Providing Local Counsel Representation in Texas and California

If you find yourself engaged in legal proceedings in Texas or California, it is crucial to establish a connection with an attorney. Forester Haynie can provide guidance to you and your legal team on any Texas or California-specific matters that might surface.

Forester Haynie offers local counsel services to clients and their legal representatives across the United States. With substantial expertise in the Northern, Eastern, and Western District Courts of Texas, we adopt a flexible approach to deliver high-quality services to clients from out-of-state. We also have attorneys licensed to practice in the Central and Southern Districts of California.

Establishing Connections and Seeking Admission for Attorneys from Outside the State

If your legal team is in a different state and is not licensed to practice in Texas or California, they must affiliate with a Texas or California firm. Forester Haynie can represent you in Texas or California courts on a pro hac vice (temporary) basis.

Our legal team frequently acts as local counsel for clients from outside the state. We possess extensive knowledge of the regulations and procedures in both state and federal courts.

About Forester Haynie

Forester Haynie advocates for individuals in significant personal injury lawsuits, class actions, and mass tort claims across the United States. Our dedicated team will initiate a case on your behalf and vigorously strive to secure the compensation you rightfully deserve. Whether you’ve suffered injuries in an accident, wronged by your employer, or been harmed by a defective drug or medical device, we stand by you.

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