Forester Haynie

Jane Doe’s Victim Statement

“I was sexually assaulted by Gordon Sumner on May 14, 1979 when I was just 15 years old. Because of this, I have suffered lifelong emotional, mental, and psychological damage. I have decided to file this case under the pseudonym Jane Doe because I do not wish to draw attention to myself and I believe this lawsuit is bigger than me. I am sharing what happened to me, when I was young and vulnerable, in the hope that it will embolden the voices of other survivors.

I suffer from significant physical PTSD when I hear the music of The Police or Sting, or see him glorified by the media. These are awkward and painful moments because to me, he is a thief and a predator. I have been in ongoing therapy throughout my life, hoping to learn tools to deal with the abuse and PTSD. I finally feel like I am making some strides and am ready to come forward with my story, but I know I still have a long way to go.

I was a virgin before the sexual assault by Sting. After the rape, I did not dare tell my parents, family, or anyone but my closest friends; even when I told my friends, I was full of shame. I have suffered from contemplations of suicide because of the shame and hopelessness. No one ever told me to report it, and I didn’t even realize I could, so I just lived with the assault as my secret. In high school, I saw my friends with their boyfriends and girlfriends and could not imagine being intimate with someone and facing them the next day.

By the time I realized how deeply I was affected by the assault and had the courage to speak up, it was too late. It was a very different time and it was not appropriate for a young woman to speak up. Since the incident was my first intimate experience, my perception of what a normal relationship was supposed to look and feel like was skewed and twisted. It is extremely difficult and painful to get too attached to anyone. I have trouble trusting people and it makes me physically ill to get close to anyone.

I hope that getting justice and closure for my rape may help in my healing. Obviously, I will never get those years back, but I hope to feel some relief having finally broken my silence. The feeling of violation and loss of innocence is with me constantly and I have to actively seek creative ways of coping every day. The years and monetary expenses I have committed to maintaining my therapy are staggering. My hope is to expose and stop my abuser and other abusers from doing this to anyone else and ruining another innocent young life in the process.”

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