Known Clergy Abusers in Illinois

Over the last year, Catholic Dioceses from across the United States have released lists of known clergy sexual abusers. There’s no greater breach of trust than when someone in a position of power and authority sexually abuses someone. These acts have devastating effects on victims. Forester Haynie is an advocate for victims of clergy abuse as well as for anyone abused by a person in a position of power. Already, more than 3,000 civil lawsuits have been filed on behalf of victims of clergy abuse. Here are the names of known abusers in the state of Illinois:

Last First Status Diocese
Anderson John C. Accused Peoria, IL
Angel Lawrence A. Settled Chicago, IL
Banach Edwin Accused Rockford, IL
Baranowski Alexander Sylvester Sued Chicago, IL
Barrett John F. Accused Joliet, IL
Bartz Richard Barry Accused Chicago, IL
Batuyong Patricio (Patrick) Accused Chicago, IL
Becker Robert Charles Settled Chicago, IL
Beckstrom Robert E Settled Chicago, IL
Beebe Charles Accused Peoria, IL
Bennett Joseph R. Settled Chicago, IL
Bennett Richard L. Sued Joliet, IL
Bogdan Leonard Adolph Accused Chicago, IL
Bonebreak Dennis Sued Chicago, IL
Bowman Robert Peter Accused Chicago, IL
Braun David Francis Accused Chicago, IL
Breuning/Bruening Walter A. Sued Peoria, IL
Brigham Kenneth M. Accused Chicago, IL
Brouillette Robert Convicted Chicago, IL
Buck Daniel Peter Accused Chicago, IL
Buczyna Andrew L. Accused Joliet, IL
Burke Edmund F. Accused Chicago, IL
Burnett James Sued Joliet, IL
Burns Eugene Patrick Accused Chicago, IL
Bush Edward E. Accused Peoria, IL
Byrne Eamonn Sued Chicago, IL
Calhoun James R. Accused Belleville, IL
Calicott John Walter Sued Chicago, IL
Campbell Alvin L. Convicted Springfield, IL
Campobello Mark A. Convicted Rockford, IL
Carr Michael T. Settled Chicago, IL
Carroll Francis C. Settled Chicago, IL
Cassidy Terry Accused Peoria, IL
Cernich Joseph D. Accused Springfield, IL
Chlopecki Robert Sued Belleville, IL
Chmura Thomas M. Arrested Chicago, IL
Clapsaddle Harlan B. Settled Rockford, IL
Clements George H. Settled Chicago, IL
Cloutier William J. Settled Chicago, IL
Cobb Alan S. Settled Chicago, IL
Cody J. George Accused Peoria, IL
Collins Daniel J. Sued Chicago, IL
Collins Donald Cecil Settled Chicago, IL
Condon Eugene Laurence Settled Chicago, IL
Condon Louis Sued Peoria, IL
Considine Thomas Accused Rockford, IL
Corbino Thomas A. Accused Joliet, IL
Corrigan Edmund Sued Chicago, IL
Costa Eugene E. none Springfield, IL
Craig Robert Sued Chicago, IL
Creager Robert J. Accused Peoria, IL
Crook David G. Accused Belleville, IL
Crosby Thomas Carroll Accused Chicago, IL
Curran John William Sued Chicago, IL
Czajka Norman J. Accused Chicago, IL
Dedera Phillip J. Sued Joliet, IL
Dee Garrett Neal Accused Springfield, IL
DeGrand Robert Accused Springfield, IL
Dennerlein Arno Sued Joliet, IL
DeRoeck Walter George Accused Chicago, IL
Diederich Dominic Aloysius Accused Chicago, IL
Dilla Francis Emil Accused Chicago, IL
Dinan Paul F. Accused Joliet, IL
Dodd Robert Sued Springfield, IL
Downey Kevin J. Accused Springfield, IL
Driscoll Michael Accused Springfield, IL
