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Forester Haynie believes Work Shouldn’t Suck -and that means starting with us.

Our Program

From Day One, Forester Haynie has understood the value our law clerks, interns, and paralegals bring to the firm. In many ways, our interns are the backbone of our organization, working behind the scenes to better our community and seek justice for our clients. Paying our interns, and providing them with the skills and insight they will need when pursuing their own careers, is just one way we show our appreciation for these critical members of our firm. We strive every day to help those in our community who have suffered at the hand of their employers, so we understand that work shouldn’t suck and that means starting with us.

Our History

Forester Haynie is a national law firm that focuses on making sure every person across America has equal access to justice. Our firm has successfully recovered millions of dollars for our plaintiffs. We are dedicated to putting our clients first, and working our cases to a favorable resolution. We take a unique approach to not only the law but to how we communicate with our clients. 

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400 N. Saint Paul St.
Suite 700
Dallas, TX 75201

Written by our Law Clerks

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