Known Washington Clergy Sex Abusers

Over the last year, Catholic Dioceses from across the United States have released lists of known clergy sexual abusers. There’s no greater breach of trust than when someone in a position of power and authority sexually abuses someone. These acts have devastating effects on victims. Forester Haynie is an advocate for victims of clergy abuse as well as for anyone abused by a person in a position of power. Already, more than 3,000 civil lawsuits have been filed on behalf of victims of clergy abuse. Here are the names of known abusers in the state of Washington:

Last  First  Status  Diocese 
Albrechtson  Dennis  Accused  Seattle, WA 
Ashwell  G. Barry  Sued  Seattle, WA 
Axer  Englebert M.  Accused  Seattle, WA 
Beaver  Reinard  Sued  Spokane, WA 
Boulden  Garry  Sued  Spokane, WA 
Boyle  Edward C  Accused  Seattle, WA 
Boyle (in Seattle)  Edmund J.  Convicted  Seattle, WA 
Bradley  Theodore F. Xavier  Accused  Spokane, WA 
Breen  Christopher  Sued  Yakima, WA 
Burris  Francis   Accused  Spokane, WA 
Casale  Albert  Sued  Seattle, WA 
Champagne  Dennis  Accused  Seattle, WA 
Cody  Michael J  Settled  Seattle, WA 
Conn  Paul Joseph  Convicted  Seattle, WA 
Connelly (Connolly)  Berard  Sued  Spokane, WA 
Conway  Patrick J  Accused  Seattle, WA 
Corkery  Paul F  Accused  Spokane, WA 
Cornelius  John  Accused  Seattle, WA 
Coughlin  John A.  Accused  Spokane, WA 
Courtney  Edward C. (Chris)  Sued  Seattle, WA 
Croke  Bro. Patrick  Sued  Seattle, WA 
Crosby  Sr. Dolores  Accused  Seattle, WA 
Delamere  Frank P.  Settled  Seattle, WA 
Dolan  Sean  Sued  Yakima, WA 
Donahue  William  Accused  Seattle, WA 
Dooley  Jerome  Accused  Seattle, WA 
Doyle  Dominic W.  Sued  Spokane, WA 
Duffy  Patrick  Sued  Seattle, WA 
Duffy  Philip  Accused  Seattle, WA 
Dwyer  George  Sued  Seattle, WA 
Feeney  Leonard  Accused  Seattle, WA 
Fleckenstein  David  Accused  Seattle, WA 
Foyle  Dermot  Accused  Seattle, WA 
Gandrau  James H.  Settled  Seattle, WA 
Gates  James  Accused  Spokane, WA 
Gomez Santos  Gustavo  Sued  Yakima, WA 
Graaff  Joseph A.  Sued  Yakima, WA 
Hau  Phan Huu  Accused  Seattle, WA 
Hays  Michael  Accused  Seattle, WA 
Hewitt  Gregory  Accused  Seattle, WA 
Hurley  John F.  Cleared  Spokane, WA 
Jaeger  David Peter  Settled  Seattle, WA 
Jayawardene  Pantaleone  Accused  Seattle, WA 
Kealy  G.A. Gerard Aloysius  Sued  Seattle, WA 
Kemp  Dennis W.  Accused  Seattle, WA 
King  Anthony S. “Skip”  Sued  Yakima, WA 
King  David G.  Accused  Yakima, WA 
Knecht  Joseph  Sued  Spokane, WA 
Knelleken  James  Sued  Seattle, WA 
Koltzenberg/Koltzenburg  Otto  Accused  Spokane, WA 
Kosak  Michael  Accused  Spokane, WA 
Lackie  J.B. (John B.)  Sued  Seattle, WA 
Ladenburger  Louis Wayne  Convicted  Spokane, WA 
Lamm  Timothy J.  Accused  Seattle, WA 
Lavoy  Marvin  Sued  Spokane, WA 
Leary  John P.  Sued  Spokane, WA 
Ledwith  Miceal aka Michael  Accused  Seattle, WA 
Lent  James Walter  Accused  Spokane, WA 
Linehan  David Anthony  Accused  Seattle, WA 
