Zantac Recalled Due To Possible NDMA Carcinogen

On September 13th, the Food and Drug Administration announced that some ranitidine medications contained low-levels of a possible carcinogen called nitrosodimethylamine (NDMA). Those drugs that contain NDMA include heartburn medication Zantac, and its generic forms.

If “nitrosodimethylamine” sounds familiar, it’s because it is one of the substances that was found to be impurities that resulted in the recall of Losartan, a medication used to treat high blood pressure, earlier this year.

So far, certain pharmacies, like CVS and Walgreens, have taken Zantac and generic brands of the product off their shelves. While the FDA has not advised people to stop using Zantac and related drugs, companies like Apotex, Sandoz, and GlaxoSmithKline have recalled their own generic versions of the heartburn medications.

Zantac manufacturer Sanofi has said that it does not plan to halt any shipments of the drug. Sanofi has said that it is working very closely with the FDA and are conducting their own investigation.

The FDA suspects that, like Losartan, a manufacturing defect is behind the presence of the possible carcinogens in the medication. This would be positive for Sanofi and other pharmaceutical companies considering that it would not be a problem of the drug itself. However, a private lab that initially found the impurities and alerted the FDA about them has said that they believe that the problem stems from the composition of the drug and it is not, in fact, a manufacturing error.

While the FDA has not called for users to stop taking the drug, many users are worried about the possible health consequences that come from prolonged use of the drug. The FDA has advised that if you take a prescription version of ranitidine, you should consult a medical professional before you stop using the drug. The FDA has also said that if you take Over-the-counter ranitidine, you should consider taking other over-the-counter drugs approved to treat your condition.

The attorneys at Forester Haynie are very experienced in dealing with cases involving pharmaceutical companies and bad drugs. While no adverse effects on consumers have been reported so far, if you are currently taking Zantac, or generic versions of the drug, monitor the situation carefully and be aware of possible complications with the drug. Consult with a medical professional if you believe you are experiencing adverse side effects. We’re here to help. Reach out to us today, at or 214-210-2100 to speak with one of our attorneys.


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