Known Massachusetts Clergy Abusers

Over the last year, Catholic Dioceses from across the United States have released lists of known clergy sexual abusers. There’s no greater breach of trust than when someone in a position of power and authority sexually abuses someone. These acts have devastating effects on victims. Forester Haynie is an advocate for victims of clergy abuse as well as for anyone abused by a person in a position of power. Already, more than 3,000 civil lawsuits have been filed on behalf of victims of clergy abuse. Here are the names of known abusers in the state of Massachusetts:

Last First Status Diocese
Acres John H. Sued Boston, MA
Albert Brother Sued Boston, MA
Angeli Joseph Accused Boston, MA
Antonucci Antonio F. Acquitted Worcester, MA
Archambault Paul J. Sued Springfield, MA
Ares Brion T. Accused Worcester, MA
Atwater John T. Accused Boston, MA
Aubut Charles E. Accused Boston, MA
Avila Jose Maria B. Accused Fall River, MA
Bacigalupo Leonard Accused Boston, MA
Bagley John J. Accused Worcester, MA
Bailot Eugene Sued Boston, MA
Balcom Gary E. Accused Boston, MA
Banach Henry S. Sued Worcester, MA
Barney H. Stanley Accused Fall River, MA
Barr Frederick L. Accused Boston, MA
Barrett Robert E. Settled Boston, MA
Barry Richard J. Accused Boston, MA
Bartlett Lee F. Accused Worcester, MA
Basso Settimo (or Septimo) Sued Boston, MA
Bayers Sydney H. Accused Boston, MA
Beale Robert P. Accused Boston, MA
Beaulac Robert Sued Worcester, MA
Beauregard Gerald Settled Springfield, MA
Beauvais Leon F. Sued Boston, MA
Bernard Andre M. Accused Worcester, MA
Berthiaume George A. Sued Springfield, MA
Berthold George C. Sued Boston, MA
Berube Albert Accused Fall River, MA
Birmingham Joseph E. Sued Boston, MA
Blanchard Albert J. Accused Springfield, MA
Blizard David L. Sued Worcester, MA
Bocciarelli John “Giovanni” Accused Boston, MA
Bolduc Paul J. Accused Boston, MA
Bonzagni John J. Settled Springfield, MA
Bossa Barry F. Convicted Boston, MA
Boucher Clarence R. Accused Boston, MA
Boudreau Paul T. Settled Springfield, MA
Boulanger Raymond A. Accused Boston, MA
Boulanger (Br. Leonard) Xavier Leonard Sued Boston, MA
Boulet Norman J. Accused Fall River, MA
Bourgault Ronald L. Accused Boston, MA
Bourque Real (Ray) Accused Boston, MA
Bowen Donald J. Convicted Fall River, MA
Boyle Daniel Accused Boston, MA
Braley James E. Settled Boston, MA
Branconnier Gerard L. Sued Worcester, MA
Breton Philippe Settled Boston, MA
Brizzolara Andrew Settled Boston, MA
Buchette Anthony L. Sued Boston, MA
Bullock Myron F. Accused Boston, MA
Buntel Richard A. Settled Boston, MA
Burgess Robert Sued Boston, MA
Butler Richard J. Settled Boston, MA
Butler William L. Accused Boston, MA
Byrne Joseph F. Settled Boston, MA
Callaghan George J. Settled Boston, MA
Caparella Alan E. Settled Boston, MA
Carelli Richard J. Sued Worcester, MA
Carew Michael John Accused Boston, MA
Carney Michael L. Sued Worcester, MA
Carr Robert J. Accused Boston, MA
Carroll John P. Accused Boston, MA
Cartier, Jr. Frederick J. Accused Boston, MA
Caverzan Guido Sued Boston, MA
Chaisson John C. Accused Boston, MA
Charest Edmund P. Settled Boston, MA
Chu Cong Joseph Arrested Worcester, MA
Coleman Joseph K. Accused Boston, MA
Collins Jeremiah J. Sued Boston, MA
Connell John K. Sued Boston, MA
Connelly James E. Accused Boston, MA
Connolly Paul Accused Fall River, MA
Conte Denis A. Settled Boston, MA
Coonan Joseph A. Accused Worcester, MA
Cotter John M. Settled Boston, MA
Coughlin Richard T. Settled Boston, MA
Coyle Charles G. (Charley) Sued Boston, MA
Creighton Gerard E. Settled Boston, MA
