Known New York Clergy Abusers

Over the last year, Catholic Dioceses from across the United States have released lists of known clergy sexual abusers. There’s no greater breach of trust than when someone in a position of power and authority sexually abuses someone. These acts have devastating effects on victims. Forester Haynie is an advocate for victims of clergy abuse as well as for anyone abused by a person in a position of power. Already, more than 3,000 civil lawsuits have been filed on behalf of victims of clergy abuse. Here are the names of known abusers in the state of New York:

Last First Status Diocese
Abrams John L. Accused Brooklyn, NY
Ager Fay W. Accused Ogdensburg, NY
Agostino Joseph V. Accused Brooklyn, NY
Akuzie Bennet Arrested Brooklyn, NY
Albino John C. Settled New York, NY
Allen Peter A. Accused Rockville Centre, NY
Angelicchio Paul F. Cleared Syracuse, NY
Aurelio John R Accused Buffalo, NY
Authenrieth William Sued Brooklyn, NY
Babis Daniel G. Sued Rockville Centre, NY
Baisi Linda Settled New York, NY
Barszcz Benedict P Charged Buffalo, NY
Bayley Thomas S. Accused Syracuse, NY
Bazalar Juan Convicted New York, NY
Becker Donald W. Settled Buffalo, NY
Bedoya Hugo Sued Brooklyn, NY
Bentley David G. Settled Albany, NY
Bergin James J. Sued Rockville Centre, NY
Bertolucci John Patrick Sued Albany, NY
Bialkowski David W Accused Buffalo, NY
Biesinger Robert J Settled Buffalo, NY
Birchmeyer Robert J. Accused Syracuse, NY
Bogan Robert F. Accused Syracuse, NY
Bokulich Dominic (Br Leopold Convicted New York, NY
Bonin David L. Sued Rochester, NY
Boschetto Laurence Sued New York, NY
Bowen Roger A. Accused Syracuse, NY
Boxelaar George Accused New York, NY
Boyle Francis V. Accused New York, NY
Brady John Joseph Sued New York, NY
Brady Thomas F. Arrested Brooklyn, NY
Brady Timothy Charged New York, NY
Brennan Edward C. Sued Brooklyn, NY
Breslawski William G. Accused Rockville Centre, NY
Brigandi Paul A. Accused Syracuse, NY
Brinker Brian J. Accused Rockville Centre, NY
Broderick John W. Acquitted Albany, NY
Brown Robert L. Accused Rockville Centre, NY
Burke (Rockville Ctr) William Michael Sued Rockville Centre, NY
Burr Thomas W. Accused Rochester, NY
Burson James Accused Buffalo, NY
Butler John R. Settled Rockville Centre, NY
Byrne Harry J. Charged New York, NY
Byrns Joseph P. Convicted Brooklyn, NY
Cadavid Arroyave Roberto Antonio Accused Brooklyn, NY
Calabrese Daniel A. Convicted New York, NY
Capellupo Frank J. Arrested Brooklyn, NY
Capua Nicholas J. Accused Brooklyn, NY
Carr Cornelius Accused New York, NY
Carroll (in New York) Michael A. Accused Rockville Centre, NY
Carson David L. Accused New York, NY
Casey, Jr. Daniel W. Settled Syracuse, NY
Cason Albert H. Accused Rochester, NY
Casper Bernard Accused Rochester, NY
Cawlings Neil Sued Albany, NY
Celeste Charles R. Accused Albany, NY
Charland Peter Accused Rockville Centre, NY
Chasse Gerard J. (Jerry) Accused Rockville Centre, NY
Clark Joseph M. Sued New York, NY
Cloonan Paul I. Accused Rochester, NY
Coen Charles P. Accused New York, NY
Coleman Christopher Lee Accused Brooklyn, NY
Collins James P. Sued Brooklyn, NY
Colosimo Felix R. Sued Syracuse, NY
Congro Basil Peter Sued Rockville Centre, NY
Conlin Robert P. Accused Buffalo, NY
Connolly John F. Accused Albany, NY
Conti Joseph Accused Ogdensburg, NY
Cooper Damian Lawrence Sued Rockville Centre, NY
Coppinger John W. Accused New York, NY
