LGBTQ+ Discrimination in the Workplace

LGBTQ+ workers face an evident wage compensation gap compared to non-LGTBQ workers. For example, it has been noted that about 22% of queer adults in the U.S. live in poverty. On the other hand, an estimated 16% of typical workers living in poverty. Poverty was measured by the yearly household income and size by the Census Bureau who determined if the household income covered basic costs. In addition to low wages, there is an ongoing issue of people rejecting tipping LGBTQ+ workers. Not only is there evident wage discrimination from the employer, but consumers are also a part of the ongoing issue. Recently, with the ongoing increase in costs of daily necessities, it is especially important to urge employers to compensate all employees fairly in the workplace.

Furthermore, there is a wider gap between white queer workers versus Latinx and Black queer workers. In comparison, a white LGBTQ+ worker is estimated to earn 97 cents for every dollar a non-LGBTQ worker earns. It is estimated that Latinx workers earn about 90 cents for for every dollar a typical worker earns. Black queer worker earns about 80 cents for every dollar a non-LGBTQ+ worker can make further emphasizing the disparities in wages. However, the largest compensation disparities are found in queer women, transgender men, and people of color.

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