Croke Edmund W. Sued Boston, MA
Cronin John P. Accused Fall River, MA
Crowley, Jr. Joseph I. Convicted Boston, MA
Cumerlato Eugenio (Eugene) Accused Boston, MA
Cummings William J. Sued Boston, MA
Curley John “Jack” H. Accused Boston, MA
Curran Thomas M. Accused Boston, MA
Cuthbert Brother Sued Boston, MA
Daly Robert F. Sued Boston, MA
Daniels Sister Agnes Settled Boston, MA
Dawber Stephen F. Accused Boston, MA
DeBerardinis Fidelis (Francis) Convicted Boston, MA
Delgado Alexander (Alejandro) Accused Fall River, MA
DeMello Arthur T. Accused Fall River, MA
Desilets Donald A. Accused Springfield, MA
Desilets Paul M. Settled Boston, MA
Dever Gerard V. Accused Boston, MA
Devlin Chester J. Accused Worcester, MA
Devlin Michael H. Sued Springfield, MA
Dewey Charles F. Sued Boston, MA
Dewire John J. Settled Boston, MA
Dion Frederick G. Settled Springfield, MA
Dodo Andrew Accused Springfield, MA
Doheny Bernard L. Sued Springfield, MA
Doherty Mark C. Accused Boston, MA
Doherty Paul J. Accused Worcester, MA
Dongor Lowe B. Arrested Worcester, MA
Donnelly George Accused Boston, MA
Donnelly Thomas D. Sued Boston, MA
Dority John Francis Sued Boston, MA
Dorsey Ronald Accused Boston, MA
Dranka Eugene Settled Springfield, MA
Dube Donald V. Accused Springfield, MA
Duffy William J. Accused Boston, MA
Dunn John A. Sued Boston, MA
Dupre (Bp.) Thomas L. Sued Springfield, MA
Dwyer Leo V. Sued Boston, MA
Fairbairn Frank E. Sued Boston, MA
Farland David M. none Springfield, MA
Farrell Nolan Accused Boston, MA
Fay Robert D. Sued Boston, MA
Fernandes Stephen A. Convicted Fall River, MA
Fichtner Robert C. Sued Boston, MA
Finegan Paul J. Accused Boston, MA
Flood Joseph E. Accused Springfield, MA
Flynn, Jr. John H. Settled Boston, MA
Foley James D. Accused Boston, MA
Foley James J. Accused Boston, MA
Forand Joseph Clarence W. Settled Springfield, MA
Forry Thomas P. Accused Boston, MA
Foster Michael Smith Accused Boston, MA
Fowler John Accused Boston, MA
Fraga Bento R. Accused Fall River, MA
Fratic Joseph P. Sued Boston, MA
Fredette Joseph A. Convicted Worcester, MA
Frey Ross S. Settled Boston, MA
Frost Peter J. Sued Boston, MA
Fugolo Joseph Accused Boston, MA
Furtado Stephen R. Accused Fall River, MA
Fusoni Joseph A. Accused Boston, MA
G. N. Accused Boston, MA
Gagnon Jean-Paul Sued Worcester, MA
Gale Robert V. Convicted Boston, MA
Gallagher Brian Sued Boston, MA
Gallagher John J. Sued Boston, MA
Gatineau Oscar Sued Springfield, MA
Gaudin Rene Accused Fall River, MA
Gaudreau James E. Accused Boston, MA
Gauthier Lawrence Sued Springfield, MA
Geoghan John J Convicted Boston, MA
Ghastin Kenneth Settled Boston, MA
Gillespie Jerome F. Arrested Boston, MA
Gillespie Thomas M. Accused Boston, MA
Gillette Randal (James R.) Settled Boston, MA
Gilpin Joseph Sued Boston, MA
Govoni Louis J. Sued Boston, MA
Graham Daniel M. Settled Boston, MA
Graves Alfred C. Settled Springfield, MA
Guiney John E. Accused Boston, MA
Hagan Arthur J. Accused Boston, MA
Hanlon John R. Convicted Boston, MA
Harrington (Bp) Timothy J. Sued Worcester, MA
Hennessy William A Settled Boston, MA
Herrera Hernando Accused Fall River, MA
Hickey Gerald J. Sued Boston, MA
Higgins Phillip Accused Fall River, MA
Hightower Paul Accused Boston, MA
Holley David A. Convicted Worcester, MA
Holmes Edward Anthony Convicted Boston, MA
Holsenbach James Barron Accused Boston, MA
Huller Ernest Karl Sued Springfield, MA
Hurley Paul William Convicted Boston, MA
Hutchinson James Accused Boston, MA
Hyder Raymond L. Sued Boston, MA
Iguabita-Rodriguez Kelvin E Convicted Boston, MA
Inzerillo Peter J. Settled Worcester, MA
