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Secure Lost Wages: Arkansas & New Mexico

We’ve done it once again! In this past week, Jay Forester closed two cases in two separate states in a successful attempt to secure lost wages for pizza delivery drivers. Jay is no stranger to the complexities of federal law when it comes to underpaid wages, overtime pay, and the Fair Labor Standards Act.

State lines may cause other law firms to turn down cases, but we’ve successfully handled cases in Indiana, Kentucky, Michigan, Tennessee, Wisconsin, and many others.

Based out of Dallas, Texas, it is not only exciting to secure lost wages for our clients in other states but also allows us to assist many more clients who may or may not be within the boundaries of our state

  • Are you working overtime and not having it properly documented or appear on your paycheck?
  • Are you “misclassified” as a worker? i.e. Not paid a proper wage because you are considered an independent contractor or paid only on a salaried basis?
  • Are you forced to clock out when “labor is too high” but still expected to run deliveries, wash dishes, or do prep work until it’s finished or you clock back in to close out the night?

These could all be considered major violations of employment law and you could be entitled to back wages and statutory penalties just like the delivery drivers we’ve helped out most recently in New Mexico and Arkansas.

Whether it be in Dallas, New Mexico, Arkansas, or your state, do not let employers continue to underpay you. Contact us and let’s discuss your options to secure lost wages that are rightfully yours.

We’re in this together!

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