Corbett Thomas Accused Rochester, NY
Cortez Augusto Convicted Brooklyn, NY
Costello John M. Accused Rochester, NY
Cotter James H Settled Buffalo, NY
Cox Harold T. Sued Brooklyn, NY
Crosby Donald J. Accused Syracuse, NY
Curran Anthony Sued Albany, NY
Czarniewicz Gloria Accused Rockville Centre, NY
D’Andrea Edward R. Accused Rockville Centre, NY
D’Argenio Herbert Settled New York, NY
Degen/Degan Joseph A. Accused Ogdensburg, NY
Dempsey Michael J. Accused Brooklyn, NY
DeVita Thomas F. Accused Rockville Centre, NY
Dewey Denman Accused Buffalo, NY
Di Pasquale Ralph Sued Albany, NY
Diaz Jimenez Enrique Convicted Brooklyn, NY
Ditta Angelo J. Accused Rockville Centre, NY
Donovan John H. Accused Syracuse, NY
Douglas Louis E. Sued Albany, NY
Drake Roy A. Accused New York, NY
Duenas Jaime (James) Convicted New York, NY
Duford Robert O. Accused Ogdensburg, NY
Durr Edmund J. Accused Syracuse, NY
Duvelsdorf Peter L. Accused Rockville Centre, NY
Eckermann Charles H. Police report Syracuse, NY
Emo Eugene G. Convicted Rochester, NY
Eremito Anthony Joseph Accused New York, NY
Ethier Raymond J. Convicted Albany, NY
Fafinski Donald S Accused Buffalo, NY
Failla Anthony J. Accused Brooklyn, NY
Fallon John J. Convicted Ogdensburg, NY
Faraci Douglas F Accused Buffalo, NY
Farchette Ronald J. Accused Ogdensburg, NY
Favreau Bruce T. Accused Ogdensburg, NY
Fennessy Keith Accused New York, NY
Fernando Alberto Charged New York, NY
Ferraro Romano J. Convicted Brooklyn, NY
Ferro Robert A. Sued Brooklyn, NY
Finger William E. Accused Brooklyn, NY
Fingerle Fred G Accused Buffalo, NY
Fitzgerald Matthew Settled Rockville Centre, NY
Fitzpatrick John F. Settled Albany, NY
Franklin Edward L. Accused Ogdensburg, NY
Freeman Michael R Accused Buffalo, NY
Friel Joseph P Sued Buffalo, NY
Friel Mark M Accused Buffalo, NY
Fronczak Dennis A. Accused Buffalo, NY
Frost James I. J. Sued Brooklyn, NY
Furfaro Francis J. Settled Syracuse, NY
Fusco Albin D. Sued New York, NY
Gaffney Thomas J. Sued New York, NY
Gallagher Luke V. Accused Syracuse, NY
Gallant Alfred F. Accused New York, NY
Gallant John P. Sued New York, NY
Galligan Damian Sued New York, NY
Gallo Vincent Sued Brooklyn, NY
Garcia Angel Accused Albany, NY
Garstka Bernard A. Sued Syracuse, NY
Genevive Frank M Sued Albany, NY
Gentile Gennaro Settled New York, NY
Gillette Theodore M. Accused Ogdensburg, NY
Giuliano Anthony J. Accused New York, NY
Gordon Lawrence Convicted New York, NY
Gorman Donald L. Accused Syracuse, NY
Gorman Richard Settled New York, NY
Gormley John Accused Rochester, NY
Gramkee David N. Accused Rochester, NY
Greene William T. Sued New York, NY
Gresock Thomas G Accused Buffalo, NY
Guli Gerard J. Accused Rochester, NY
Guyder Thomas F. Accused Syracuse, NY
Haight Mark Settled Albany, NY
Hajduk John P Accused Buffalo, NY
Hammond Robert W. Accused Rochester, NY
Hands Michael R. Convicted Rockville Centre, NY
Harrington John Settled New York, NY
Harrington Michael J Accused Buffalo, NY
Harris Wallace A. Accused New York, NY
Harrison Robert unknown New York, NY
Harrold John F. Arrested Syracuse, NY
Hasselbach Kenneth C. Convicted Rockville Centre, NY
Hatrick Brian M. Accused Buffalo, NY
Hattala Ferdinand A. Accused Syracuse, NY
Hayes James C. Accused Syracuse, NY
Hayes James P Accused Buffalo, NY
Heathwood John Laurence Sued Rochester, NY
Hebert Donald J. Accused Syracuse, NY
Heim William J. Convicted Albany, NY