Jacques Roger N. Sued Boston, MA
Jalbert Norman R. Accused Worcester, MA
Jansonis Alphonse B. (Mike) Sued Boston, MA
Jenness Joseph Roy Sued Springfield, MA
Johnson Harold J. Accused Boston, MA
Johnson Richard G. Accused Boston, MA
Joyce Donald J. Settled Boston, MA
Kanchong Peter S Convicted Boston, MA
Kane Charles R. Accused Boston, MA
Kane Thomas A. Settled Worcester, MA
Kardas Thaddeus (Ted) J. Settled Worcester, MA
Karow Dominic “John Walter” Settled Boston, MA
Kaszynski Robert S. Accused Fall River, MA
Keane John F. Convicted Boston, MA
Keefe Dennis A. Accused Boston, MA
Keenan Bernard J. Accused Boston, MA
Keenan Donald J. Accused Boston, MA
Kelley Arnold E. Reinstated Boston, MA
Kelley Edward T. Sued Boston, MA
Kelley Robert E Convicted Worcester, MA
Kelly Vernon Settled Springfield, MA
Kennedy Edward M. Sued Springfield, MA
Kenney Joseph F. (W?) Sued Boston, MA
Keohan Edward M. Settled Boston, MA
Kerressey Ricardo (Richard) Sued Boston, MA
Kirchmeyer Robert W. Accused Boston, MA
Knapp Robert J. Accused Boston, MA
Koonz John A. Sued Springfield, MA
Kossak Michael J. Accused Boston, MA
Labbe Leo Sued Boston, MA
Laflamme Paul Accused Springfield, MA
Lambert Raymond P. Accused Boston, MA
LaMontagne Gary A. Convicted Springfield, MA
Landry David J. Accused Fall River, MA
Landry Leo P. Convicted Boston, MA
Lane Bernard J. Settled Boston, MA
Lane James H. Settled Boston, MA
Lane John J. Accused Boston, MA
Laperle Louis Acquitted Worcester, MA
Laurano Anthony J. Sued Boston, MA
Lavelle Francis P. Sued Springfield, MA
Lavigne Richard R. Convicted Springfield, MA
LaVoie Victor C. Accused Boston, MA
Leary Timothy J. Sued Springfield, MA
Lebel Maurice T. Accused Fall River, MA
LeBlanc Kenneth A. Accused Boston, MA
Lettic Edward P. Accused Worcester, MA
Loeffler Charles M. Sued Boston, MA
Lombard Samuel J. Accused Boston, MA
Lyons John P. Acquitted Boston, MA
MacGuinness James L. Settled Boston, MA
Maguire Thomas H. Accused Boston, MA
Mahan Paul J. Sued Boston, MA
Malboeuf Ronald Settled Springfield, MA
Maloney William F. Accused Boston, MA
Manning Paul F. Accused Boston, MA
Martin Jon C. Accused Boston, MA
Martin, M.I.C.M. Joseph M. Sued Worcester, MA
Martone James A. Accused Springfield, MA
Mary Mark Sister Sued Boston, MA
Matte Richard O. Settled Boston, MA
Mattingly Julius Martin Settled Boston, MA
Mawn Benedict Sued Boston, MA
McAndrews John Kevin Sued Boston, MA
McAvoy Mary Sued Boston, MA
McCabe George V. Sued Boston, MA
McCarthy Raymond W. Accused Fall River, MA
McCarthy Thomas Settled Springfield, MA
McDonagh Edward C. Cleared Boston, MA
McDonald James T. Accused Boston, MA
McDonald Paul E. Accused Boston, MA
McGurrin Donald J. Sued Boston, MA
McInnis Joseph Settled Boston, MA
McKeon James T. Accused Boston, MA
McLaughlin John E. Sued Boston, MA
McLaughlin Paul J. Accused Boston, MA
McMahon Gerard T. Convicted Boston, MA
McMahon, Jr. Benjamin J. Accused Boston, MA
McManus Francis J. Settled Boston, MA
McNamara John D. Settled Springfield, MA
McPartland Paul G. Accused Boston, MA
McQuade Richard E. Accused Boston, MA
McQuire (McGuire) Joseph Accused Fall River, MA
Medeiros Humberto S. Accused Boston, MA
Meehan Richard F. Sued Springfield, MA
Meffan Robert V. Accused Boston, MA
Mendicoa John M. (Juan) Accused Boston, MA
Menge James P. Settled Springfield, MA
Menna F. Dominic Accused Boston, MA
Messier Donald E. Accused Fall River, MA
Messier Raymond P. Accused Worcester, MA
Michael Edward Accused Boston, MA
Michaud Lawrence Joseph Accused Boston, MA
Modicowitz (Modicourtz) Edwin Accused Boston, MA
