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Forester Haynie Files FLSA Suit Against Southstar LLC

Forester Haynie has filed an FLSA lawsuit against Southstar LLC on behalf of Warehouse Supervisors. The lawsuit on file alleges that Southstar failed to pay our clients overtime in compliance with federal law because Southstar LLC has:

  • Misclassified Warehouse Supervisors as exempt from overtime pay; and
  • Paid Warehouse Supervisors a Salary, but no overtime pay.

Our clients have indicated that they often worked 50+ hours per week while employed as Warehouse Supervisors.  We hope to make sure that all eligible Warehouse Supervisors are notified about the lawsuit. If Forester Haynie provides sufficient information to the court, we may be authorized to send out a notice to all eligible individuals letting them know about the case and their right to join the suit.  To assist the investigation or to learn more, please fill out the form below.

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