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Amazon Prime Day Problems? Employees on Strike

Amazon Prime Day is an anticipated event across the world offering Prime members millions of deals on items ranging from an Apple watch to cleaning detergent. However, this large influx of Amazon orders has caused a strain on Amazon employees. In Shakopee, Minnesota, a group of over 100 Amazon employees will be on strike today. Employees are demanding managers to increase the safety at their facilities, protect employees’ right to organize for better working conditions, and implement ways to combat climate change.

The employees claim that the demanding work quota – requiring employees to handle at least 600 items per hour – has put a strain on employees’ bodies. Employees have been forced to take time off due to many stress injuries that are caused by the intense workload. Although Amazon states that they desire to help employees meet their quota through one-on-one coaching, employees at the Shakopee location are not satisfied.

While Amazon Prime Day provides members with huge savings on their products, the day can put pressure on employees who are required to meet Amazon’s intense work quota. If you or someone you know has worked at Amazon and has experienced hardship due to Amazon’s work requirements, please contact the experienced attorneys at Forester Haynie, PLLC.

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