Morgan William H. Sued Boston, MA
Moriarty Paul J. Sued Boston, MA
Morrissette Robert H. Accused Boston, MA
Motherway Thomas F. Accused Boston, MA
Mullin Jay Michael Settled Boston, MA
Murphy Alfred M. Settled Boston, MA
Murphy Charles J. Sued Boston, MA
Murphy David C. Settled Boston, MA
Murphy James E. Accused Fall River, MA
Murphy Kenneth B. Accused Boston, MA
Ngwumohaike Anthony Accused Boston, MA
Nicewicz Edward Convicted Worcester, MA
Nickel James R. Settled Fall River, MA
Nyhan W. James Convicted Boston, MA
O’Connor Thomas J. Sued Springfield, MA
O’Dea Thomas E. Accused Fall River, MA
O’Donoghue Brendan W. Settled Worcester, MA
O’Donovan Rickard J. Accused Boston, MA
O’Hearn Richard Accused Springfield, MA
O’Leary Arthur P. Accused Boston, MA
O’Malley Thomas F. Settled Springfield, MA
O’Neil Leo J. Sued Worcester, MA
O’Neill William V. Accused Boston, MA
O’Sullivan Eugene M. Convicted Boston, MA
Ohazulume Christian Charged Boston, MA
Ouellette Lionel P. Accused Boston, MA
Pagacz Julian S. Convicted Boston, MA
Page Raymond J. Accused Worcester, MA
Papile Joseph A. Accused Boston, MA
Paquin Ronald H. Convicted Boston, MA
Pelletier Leonard E. Accused Boston, MA
Pereppadan Varghese Convicted Boston, MA
Pezzotti Mario Settled Boston, MA
Picardi, Jr. John M. Accused Boston, MA
Plourde Raymond C. Settled Boston, MA
Poitras Steven W. Accused Boston, MA
Pollard Leo E. Accused Boston, MA
Porter James R Convicted Fall River, MA
Power James F. Settled Boston, MA
Provost Ronald D. Convicted Worcester, MA
Prybis Raymond A. Accused Boston, MA
Raeihle Dennis Accused Boston, MA
Rancourt Henry Settled Boston, MA
Rausch Edward A. Accused Fall River, MA
Raux Redmond H. Settled Boston, MA
Rebeiro Anthony J. Accused Boston, MA
Rebokus Donald J. Accused Worcester, MA
Regis Brother Sued Boston, MA
Reilley Bernard R. Sued Worcester, MA
Reilly Joseph P. Accused Boston, MA
Richard Lucien J. Sued Boston, MA
Riley Leo Thomas Accused Boston, MA
Robichaud James P. Accused Boston, MA
Robillard Raymond A. Accused Fall River, MA
Robinson Barry Accused Boston, MA
Roche Allan E. Accused Boston, MA
Rondeau Julian Edward Accused Boston, MA
Rosenkranz George J. Sued Boston, MA
Roulier George Accused Boston, MA
Rueger (Bp) George E. Sued Worcester, MA
Russell John R. Accused Springfield, MA
Ryan Frederick J. Sued Boston, MA
Ryer Robert Sued Boston, MA
Rynne Paul P. Sued Boston, MA
Sabotor Michael Settled Springfield, MA
Scanlan William J. Accused Boston, MA
Scanlon John Settled Springfield, MA
Sgueglia Charles Joseph Accused Springfield, MA
Shanley Paul R. Convicted Boston, MA
Shaughnessey (Shaughnessy) James C. Accused Boston, MA
Shauris Robert A. Settled Worcester, MA
Shea Francis S. Accused Boston, MA
Shea William B. Accused Boston, MA
Sheehan George Accused Boston, MA
Sherry Edward F. Sued Boston, MA
Simoes Gilbert Accused Fall River, MA
Sipitkowski James A. Accused Springfield, MA
Souza Maurice Sued Fall River, MA
Spagnolia D. George Accused Boston, MA
Spagnolo Nicholas J. Accused Boston, MA
St. Hilaire Bernard Accused Boston, MA
Stankard Albert H. Sued Boston, MA
Stanton Leonard F. Sued Boston, MA
Steponaitis Justin Sued Worcester, MA
Sujka Andrzej Accused Boston, MA
Sullivan Charles J. Accused Springfield, MA
Sullivan Eugene P. Sued Boston, MA
Sullivan Michael D. Accused Boston, MA
Sullivan T. Raymond Accused Boston, MA
Surette C. Melvin Settled Boston, MA
Szantyr John J. Indicted Worcester, MA
Szymanski Czeslaw (Chet) Accused Boston, MA
Tague Patrick J. Sued Boston, MA
Talbot James F. Convicted Boston, MA
Teczar Thomas H. Settled Worcester, MA