Low  Lawrence  Accused  Seattle, WA 
Ludwig  Augustine  Accused  Spokane, WA 
Marier  Edward  Sued  Spokane, WA 
Marmo  Theodore  Settled  Seattle, WA 
Marsh  John   Settled  Seattle, WA 
McDonald  John W,  Accused  Spokane, WA 
McGreal  James  Settled  Seattle, WA 
McMahon  Patrick Desmond  Sued  Seattle, WA 
McManus  John P.  Accused  Seattle, WA 
Melia  Fenton J.  Accused  Spokane, WA 
Mepingajira  Joseph  Accused  Spokane, WA 
Mertens  Arthur C.  Accused  Spokane, WA 
Mitchell  Darell  Accused  Yakima, WA 
Mitchell  James  Sued  Seattle, WA 
Moffat  Gerald  Sued  Seattle, WA 
Morin  Gerald/Gerard  Accused  Seattle, WA 
Morse  John J.   Sued  Spokane, WA 
Muehe  Dennis F.  Sued  Seattle, WA 
O’Brien  John  Accused  Spokane, WA 
O’Brien  Michael C  Accused  Seattle, WA 
O’Brien  William  Accused  Seattle, WA 
O’Connor  Richard  Sued  Yakima, WA 
O’Donahue  unknown  Accused  Seattle, WA 
O’Donnell  Patrick G.  Settled  Spokane, WA 
O’Grady  Peter P.   Sued  Spokane, WA 
O’Malley  James J.  Settled  Spokane, WA 
O’Neill  Patrick G.  Sued  Seattle, WA 
O’Sullivan  Brother  Sued  Seattle, WA 
O’Sullivan  Vincent  Accused  Seattle, WA 
Ocana  Manuel C  Accused  Seattle, WA 
Oosterman  Bernard “Benno”  Sued  Spokane, WA 
Pineau  Joseph  Accused  Spokane, WA 
Pitsch  Thomas  Settled  Seattle, WA 
Pypers  Theophilus  Accused  Spokane, WA 
Quick  William  Accused  Seattle, WA 
Quigg  Harold (Harry) F  Accused  Seattle, WA 
Racine  Leo  Accused  Seattle, WA 
Ramirez  Aaron  Sued  Yakima, WA 
Ramirez  Hilario  Accused  Yakima, WA 
Receconi  Edward  Accused  Seattle, WA 
Renggli  Robert  Sued  Seattle, WA 
Ryan  C.P.  Sued  Seattle, WA 
Ryan  D.P.  Accused  Seattle, WA 
Ryan  William J.  Accused  Spokane, WA 
Schmitt  Gregory  Sued  Seattle, WA 
Schweich  Ramona  Settled  Spokane, WA 
Scully  Richard  Settled  Yakima, WA 
Simpson  Michael J.  Sued  Yakima, WA 
Skylstad (Bp)  William  Sued  Spokane, WA 
Sondergeld  Joseph  Sued  Spokane, WA 
Stohr  Richard  Accused  Seattle, WA 
Sullivan  Jerry  Accused  Spokane, WA 
Tholen  John L.  Sued  Yakima, WA 
Toner  James  Accused  Seattle, WA 
Toulouse  Michael  Sued  Spokane, WA 
Trautman  Benjamin A.  Accused  Spokane, WA 
Trippy  Stephen  Accused  Seattle, WA 
Uhlenkott  Gary D.  Convicted  Spokane, WA 
Vevik  Paul  Accused  Spokane, WA 
Warren  James  Sued  Seattle, WA 
Webster  Wynn  Accused  Spokane, WA 
Weitensteiner  Joseph  Sued  Spokane, WA 
Wetzler  Daniel  Accused  Spokane, WA 
Whitten  Carlton E.  Accused  Yakima, WA 
Connelly   Thomas  Accused  Gonzaga University 
Beezer  Arnold  Accused  Spokane, WA 
Falvey  Mark  Accused  Spokane, WA 
Stretch  Edward  Accused  Port Townsend, WA 
Sullivan  Thomas  Accused  Port Townsend, WA 
Balfe  Joseph  Accused  Spokane, WA 
Bischoff  Williams  Accused  Spokane, WA 
Brown  John Joseph  Accused  Port Townsend, WA 
Callan  Francis   Accused  Yakima, WA 
Convert   Jules  Accused  Port Townsend, WA 
Corrigal  Robert  Accused  Seattle, WA 
Donohue  Norman  Accused  Port Townsend, WA 
Duffy  Frances  Accused  Seattle, WA 
