Known Clergy Sexual Abusers in Iowa

Over the last year, Catholic Dioceses from across the United States have released lists of known clergy sexual abusers. There’s no greater breach of trust than when someone in a position of power and authority sexually abuses someone. These acts have devastating effects on victims. Forester Haynie is an advocate for victims of clergy abuse as well as for anyone abused by a person in a position of power. Already, more than 3,000 civil lawsuits have been filed on behalf of victims of clergy abuse. Here are the names of known abusers in the state of Iowa:

Last First Status Diocese
Apt E. Everett Sued Sioux City, IA
Bass Francis E. Sued Davenport, IA
Bongers Herman Accused Davenport, IA
Bonn John L. Accused Davenport, IA
Brickley John J. Sued Dubuque, IA
Broderick Michael J. Accused Davenport, IA
Brugman Bernard Accused Davenport, IA
Carman Albert Accused Dubuque, IA
Cigrand Nicholas Accused Dubuque, IA
Conrad Sylvester A. Accused Davenport, IA
Coyle Jerome Accused Sioux City, IA
Danner Brian J. Accused Sioux City, IA
Dawson William F. Accused Davenport, IA
DeCoursey Orville Accused Davenport, IA
DeVenney Timothy Convicted Dubuque, IA
Deyo Paul A. Accused Davenport, IA
Diamond Martin J. Sued Davenport, IA
Dunkel Henry N. Accused Dubuque, IA
Embrich (Emrich) Daniel K. Accused Davenport, IA
Feeney Thomas J. Sued Davenport, IA
Fitzgerald Howard E. Accused Des Moines, IA
Fitzgerald Michael C. Accused Dubuque, IA
Forrester John C. (Fidelis) Sued Davenport, IA
Forster Albert J. Sued Dubuque, IA
Geerts Theodore Anthony Sued Davenport, IA
Goltz William A. Sued Dubuque, IA
Graff Peter M. Settled Dubuque, IA
Hackett Thomas E. Accused Davenport, IA
Harness H. Robert Reinstated Davenport, IA
Hartz Gerald Accused Sioux City, IA
Hines Joseph P. Accused Davenport, IA
Hobt Phillip Accused Des Moines, IA
Janssen James M. Sued Davenport, IA
Kalter Raymond C. Accused Davenport, IA
Kenkel Leonard A. Sued Des Moines, IA
Kennedy John T. Accused Davenport, IA
Kerrigan William J. Accused Davenport, IA
Kieffer Placidus Accused Davenport, IA
Knox Thomas Accused Dubuque, IA
Kurzak John Sued Sioux City, IA
Lawrence James T. Accused Davenport, IA
Leu James E. Convicted Davenport, IA
Martinez, Jr. Frank R. Accused Davenport, IA
McElliott Patrick Sued Dubuque, IA
McFadden George B. Sued Sioux City, IA
McLaughlin William G. Accused Dubuque, IA
Meinberg Carl H. Sued Davenport, IA
Monahan Paul A. Cleared Des Moines, IA
Murphy Peter B Accused Sioux City, IA
Olinger Julius Settled Dubuque, IA
Patnode Joseph I. (not John) Accused Dubuque, IA
Perdue John Sued Sioux City, IA
Peters John Sued Dubuque, IA
Poster Richard J. Convicted Davenport, IA
Quillen Bro. Mark/Fr. Andrew Accused Davenport, IA
Redmond Donald Accused Davenport, IA
Reed John T. Accused Dubuque, IA
Reiss Robert J. Accused Dubuque, IA
Riley Leo P Accused Dubuque, IA
Roach William Sued Dubuque, IA
Ruba Nicholas J. Sued Sioux City, IA
Ryan John R. Settled Des Moines, IA
Saunders Robert J. Settled Dubuque, IA
Schmitt Allen M. Accused Dubuque, IA
Schmitz John A. Sued Dubuque, IA
Schmitz Josephine Accused Dubuque, IA
Schwartz William T. Settled Dubuque, IA
Shafer Drake R. Sued Davenport, IA
Showalter Norbert F. Accused Dubuque, IA
Skube Francis Accused Davenport, IA
Smith Eugene Accused Davenport, IA
Soens (Bp). Lawrence D. Sued Davenport, IA
Soppe Dale Charged Dubuque, IA
Stack John J. Cleared Davenport, IA
Stouvenel Gerald E. Accused Davenport, IA
Swift Robert V. Accused Dubuque, IA
Telegdy Louis A. Settled Davenport, IA
Tran Tan Van Accused Des Moines, IA
Unnamed Unnamed (in Des Moines) Settled Des Moines, IA
Wagner Alphonse Accused Davenport, IA
Wagner Richard Accused Des Moines, IA
Welsh Richard J. Accused Davenport, IA
Wendling Louis E. Accused Dubuque, IA
Wiebler William F. Sued Davenport, IA
Wilwerding Albert Sued Des Moines, IA
Wunder Louis W. Settled Dubuque, IA
Zuch Francis T. Settled Des Moines, IA
 Hackett Thoomas Accused Davenport, IA
Phipps Walter Accused Davenport, IA
Patnode Joseph Accused Dubuque, IA
Wendling Louis Accused Dubuque, IA
Goltz William Accused Dubuque, IA
Currier Thomas F. Accused Dubuque, IA
Tracy Maurice J. Accused Dubuque, IA
Marcantonio Robert Accused Dubuque, IA
De Venney Timothy Settled Dubuque, IA

Forester Haynie is an advocate for victims of clergy abuse as well as for anyone abused by a person in a position of power.  If you have suffered sexual abuse by a member of the clergy or a person of authority please fill out the form or call us at (888) 869-8100. Our firm offers free consultations to help you access compensation and help with your recovery.  We stand ready to assist you, and we stand ready to hold these institutions to accountable

In the U.S. legal system, all accused persons are presumed innocent until proven guilty. This chart is based generally on allegations reported publicly in the media or publicly filed in the courts. Forester Haynie does not confirm the accuracy of any actual allegation, and this chart is not a representation of the legal case history of an individual. Reasonable efforts have been made to ensure accuracy.

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