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No Pride in the LGBTQ+ Wage Gap

Pride Month is here, which annually commemorates the LGBTQ+ community. This celebration draws awareness and goodwill to LGBTQ+ people since the Stonewall Uprising in 1969. These riots transformed the gay liberation movement. While celebrations will be at a high, wages among LGBTQ+ workers are at a low compared to the typical worker. The wage gap is significant.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, LGBTQ+ workers earned 90 cents of the $1.00 that typical non-LGBTQ+ employees make. This sample came from 7,000 LGBTQ+ individuals who work full-time at 35 hours or more a week (non-farm) in the private or public sectors.

If this wasn’t enough of a wage gap disparity, LGBTQ+ people of color earn even less. An LGTBQ+ White person can expect to earn 97 cents of the typical dollar a cisgender and straight person earns. If you are LGBTQ+ Latinx, it is 90 cents…LGBTQ+ Black, it is 80 cents…LGBTQ+ Native American, it is 70 cents. The only non-disparity is LGBTQ+ AAPI workers, who earn the equivalent $1.00. 

Even more shocking or of equal disparity is that trans men earn 70 cents of the $1.00 of the typical worker. For trans women, it is 60 cents. 

Pride Month celebrates the impact the LGBTQ+ community has brought into the world, and recognizes progress made. Pride Month also acknowledges the task to diminish the wage gap of LGBTQ+ individuals, as well as to close the gender and ethnicity gaps that come along with it. 

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