Thompson James S. Sued Boston, MA
Thomson J. Garrett “Gary” Accused Boston, MA
Tivnan Paul J. Accused Boston, MA
Toma Louis Accused Boston, MA
Tourigney Ernest E. Settled Boston, MA
Towner Robert K. Settled Boston, MA
Tripp Kevin F. Accused Fall River, MA
Tully James J. Accused Boston, MA
Turnbull Robert (aka John) Sued Boston, MA
Unnamed Brother # 1 Accused Boston, MA
Unnamed Brother # 4 Accused Worcester, MA
Unnamed Brothers #2 & #3 Sued Boston, MA
Urbaniak Andrzej (Andrew) J. Arrested Boston, MA
Vasaturo Anthony J. Accused Boston, MA
Veneto Joseph P. Accused Boston, MA
Vidnansky Mary Jane Sued Springfield, MA
Walsh Bro Michael Accused Boston, MA
Walsh Gerard P. Accused Worcester, MA
Walsh James T. Sued Springfield, MA
Walsh John J. Settled Boston, MA
Walsh Leonard Thomas Accused Boston, MA
Walsh Martin J. Settled Boston, MA
Walsh Michael Charged Boston, MA
Walsh William M. Accused Boston, MA
Wamsher Ronald E. Sued Springfield, MA
Ward Robert A. Accused Boston, MA
Welch David P. Accused Springfield, MA
Weldon (Bp) Christopher J. Sued Springfield, MA
Welsh Joseph L. Accused Boston, MA
White John J. “Jack” Accused Boston, MA
White Paul Settled Boston, MA
White Paul David Settled Boston, MA
Wilson James L. Settled Boston, MA
Ahern Richard J. Accused Boston, MA
Berthold George Accused Boston, MA
Burns Robert Accused Boston, MA
Dagwell John Convicted Boston, MA
Dempsey Thomas F. Convicted Boston, MA
Genevive Frank Convicted Boston, MA
Hennessey William Settled Boston, MA
Guthrie Frederick Convicted Boston, MA
Maffei Joseph Settled Boston, MA
McCormick Richard J. Convicted Boston, MA
O’Brien Arthur P. Convicted Boston, MA
Nugent Frank Settled Boston, MA
Richard Raymond or Regis Accused Boston, MA
Thibault Armand Accused Boston, MA
St. Jean George Accused Boston, MA
Wilson Dozia Accused Boston, MA
Unknown Brother Albert Accused Boston, MA
Unknown Brother Cuthbert Accused Boston, MA
Cahill William Accused Boston, MA
Campbell Roy Accused Boston, MA
Comigans Robert Accused Boston, MA and Charlestown, MA
Dooley Joseph Accused Boston, MA
Ennis Francis Accused Boston,  MA
Fox Joseph Accused Chestnut Hill, MA and Boston, MA and Worcester
Mcinnes Joseph Accused Worcester, MA and Chestnut Hill, MA
Moriarity Philip Accused Boston, MA
Orteneau Eugene Accused Fall River, MA
Pratt James Accused Worcester, MA
Roos Richard Accused Fall River, MA and Gloucester, MA
Wolf Richard Accused Lenox, MA and Fall River, MA
Kirouac Ricahrd Accused Springfield, MA
Corbin Andrew Accused Springfield, MA
Battista Lea Accused Worcester, MA
Frobas Victor Accused Worcester, MA
O’Donohue Brendon Accused Worcester, MA
Bartlett Lee F. Accused Worcester, MA

Forester Haynie is an advocate for victims of clergy abuse as well as for anyone abused by a person in a position of power.  If you have suffered sexual abuse by a member of the clergy or a person of authority please fill out the form or call us at (888) 869-8100. Our firm offers free consultations to help you access compensation and help with your recovery.  We stand ready to assist you, and we stand ready to hold these institutions to accountable

In the U.S. legal system, all accused persons are presumed innocent until proven guilty. This chart is based generally on allegations reported publicly in the media or publicly filed in the courts. Forester Haynie does not confirm the accuracy of any actual allegation, and this chart is not a representation of the legal case history of an individual. Reasonable efforts have been made to ensure accuracy.

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