Dugal, III William Accused Joliet, IL
Duggan Jeremiah C. Settled Chicago, IL
Dunn James Claver Settled Chicago, IL
Eagear Robert Accused Springfield, IL
Eagear Robert Accused Springfield, IL
Engels Francis (Frank) Convicted Peoria, IL
Faller George Accused Springfield, IL
Farrell William Patrick Accused Chicago, IL
Fassbinder Richard Wayne Accused Chicago, IL
Feely Theodore Sued Rockford, IL
Ferro Salvatore A. Settled Chicago, IL
Fischer Lowell E. Accused Joliet, IL
Fitzgerald John D. Accused Chicago, IL
Fitzharris Joseph L. Convicted Chicago, IL
Fitzmaurice Terence Accused Chicago, IL
Flores Alejandro (Alex) Arrested Joliet, IL
Flosi James Vincent Sued Chicago, IL
Formusa Salvatore Accused Joliet, IL
Franzen Ray Accused Springfield, IL
Frazier Michael Accused Rockford, IL
Frederick James Accused Joliet, IL
Friedman Daniel L. Accused Belleville, IL
Friese Robert D. Convicted Chicago, IL
Gamez-Alfonso Rigoberto Charged Chicago, IL
Gardner Stephen Justin Settled Chicago, IL
Garza Jesus P. Accused Chicago, IL
Gaynor James Accused Rockford, IL
Gibbney Michael L. Sued Joliet, IL
Gibbs Lawrence (Larry) M. Settled Joliet, IL
Goodman Norman D. Settled Peoria, IL
Gow John E. Cleared Rockford, IL
Hagan James Craig Accused Chicago, IL
Hanney James V Settled Chicago, IL
Harbert William Accused Peoria, IL
Harte Al F. Sued Rockford, IL
Havey Joseph Sued Springfield, IL
Hechenberger Gerald Arrested Belleville, IL
Hefferan John Edward Accused Chicago, IL
Hensley Gilbert Leroy Sued Chicago, IL
Hiland George H. Accused Peoria, IL
Hinojosa Juan Francisco Accused Chicago, IL
Hoder James Allen Accused Chicago, IL
Hogan Michael J. Accused Chicago, IL
Hogan Michael P. Accused Chicago, IL
Holdren John C. Sued Rockford, IL
Holihan Daniel Mark Settled Chicago, IL
Horne Thomas Barry Sued Chicago, IL
Houlihan James Alvarez Settled Chicago, IL
Howlin Carroll Sued Joliet, IL
Huppenbauer Walter Edward Accused Chicago, IL
Hurtado-Badillo Domingo Convicted Chicago, IL
Huske Leonard Accused Chicago, IL
Irwin Charles B. Settled Chicago, IL
Jacklin Richard E. Charged Joliet, IL
Job Thomas Settled Chicago, IL
Jochem Harold Sued Joliet, IL
Joffe William I. Sued Rockford, IL
Johnson Walter E. Accused Rockford, IL
Jones Augustine K. Convicted Chicago, IL
Jordan John E. Sued Chicago, IL
Kastner Edwin Accused Belleville, IL
Kealy Robert Louis Accused Chicago, IL
Keehan John James Accused Chicago, IL
Kelly Thomas Francis Settled Chicago, IL
Kent Benen Settled Chicago, IL
Keough John J. Settled Chicago, IL
Kernan Joseph C Settled Chicago, IL
Kissane Joseph Patrick Settled Chicago, IL
Klein George W. Accused Chicago, IL
Kmak Leonard Paul Settled Chicago, IL
Kohler Peter D. Accused Rockford, IL
Kownacki Raymond F. Sued Belleville, IL
Kreher Albert E. “Gene” Accused Belleville, IL
Kromenaker George Accused Springfield, IL
Kuhl Richard Accused Rockford, IL
Lasik Ronald Justin Convicted Chicago, IL
Leclercq M. Duane Accused Peoria, IL
Lenczycki Frederick A. Convicted Joliet, IL
Linnemann Eugene G. Accused Belleville, IL
Lupo William L. Accused Chicago, IL
Lutz Robert J. Accused Chicago, IL
