Many wage problems are industry-wide. You may already be a member of or have a possible class action case and not even know it. Jay Forester has handled numerous cases for:

  • Tipped/service industry employees. In many states, it is lawful for tipped employees to be paid only $2.13/hour; however, tips are the property of an employee. If your company is making you participate in an unlawful tip pool, you and your co-workers may have a class action.
  • Health Care & Service Coordinators. These workers are commonly paid on an exempt, salaried basis when the law is clear that these workers are overtime eligible.
  • Oilfield workers. Oilfield workers are generally entitled to overtime pay, even when already earning daily well and rig bonuses. Even when oilfield companies do provide overtime pay, they often short change their hardest workers by failing to (1) pay for all of the actual hours worked (like on-call time) or (2) calculate this bonus pay into overtime pay, as the law requires.
  • “Independent contractors”
  • Commission-based inside salespeople
  • Computer & IT “professionals”
  • Assistant managers and other non-supervisor “executives” or “administrators”
  • Construction, janitorial, maintenance, and other hourly-paid laborers

Wage and hour laws are complicated. Jay Forester has literally authored the wage and hour book in Texas and nationally. Given how most statutes work, your wage claim may be decreasing daily – contact us by submitting your potential claim: