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Criminal Defense Lawyer in Dallas, Texas

The U.S. Constitution gives every individual the right to an attorney to represent you in criminal court. However, criminal defense charges can be difficult to navigate without expert guidance. At Forester Haynie in Dallas, Texas, our criminal defense lawyers have years of experience defending those charged with DUIs & DWIs, family violence, assault, drug charges, weapons charges, and more.

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DUI & DWI Defense

In Texas, courts are extremely tough on individuals accused of a DWI and DUI. The court process includes two major processes: civil proceedings and a criminal trial. During the criminal trial, a defense attorney will present your case before a judge and jury. In this process, witnesses can be called, and evidence will be presented to support your case. Simultaneously, the prosecution will call witnesses and possible law enforcement to the stand to challenge the evidence against you. Then, the jury will make their verdict on whether you are found guilty or not guilty.

Having a skilled Texas DWI and DUI defense lawyer can make a large difference in your lawsuit. There are legal procedures involved when you are officially convicted of a DWI or DUI. Our attorney at Forester Haynie will be able to ask the right questions like: Was the stop constitutional? Was there probable cause? Was there a proper police procedure followed?

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Domestic Assault and Family Violence Defense

Criminal cases that involve domestic assault and family violence need to be handled with discretion. Each case has a different story and background. If you have been charged with a crime of domestic violence or family violence, it is essential to receive help from experienced counsel in order to ensure a better chance of a positive outcome.

At Forester Haynie, we offer counsel support and criminal defense lawyer services in areas that focus on domestic assault and family violence. We will handle your case with confidentiality and determination, focusing on all the facts at hand and the ones that were missed.

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The Firm's Approach to Your Criminal Defense Case

We will approach your criminal defense case with caution and care; we continue to put our clients first so that you have the chance for a favorable solution. We know that each of our clients has various circumstances that require different procedures.

Our team has years of experience taking unique approaches to the law and how we communicate. For instance, Criminal Defense Litigation Lawyer Jim Spangler has over eight years of experience resolving two thousand cases, which include more than five hundred felonies. Schedule a free consultation to learn more about our legal services and options regarding your criminal case.

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