Heizman Leo J. Accused Syracuse, NY
Hendricks Louis J Accused Buffalo, NY
Hennessy Linus Accused Buffalo, NY
Hennessy Paul Kevin Sued New York, NY
Herberger Roy Reinstated Buffalo, NY
Higgins J Grant Accused Buffalo, NY
Hogan Francis T Accused Buffalo, NY
Hogan G. Stuart Accused Rochester, NY
Holbel Sylvester J. Accused Buffalo, NY
Holihan Edgar M. Accused Syracuse, NY
Hubbard (Bp). Howard J. Accused Albany, NY
Huckemeyer Edward Accused Brooklyn, NY
Humphrey Edgar P. Accused Syracuse, NY
Huneke Robert D. Sued Rockville Centre, NY
Hunt John Accused Ogdensburg, NY
Hyland Raymond A. Accused New York, NY
Idziak Stanley Dominic Settled Buffalo, NY
Ingalls Fred D Convicted Buffalo, NY
Inzeo Lawrence C. Accused New York, NY
Ipolito Pascal D. Accused Buffalo, NY
Jasinski Florian A Accused Buffalo, NY
Jasinski Gerald C Arrested Buffalo, NY
Jeffers Robert A. Accused New York, NY
Jenik John Joseph Accused New York, NY
Jesselli Kenneth A. Accused New York, NY
Judd Richard P Accused Buffalo, NY
Jupin Alan D. Sued Albany, NY
Juran Michael P. Accused Buffalo, NY
Jutton David J. Accused Syracuse, NY
Kammerer Richard Accused Rockville Centre, NY
Kavanagh Charles M. Accused New York, NY
Keating Thomas F. Sued Syracuse, NY
Keller Brian Accused Brooklyn, NY
Kelley Timothy J Sued Buffalo, NY
Kelly James E. Sued Albany, NY
Kelly Timothy Sued New York, NY
Kemp Thomas L Accused Buffalo, NY
Kennedy Edwin A. Accused Ogdensburg, NY
Kennedy John M. Accused Ogdensburg, NY
Kennington Jack Settled New York, NY
Keogan Christian Accused New York, NY
Keppeler Richard J Accused Buffalo, NY
Kiarie Peter Acquitted New York, NY
Kieley Edward X. Accused Syracuse, NY
Kihm Peter J. Accused New York, NY
Klebie (also Klebauskas) John Accused Albany, NY
Kloster Robert J. Accused Syracuse, NY
Kreiser Thomas L. Accused New York, NY
Kuhl Morgan J. Convicted New York, NY
LaBelle Ralph W. Accused New York, NY
LaLonde Emile G. Accused Ogdensburg, NY
Lane C. Vincent Accused Syracuse, NY
Lara James/Jaime Settled Brooklyn, NY
Larche James M. Accused Ogdensburg, NY
Larrabee Joseph E. Accused Rochester, NY
LeFevre Robert J. Accused Albany, NY
Leising Frederick D. Reinstated Buffalo, NY
Lennon John W. Accused New York, NY
Leroux Edward N. Accused Albany, NY
Lewandowski John D Accused Buffalo, NY
Lewandowski Michael M. Accused Buffalo, NY
Lewkiewicz Richard Sued Brooklyn, NY
Liguori (Ligouri) James A. Sued New York, NY
Litz, Jr. Steven J. Accused Syracuse, NY
Logan William R. Sued Rockville Centre, NY
Lorenz William A. Accused Syracuse, NY
Lott Robert V. Settled New York, NY
Lugowski John Convicted Syracuse, NY
Lum William D. Convicted Rochester, NY
Lynch Bernard Not Guilty New York, NY
Lynch William J. Accused Syracuse, NY
Mach Bernard M (Corky) Settled Buffalo, NY
Madore Edward C. “Ted” Accused Syracuse, NY
Maffei Joseph Settled New York, NY
Magee Finian (Robert) Sued Rockville Centre, NY
Maher Daniel J. Sued Albany, NY
Mahoney John E Sued Rockville Centre, NY
Malone Donald T. Accused New York, NY
Mancuso Joseph A. Accused Albany, NY
Mangini Charles M. Accused Brooklyn, NY
Manzione Arthur Accused New York, NY
Manzo Francis J. Sued Brooklyn, NY
Martin Patrick H. Sued New York, NY
Martin Roger M. Accused Ogdensburg, NY
Martlock Loville N Accused Buffalo, NY
Mary Andrew Sister Accused New York, NY
Maryanski Fabian Settled Buffalo, NY
Massaro Gabriel Accused Rockville Centre, NY
