Jury Verdicts Mounting in Roundup Lawsuits

Bayer is facing an uphill battle in the wake of three U.S. jury findings that Roundup causes cancer. In one California case, the jury awarded $2 billion to a couple who used Roundup throughout their property. The jury determined that the Roundup ingredient Glyphosate was the reason both the husband and wife were diagnosed with different types of Non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma. Bayer has decided to appeal all three recent jury verdicts. The juries’ decisions contradict the EPA’s stance that Glyphosate is not a carcinogen and not a risk to public health when used in accordance with its current label. However, the EPA’s stance is contrary to the World Health Organization’s findings that Glyphosate contributes to cancer.

While Bayer’s legal counsel believes the EPA’s stance will help them win their appeals on all three jury verdicts, Bayer is nonetheless suffering dramatic losses—13,400 plaintiffs have filed lawsuits against Bayer and more lawsuits are being filed every day. Additionally, Bayer’s acquisition of Monsanto has led to a loss of at least $44.76 BILLION in market value, which exceeds the price Bayer paid for Monsanto. Attorney Matthew Haynie of Forester Haynie PLLC says “Large companies are always trying to find ways not to compensate victims for the injuries their products cause, and that’s where we come in.”

The legal team at Forester Haynie PLLC is dedicated to fighting companies that cause the suffering of innocent victims. If you or someone you know has developed cancer and has used Roundup, please contact us immediately.

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