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Forester Haynie Files Child Sex Abuse Lawsuit Against Musician Sting, The Police, and Touring Company

A child sexual abuse survivor filed a lawsuit in federal court against Gordon Sumner a/k/a Sting. The suit alleges Sting committed statutory rape by having sex with 15-year-old “Jane Doe.” Jane Doe is represented by Matthew Haynie and Ashley Pileika of Forester Haynie and Damon Baldone of Damon J. Baldone & Associates.  Click here to read the complaint.

The complaint alleges Jane Doe was sexually assaulted by Sting after attending a concert featuring The Police in Arizona on May 14, 1979. Jane Doe went to a meet and greet event at World Records in Scottsdale where she met Sting and the band. Later that day, she went to The Police’s concert at Dooley’s. At the concert, before The Police performed, Sting and the other members of The Police walked through the audience and visited with fans. It was there that Sting found Jane Doe and put her on his lap during the opening band.

After The Police performed, Sting invited Jane Doe to a party. At the party, Sting repeatedly kissed and groped Jane Doe. Following the party, Sting, Jane Doe, and other members of The Police returned to the Vagabond Inn. After they arrived, Sting and Jane Doe walked to Sting’s hotel room. It was there that Sting raped Jane Doe. Jane Doe has published a statement about the incident at

Jane Doe’s attorneys, Matthew Haynie and Ashley Pileika, said, “the MeToo movement has given many of our clients a voice to share their stories of what happened when they were young and extremely vulnerable for the first time, empowering others to do the same.” Mr. Haynie added, “we have also listed The Police and the touring company as co-defendants in this lawsuit because they failed to implement reasonable policies and procedures to prevent minors, like Jane Doe, from predatory sexual abuse at their events.”

In May 2019, the Arizona State Legislature unanimously passed H.B. 2466, which strengthens protections for survivors of child sexual abuse by extending the time victims have to pursue civil action against perpetrators. Survivors of childhood sexual abuse can now file a civil claim in the state of Arizona against their abusers until December 31, 2020. They can also bring criminal charges.

Forester Haynie is a national law firm that focuses on making sure every person across America has equal access to justice. The firm currently represents hundreds of child sexual abuse survivors against musicians, celebrities, religious institutions, and other organizations. They have successfully recovered millions of dollars for their clients.  Damon J. Baldone & Associates is a national law firm based in Houma, Louisiana. Mr. Baldone is a trial attorney who represents abuse survivors in all 50 states. Mr. Baldone has helped thousands of survivors receive justice from major corporations and powerful individuals.

The law firms encourage any other survivors of sexual assault to contact them at 1-800-214-1010.


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