Mataconis Richard (Philip?) Sued Albany, NY
Mattice George F. Accused Syracuse, NY
Maurer Edward L. Sued Brooklyn, NY
Mazza Albert J. Accused New York, NY
McCarrick (Cardinal) Theodore Accused New York, NY
McCarthy Charles J. Accused Rochester, NY
McCarthy John A. Accused Syracuse, NY
McCarthy Thomas J Accused Buffalo, NY
McCloud Henry J. Sued Brooklyn, NY
McComiskey Joseph C. Accused Rockville Centre, NY
McConaghy R. Thomas Accused Rockville Centre, NY
McConnin Robert J. Accused Brooklyn, NY
McCormick Richard J. Convicted New York, NY
McDevitt James J. Sued Albany, NY
McDonagh Charles Accused New York, NY
McElroy Herbert J. Settled Brooklyn, NY
McGeever John J. Accused Rockville Centre, NY
McGovern Robert B. Sued New York, NY
McGrath Gerald Accused Ogdensburg, NY
McKeon Brian A. Sued Rockville Centre, NY
McLoughlin John G. Sued Brooklyn, NY
McLoughlin (Brother)) John Sued Brooklyn, NY
McMahon Sean Accused Albany, NY
McNerney James C. Accused Albany, NY
McNicholas Edward J. Accused Brooklyn, NY
Mea John Accused Albany, NY
Meehan John T. Settled New York, NY
Menard Roland V. Accused Ogdensburg, NY
Mercure Gary J. Convicted Albany, NY
Michell George J. Accused Rockville Centre, NY
Mierzwa Ronald Accused Buffalo, NY
Millar Andrew L. Convicted Rockville Centre, NY
Miller James C. Settled Rockville Centre, NY
Miller Michael J. Convicted Albany, NY
Mills Henry Sued New York, NY
Miraglia Salvatore J. Accused Rockville Centre, NY
Misercola Chester A. Accused Syracuse, NY
Mooney Vincent Accused Buffalo, NY
Morris William J. Accused Syracuse, NY
Morrow Thomas O. Convicted Brooklyn, NY
Morse John J. “Jack” Accused Syracuse, NY
Mott John D. Accused Rockville Centre, NY
Mulhall Francis X. Sued Brooklyn, NY
Mundy Joseph T. Accused Rockville Centre, NY
Murphy Howard Sued Rockville Centre, NY
Neary Thomas E. Accused Syracuse, NY
Nee Kenneth T. Accused Rockville Centre, NY
Nelson Francis X. Convicted Brooklyn, NY
Netter Edmund W. Sued New York, NY
Newman Louis I. Accused Rockville Centre, NY
Nowak Randolph Accused New York, NY
Nunan Jeremiah Sued Albany, NY
O’Brien Eugene J Settled New York, NY
O’Brien John Francis Sued New York, NY
O’Connell Kenneth F. Settled New York, NY
O’Connor John Justin Accused New York, NY
O’Doherty Liam Settled Ogdensburg, NY
O’Herlihy Michael D. Sued New York, NY
O’Keefe John Accused New York, NY
O’Neill Robert F. Sued Rochester, NY
O’Reilly Ben Sued Brooklyn, NY
O’Rourke Thomas J. Accused Brooklyn, NY
Ocloo Anthony Arrested Brooklyn, NY
Ophals Donald J. Sued Albany, NY
Orlando Richard J. Accused Rochester, NY
Ormsby Basil A Accused Buffalo, NY
Orsolits Norbert F Settled Buffalo, NY
Otero Cornelius T. (Neil) Accused Brooklyn, NY
Ours Robert A. Convicted Syracuse, NY
Pace Joseph A. Accused Syracuse, NY
Palys Daniel J. Accused Buffalo, NY
Panepinto Vincent Accused Rochester, NY
Parisi Frank J. Accused Rockville Centre, NY
Parrakow Edmond A. Sued New York, NY
Pavlock Martin L Accused Buffalo, NY
Petroski Ronald P. Sued Brooklyn, NY
Pintado Herrera Jorge Patricio Convicted New York, NY
Pipala Edward Convicted New York, NY
Pizzutti Lawrence Accused Albany, NY
Placa Alan J. Accused Rockville Centre, NY
Placa Stephen Convicted Brooklyn, NY
Plante Albert R. Accused Ogdensburg, NY
Pliauplis Christopher Reinstated New York, NY
Plock Charles Convicted Brooklyn, NY
Post Robert Sued New York, NY
Powell Thomas M. Accused Syracuse, NY
Pratt Edward C. Accused Albany, NY
