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Settled Pizza Delivery Driver Cases

Below is a list of the pizza delivery driver cases that Forester Haynie has settled. You may have a case for unpaid wages or overtime.

Contact us today to learn more, your employer may be incorrectly paying you under the United States Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA).

  • Marnoch and Breit v. GBR Pizza, Inc. et al, Case 5:19-cv-257 (E.D. N.C.)(FLSA and Rule 23 settlement approved);
  • Bessey v. Mand Made Pizza, Inc. et al., Case 1:18-cv-00938-LTB (D. CO)(FLSA and Rule 23 settlement approved);
  • Fisher v. Wilson Pizza CK Inc. et al., Case 3:18-cv-479-CRS (W.D. KY)(FLSA and Rule 23 settlement approved); 
  • Westley v. CCK Pizza Company, LLC et al., Case 1:18-cv-13726 (E.D. MI.)(FLSA settlement approved);
  • Redus v. CSPH, Inc., Case 3:15-cv-02364 (N.D. TX.) (FLSA settlement approved);
  • Gentry v. EPSI, Inc., Case 5:18-cv-00020 (E.D. TX) (FLSA settlement approved); 
  • Chenkus & Christiansen v. Prairie Pizza, Inc., Case 3:17-cv-723 (W.D. N.C.) (FLSA settlement approved);
  • Otis v. TAH Pizza, Inc. et al., Case 2: 18-cv-00111 (E.D. TN) (FLSA settlement approved);
  • Rechtoris v. Dough Management, Inc. et al., Case 3:18-cv-708 (N.D. IN.) (Hybrid FLSA and Rule 23 settlement pending final approval);
  • Cheeney v. Five Star Pizza Co., Inc. et al, Case 1:18-cv-606 (W.D. MI.) (Hybrid FLSA and Rule 23 settlement pending final approval);
  • Fletcher & Murray v. Tips, Inc., Case 18-cv-937 (D. CO.)(Hybrid FLSA and Rule 23 settlement pending final approval).

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