Endal  George S  Accused  Port Townsend, WA 
Fallert  Frances  Accused  Port Townsend, WA 
Ferritti  Augsutine  Accused  Seattle, WA 
Fox  Francis   Accused  Spokane, WA 
Fox  John  Accused  Spokane, WA 
Gallant  Rene  Accused  Port Townsend, WA 
Greif  Harold   Accused  Seattle, WA 
Hargreaves  Henry  Accused  Yakima, WA 
Harrington  John s  Accused  Spokane, WA 
Harris  Bernard   Accused  Seattle, WA 
Hurley  James P  Accused  Spokane, WA 
Jacobson  James E  Accused  Spokane, WA 
Jakes  Ignatius  Accused  Port Townsend, WA 
Keys  Gordon  Accused  Seattle, WA 
Kolhman  leonard  Accused  Spokane, WA 
Llorente  Segundo  Accused  Port Townsend, WA 
Mallman  Egon  Accused  Spokane, WA 
McIntyre  William T  Accused  Port Townsend, WA 
McMeel  Bernard  Accused  Spokane, WA 
Murphy  Cornelus  Accused  Port Townsend, WA 
Nash  William J.  Accused  Spokane, WA 
Nawn  Francis X  Accused  Spokane, WA 
O’Conner  Pual   Accused  Spokane, WA 
O’Reilly  Patrick  Accused  Spokane, WA 
Pauson  Richard  Accused  Spokane, WA 
Penna  Sylvester  Accused  Port Townsend, WA 
Pierre  Eugene  Accused  Port Townsend, WA 
Poole  James E  Accused  Port Townsend, WA 
Robinson  Edmund   Accused  Seattle, WA 
Ryan  William  Accused  Port Townsend, WA 
Saalfeld  Charles  Accused  Seattle, WA 
Hilaire  Theordore  Accused  Port Townsend, WA 
McDonough  James M  Accused  Spokane, WA

Forester Haynie is an advocate for victims of clergy abuse as well as for anyone abused by a person in a position of power.  If you have suffered sexual abuse by a member of the clergy or a person of authority please fill out the form or call us at (888) 869-8100. Our firm offers free consultations to help you access compensation and help with your recovery.  We stand ready to assist you, and we stand ready to hold these institutions to accountable

In the U.S. legal system, all accused persons are presumed innocent until proven guilty. This chart is based generally on allegations reported publicly in the media or publicly filed in the courts. Forester Haynie does not confirm the accuracy of any actual allegation, and this chart is not a representation of the legal case history of an individual. Reasonable efforts have been made to ensure accuracy.

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  1. I always wondered about Reinard Beaver – he was a retired Chaplain from the Army when I was stationed at Madigan Army Medical Center at Fort Lewis and I had a roommate that moved in with him and I always wondered why. He also had two twins that were living him him that were probably 18 or 19 at the time. I was raped while at Fort Lewis (not by Reinard) and I think there was a culture of that going on at the time.

    1. Scott, thank you for this extra information and I am so sorry to hear about what happened to you. Even if the crime was committed by a different person, we still may be able to help. Feel free to text or call us at 214-210-2100, all conversations are confidential.

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