Priest G Priest G Accused Rockville Centre, NY
Priest K Priest K Settled Rockville Centre, NY
Priest L Priest L Settled Rockville Centre, NY
Priest N Priest N Accused Rockville Centre, NY
Priest Q Priest Q Accused Rockville Centre, NY
Priest R Priest R Accused Rockville Centre, NY
Priest S Priest S Accused Rockville Centre, NY
Priest U Priest U Settled Rockville Centre, NY
Prochaski Adam Accused Brooklyn, NY
Proud Albert J. Accused Syracuse, NY
Puello George Sued Albany, NY
Purcell Robert H. Accused Albany, NY
Quaid Edward George Accused Syracuse, NY
Quigley Dominic Accused New York, NY
Quigley Patrick W. Convicted New York, NY
Quinn James A. Accused Syracuse, NY
Quinn James F. Sued Syracuse, NY
Quinn Lawrence J. Accused New York, NY
Rappl Joseph Accused Buffalo, NY
Ribaudo Charles A. Accused Rockville Centre, NY
Richmond Howard J./H. Joseph Sued Brooklyn, NY
Riordan (Reardon) Brendan P. Settled Rockville Centre, NY
Rios Louis J. (Luis) Sued New York, NY
Riter Dennis G. Reinstated Buffalo, NY
Ritter Bruce Accused New York, NY
Rodino Salvatore (“Sam”) A. Accused Albany, NY
Rodriguez Esteban Settled New York, NY
Rodriguez Ruben Settled New York, NY
Rogers Foster P. Accused Rochester, NY
Rogers Thomas W. Accused Ogdensburg, NY
Romano Joseph R. Accused Albany, NY
Romanus/Brocato Brother/Salvador J. Settled Brooklyn, NY
Ronald Roy K Accused Buffalo, NY
Rooney Sean Leo Settled New York, NY
Rosch James J. Accused Albany, NY
Russo James E. Accused Brooklyn, NY
Ryan Barry E. Convicted Brooklyn, NY
Saccacio Robert J. Sued Rockville Centre, NY
Sajdak Ronald Accused Buffalo, NY
Salamone Michael J. Accused Brooklyn, NY
Salerno Michael Accused Brooklyn, NY
Saloy Thomas G. Convicted Rockville Centre, NY
Francis L. Accused Syracuse, NY
Sardina John J. Accused Buffalo, NY
Schaefer Richard Sued Rockville Centre, NY
Scheneman Alan Settled New York, NY
Schieder Joseph E Accused Buffalo, NY
Schnacky Paul R. Accused Rochester, NY
Schuck Joseph Accused Brooklyn, NY
Schuster Joseph A. Accused Buffalo, NY
Sewall H. Charles Settled Syracuse, NY
Sewar Dennis R. Convicted Rochester, NY
Sexton Patrick Settled Brooklyn, NY
Sforza Vincent Sued Brooklyn, NY
Sharland Gerald Accused Ogdensburg, NY
Shaw Dennis J. Accused Rochester, NY
Shaw Gary P. Accused Rochester, NY
Sheehan Gerald P. Accused Buffalo, NY
Shinos Robert S. Accused Albany, NY
Shurtleff Robert M. Accused Ogdensburg, NY
Sickler James G. Sued Brooklyn, NY
Silverio Ronald T. none Buffalo, NY
Simon David P. Accused Rochester, NY
Sinnott Walter A. Accused Syracuse, NY
Slavetskas Paul J. Accused Syracuse, NY
Slavin William M. Accused Albany, NY
Smith Arthur J. Accused Buffalo, NY
Smith James T. Sued Brooklyn, NY
Smyczynski Gerard A Accused Buffalo, NY
Smyka James Accused Buffalo, NY
Soares Protasio Sued Brooklyn, NY
Soave Alfred B Sued Rockville Centre, NY
Spielman James A. Settled Buffalo, NY
Splawski Bernard Accused Buffalo, NY
Squires Thomas Accused Ogdensburg, NY
Stachewicz Chester S Accused Buffalo, NY
Stack George J. Sued Brooklyn, NY
Starks Donald Accused Albany, NY
Steger John J. Arrested Rochester, NY
Stegmann Raymond V. Sued Rockville Centre, NY
Stinner Francis Accused New York, NY
Stolinski Robert A. Accused Buffalo, NY
Stone Carl Convicted Albany, NY
Sundholm Conrad Accused Rochester, NY
Tamburrino James Convicted New York, NY
Taylor James (Michael) Arrested Albany, NY
