Chemotherapy Drug Taxotere and Side Effects

The chemotherapy drug Taxotere, administered to many women for breast cancer, ??n ??us? serious s?d? ?ff??ts. ?v?r??n? r???ts d?ff?r?ntl? t? drugs ?nd s?m? ????l? h?v? m?r? s?d? ?ff??ts th?n ?th?rs. ?h? s?d? ?ff??ts ?f Taxotere ??n usu?ll? b? ??ntr?ll?d ?r r?du??d ?nd th?s? d?s?r?b?d h?r? w?ll n?t ?ff??t ?v?r??n?. ?f ??u’r? ??n??rn?d ?b?ut ?n? s?d? ?ff??ts, r?g?rdl?ss ?f wh?th?r th?? ?r? l?st?d h?r?, t?lk t? ??ur ?h?m?th?r??? nurs? ?r ??n??r s?????l?st (?n??l?g?st).

Taxotere can ??us? h??r l?ss. ??st ????l? w?ll l?s? ?ll of th??r h??r, ?n?lud?ng ???br?ws, ???l?sh?s ?nd b?d? h??r. Y?u m?? b?g?n t? l?s? ??ur h??r ?b?ut tw? w??ks ?ft?r th? f?rst tr??tm?nt, but ?t ??n h????n ??rl??r. ???r l?ss ?s usu?ll? gr?du?l but ?t ??n h????n v?r? qu??kl?, ??ss?bl? ?v?r ? ??u?l? ?f d??s. ?t ??n s?m?t?m?s b? m?n?m?s?d b? s??l? ???l?ng.

???r l?ss sh?uld b? t?m??r?r? ?nd ?n m?st ??s?s ??ur h??r w?ll b?g?n t? gr?w b??k ? f?w w??ks ?ft?r ??ur tr??tm?nt h?s ?nd?d. ?r?l?ng?d ?r ??rm?n?nt h??r l?ss h?s b??n r???rt?d ?n ? v?r? sm?ll numb?r ?f ??s?s. ????t?r? ??t??nts wh? ????r??n??d ??rm?n?nt h??r l?ss m?? b? ?l?g?bl? t? r????v? subst?nt??l ??m??ns?t??n f?r th? ?m?t??n?l ???n ?nd suff?r?ng ??us?d b? ????t?r? s?d? ?ff??ts b? f?l?ng ? ????t?r? l?wsu?t.

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