MacPherson Walter E. Accused Belleville, IL
Maday Norbert J. Convicted Chicago, IL
Maloney Edward J. Accused Chicago, IL
Maloney Thomas W. Sued Peoria, IL
Malzone John D. Accused Joliet, IL
Mary Jane Sister Sued Peoria, IL
Mayer Robert E. Convicted Chicago, IL
McBrien Kevin Michael Accused Joliet, IL
McCaffrey Vincent Convicted Chicago, IL
McCartney Christopher J. Sued Chicago, IL
McCormack Daniel J. Convicted Chicago, IL
McDonald Robert Joseph Accused Chicago, IL
McGowan Joseph M. Sued Peoria, IL
McGrath Richard J. Sued Joliet, IL
McGuire Donald J. Convicted Chicago, IL
McNamara Peter John Sued Chicago, IL
Meis J. Anthony Settled Joliet, IL
Miller Gary M. Accused Chicago, IL
Miller Thomas R. Accused Peoria, IL
Mullins Lawrence (Larry) Accused Joliet, IL
Mulsoff Donald John Accused Chicago, IL
Munoz Capetillo Octavio Charged Chicago, IL
Murphy Clement Adan Settled Chicago, IL
Murphy John Daniel Settled Chicago, IL
Murphy John E Settled Chicago, IL
Murphy Thomas Ignatius Settled Chicago, IL
Niebrugge Richard Sued Springfield, IL
Nowak James A. Sued Joliet, IL
O’Brien Joseph C. Accused Springfield, IL
O’Brien William John Sued Chicago, IL
O’Connell Michael W. Accused Chicago, IL
O’Connor Donald Accused Joliet, IL
O’Dell Jack Sued Chicago, IL
O’Gorman Thomas Accused Chicago, IL
O’Hara Frank J. Sued Springfield, IL
O’Leary Patrick Accused Chicago, IL
O’Shaughnessy Donald J. Settled Chicago, IL
O’Toole Paul L. Settled Chicago, IL
Onderko John M. Accused Peoria, IL
Ormechea John Baptist “J.B.” Sued Chicago, IL
Owens Joseph Settled Chicago, IL
Paduch Frank Sued Chicago, IL
Pallikunnen Emmanuel Accused Chicago, IL
Pantoja Eusebio Sued Chicago, IL
Paramo Thomas Sued Chicago, IL
Pedraza-Arias Alfredo Arrested Rockford, IL
Peralta Carlos Sued Chicago, IL
Perron Toussaint J. Convicted Peoria, IL
Peterson Louis P. Accused Belleville, IL
Phan Kevin accused Chicago, IL
Pilon Jerome Accused Peoria, IL
Plunkett Gregory J. Accused Peoria, IL
Pock Donald P. Accused Joliet, IL
Poff Edward Accused Joliet, IL
Policetti Sleeva Raju Arrested Chicago, IL
Powell John J. Sued Chicago, IL
Przybylo Chester J./Czeslaw Sued Chicago, IL
Przybylski Konstanty Convicted Chicago, IL
Pusateri Samuel D. Convicted Peoria, IL
Ratermann Jerome B. Accused Belleville, IL
Ray James M. Accused Chicago, IL
Rensing William F. Accused Belleville, IL
Reuter Lawrence Accused Chicago, IL
Reycraft Paul Sued Chicago, IL
Robinson John Allen Accused Chicago, IL
Rohrich John F. Settled Chicago, IL
Romano Russell Lawrence Accused Chicago, IL
Ronan Andrew M Settled Chicago, IL
Ross Anthony J. Sued Joliet, IL
Ruffalo Richard Settled Joliet, IL
Ruge Kenneth Charles Settled Chicago, IL
Ruppert E. Alan Accused Belleville, IL
Ryan Daniel Sued Chicago, IL
Ryan F. Lee Accused Joliet, IL
Ryan (Bp). Daniel Accused Springfield, IL
Salwach Jeffrey Sued Joliet, IL
Savage Joseph E. Accused Chicago, IL
Schlangen Louis Accused Springfield, IL
Schoenhofen Roger Sued Belleville, IL
Schulte Daniel R. Convicted Chicago, IL
Schwaegel Joseph R. Accused Belleville, IL
Schwellenbach Aloysius Accused Springfield, IL
