insurance coverage

It is vital that you understand your coverage.

Insurance companies aim to maximize profits, often resorting to tactics to minimize owed payments to policyholders. At Forester Haynie, we’re dedicated to supporting you in challenging any bad faith practices by insurers. Our goal is to equip you with the resources and assistance needed to take action when your rights are compromised.

What does my insurance cover?

Understanding insurance policy language can be challenging for the average person. If you’re informed that you’re not covered or eligible for a settlement, this may not necessarily be accurate. Reviewing your insurance policy is crucial to grasp your coverage and identify instances where an insurance provider might be acting in bad faith.

A standard homeowner’s insurance policy often provides coverage for:

  • House damages: Structural damage to the home itself.
  • Damages to other structures: Harm to unattached structures on the property (like a detached garage or shed).
  • Personal belongings: Coverage for property contents such as jewelry, appliances, furniture, etc.
  • Additional living expenses: Financial support for maintaining your standard of living after damages, including costs for hotels, food, and transportation.
  • Personal liability: Protection against lawsuits or claims due to accidents involving visitors on your property.
  • Medical expenses: Coverage for medical attention or treatment needed for injured individuals.

Understanding your insurance policy is crucial because providers can exploit your lack of knowledge in various ways. They might engage in bad faith practices such as:

  1. Denying your claim.
  2. Underpaying your claim.
  3. Refusing to defend you.

Our Texas insurance bad faith lawyers want you to be aware that you don’t have to accept a denial or underpayment that alleges your policy doesn’t cover the damage. If you’re deemed responsible for a vehicular accident, you rightly expect your insurer to cover the injured party’s damages and defend you if you weren’t at fault. Failure to do so could signal a breach of your policy’s terms, holding the insurance company accountable.

You Deserve to be Covered

If you’ve been diligently paying premiums to your insurance provider, facing a claim denial or underpayment can be bewildering. This could signal bad faith conduct on the part of your insurance company, and it’s crucial for both you and your family to respond. Understanding the coverage entitled to you under your policy is key in identifying unfair treatment.

At Forester Haynie, our goal is to assist you in advocating for the full and just settlement you rightfully deserve. As a highly qualified and experienced bad faith insurance law firm, we are committed to our clients’ success. We’ll collaborate closely with you, addressing your queries and strategizing on the most assertive approach to fight on your behalf. Our offer of free case evaluations ensures there’s no risk in taking the initial step towards justice.

About Forester Haynie

Forester Haynie takes Bad Faith Insurance claims very seriously. If you or someone you know were denied claims by insurance, you may be entitled to compensation. We will contact you in the event it is determined that you qualify for a settlement. Case settlements often take time, so you will have to be patient with us while we fight for you. Forester Haynie does not charge our clients any up front fees or case costs. Unlike many firms, we only get paid when you do. 

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