Terese, O.S.F. Pauline Accused Buffalo, NY
Theisen (Thiesen) Joseph L. Settled New York, NY
Thompson John Sued Brooklyn, NY
Timone Donald G. Settled New York, NY
Titone Robert A. Settled New York, NY
Tobin George W. Accused Ogdensburg, NY
Toth Michael A. Accused Ogdensburg, NY
Townsend, C.J.M. Edward Accused Buffalo, NY
Tracy Martin J. Accused Syracuse, NY
Trager Tom Accused Brooklyn, NY
Trane Thomas Sued Syracuse, NY
Twomey Gerald Accused Rockville Centre, NY
Udegbulem Ike Cyriacus Arrested Brooklyn, NY
Unterstein Nicholas Settled Rockville Centre, NY
Urban Carl A. Accused Albany, NY
Valenti Thomas J. Accused Rochester, NY
Venne Samuel J. Accused Buffalo, NY
Vogel Joseph J. Accused Buffalo, NY
Vogt Francis H. Accused Rochester, NY
Volino Michael Convicted Rochester, NY
Vollmer Eugene Sued Rockville Centre, NY
Wagner John P. Accused Syracuse, NY
Walker David J. Accused Syracuse, NY
Walker Edward J Accused Buffalo, NY
Ward William G Accused Buffalo, NY
Weber Jerome F. Accused Syracuse, NY
Whelan (Whalen) Donald J. Sued New York, NY
White Clark S. Accused Ogdensburg, NY
White William F J Accused Buffalo, NY
White William T. Settled New York, NY
Wiley John F. Accused Ogdensburg, NY
Williams James C. Accused Rockville Centre, NY
Williams William E. Accused New York, NY
Wilson Dozia J. Settled Albany, NY
Winterkorn Robert J. Accused Rochester, NY
Wisniewski David E. Accused Ogdensburg, NY
Wolf Casper G. Settled New York, NY
Wolski Mark Accused Buffalo, NY
Wood Robert W Accused Buffalo, NY
Worczak Paul F. Accused Ogdensburg, NY
Yacyshyn Gregory Sued Rockville Centre, NY
Zatarga George F. Accused Brooklyn, NY
Zedar Thomas J. Accused Syracuse, NY
Zeder John M. Sued Syracuse, NY
Zollo Vincent A. Sued Brooklyn, NY
Pichette David Accused Syracuse, NY
Herbert Donald Accused Syracuse, NY
Coppola Paul Accused Buffalo, NY
Louis Mako Accused Buffalo, NY
McKenna Frances Accused Buffalo, NY
Moss Robert Accused Buffalo, NY
Raimondo Michael Accused Buffalo, NY
Slack Howard Accused Buffalo, NY
Snyder Clatus Accused Buffalo, NY
Stanton William Accused Buffalo, NY
Strassberger Harry R. Accused Buffalo, NY
Werth Charles Accused Buffalo, NY
Conroy Peter Accused Buffalo, NY
Keeling Paul Accused Buffalo, NY
Kocian Theodorre Accused Buffalo, NY
Kopczewski Linus Accused Buffalo, NY
Kolodziej Michael Accused Buffalo, NY
Marshall Thomas Accused Buffalo, NY
Maynard Rene Accused Buffalo, NY
Nys Loren Accused Buffalo, NY
Podson Theodore Accused Buffalo, NY
Scheier Maurice Accused Buffalo, NY

Forester Haynie is an advocate for victims of clergy abuse as well as for anyone abused by a person in a position of power.  If you have suffered sexual abuse by a member of the clergy or a person of authority please fill out the form or call us at (888) 869-8100. Our firm offers free consultations to help you access compensation and help with your recovery.  We stand ready to assist you, and we stand ready to hold these institutions to accountable

In the U.S. legal system, all accused persons are presumed innocent until proven guilty. This chart is based generally on allegations reported publicly in the media or publicly filed in the courts. Forester Haynie does not confirm the accuracy of any actual allegation, and this chart is not a representation of the legal case history of an individual. Reasonable efforts have been made to ensure accuracy.

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