to be an extension or channel to God, and to have that trust broken or damaged is devastating. This will affect a person for their entire life. I would also like to know the people on the list that were listed as accused, will this be updated if they are cleared or convicted//sued ?

    1. Yes, we are actively updating our pages with new information about ongoing cases. If you think you or a loved one may have a case, even if the abusers name is not listed here yet, we still may be able to help. Feel free to text or call 214-210-2100 to speak with a member of our team.

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