Sebescak Gary Accused Belleville, IL
Simonelli Gerald Accused Joliet, IL
Skiffington Wilton Sued Chicago, IL
Skriba Raymond Francis Accused Chicago, IL
Skriba Richard L. Accused Chicago, IL
Slade Henry Sued Joliet, IL
Slavish Richard Accused Peoria, IL
Slown John Convicted Joliet, IL
Snieg Marion Joseph Accused Chicago, IL
Soto Ruben Convicted Chicago, IL
Spine William J. Accused Chicago, IL
Stalzer David Accused Joliet, IL
Steel James R. Accused Chicago, IL
Stefanich Edward Convicted Joliet, IL
Stepek Robert A. Sued Chicago, IL
Stewart Victor E. Sued Chicago, IL
Storm James Accused Joliet, IL
Strand Ralph S. Convicted Chicago, IL
Strum Howard Accused Chicago, IL
Strus Walter Sued Chicago, IL
Swade Thomas J. Accused Chicago, IL
Swider Henry Peter Accused Chicago, IL
Tanghal Rimando Albert Accused Chicago, IL
Tanghal Rimando Albert Accused Chicago, IL
Tebangura Francis Accused Springfield, IL
Thedens Mark E. Sued Chicago, IL
Theis Francis Accused Belleville, IL
Theisen Richard Gregory Accused Chicago, IL
Thomas Joseph S. Accused Chicago, IL
Trujillo Michael Sued Chicago, IL
Tully Joseph J. M. Accused Rockford, IL
Turlo Walter Joseph Sued Chicago, IL
Turnbull (in Ohio) John B. Accused Peoria, IL
Ulatowski Donald Francis Accused Chicago, IL
Vader Anthony Joseph Sued Chicago, IL
Van Acker Michael R. Accused Peoria, IL
Van Duren Charles Accused Joliet, IL
Vilchez Parra Clovis Convicted Chicago, IL
Virtue William D. Sued Joliet, IL
Vonnahmen Robert J. Settled Belleville, IL
Vorlick Phillip Sued Chicago, IL
Walczak Karl J. Accused Chicago, IL
Walsh Oliver T. Accused Joliet, IL
Weerts Walter M. Convicted Springfield, IL
Westhoff Frank D. Accused Springfield, IL
Weston Michael Howard Accused Chicago, IL
White Myles Patrick Convicted Joliet, IL
Wigglesworth Wayne E. none Chicago, IL
Wilk Joseph Sued Chicago, IL
Wojtowicz Louis Accused Chicago, IL
Yakaitis Michael T. Accused Chicago, IL
Yunker Stanislaus Accused Chicago, IL
Balestrieri Edward Accused Belleville, IL
Diedrich Dominic A. Accused Chicago, IL
Campbell James Accused Rockford, IL
Lessard Joseph Accused Rockford, IL
Furdek John Accused Joliet, IL
Jendrysik Mark Accused Joliet, IL
Mateo Leonard Accused Joliet, IL

Forester Haynie is an advocate for victims of clergy abuse as well as for anyone abused by a person in a position of power.  If you have suffered sexual abuse by a member of the clergy or a person of authority please fill out the form or call us at (888) 869-8100. Our firm offers free consultations to help you access compensation and help with your recovery.  We stand ready to assist you, and we stand ready to hold these institutions to accountable

In the U.S. legal system, all accused persons are presumed innocent until proven guilty. This chart is based generally on allegations reported publicly in the media or publicly filed in the courts. Forester Haynie does not confirm the accuracy of any actual allegation, and this chart is not a representation of the legal case history of an individual. Reasonable efforts have been made to ensure accuracy.

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