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The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has recently announced the recall of all Zantac medication (also known as ranitidine). All prescription and over-the-counter ranitidine drugs should be removed from the market immediately. Consumers should stop taking any ranitidine medication (tablets or liquid), dispose of them properly, and talk to your doctor about other options. There may be other drugs approved for the same or similar uses (acid reflux, and heartburn relief) as ranitidine that do not carry the same risks from NDMA.

Zantac is the most commonly sold brand name of ranitidine and is used to treat Heartburn and Acid Reflux. The FDA began their investigation in to the production of this medication in 2019. Since then, after extensive testing, it was made clear that Zantac may contain unacceptable levels of nitrosodimethylamine, also known as NDMA. Independent laboratory testing found that the levels of NDMA in Zantac increased significantly when the drug was stored in higher temperatures, such as in a car or during distribution. Testing also showed that the older the medication was, the more likely it was to have increased NDMA levels. FDA testing methods, protocols, and more information can be found here at the bottom of their page.

NDMA is classified as a B2 carcinogen, meaning higher levels of exposure can lead to an increased risk of cancers such as Testicular, Gastric, Colorectal, Stomach, Ovarian, Uterine, Liver, Kidney, Lung, Intestinal, Pancreatic, Bladder, and Prostate. According to the FDA the acceptable daily intake level of NDMA is 96 nanograms per day. Low levels of the substance can often be found in food and water, but these low levels should not lead to an increase in cancer.

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