Happy International Women’s Day!

Here at Forester Haynie, we wanted to say thank you to all of the Women, Mothers, Sisters, World-Changers, Wives, Leaders, and Activists across the world that have fought for women’s rights in both the social and political arena. We applaud your hard work and dedication and want you to know that Forester Haynie is fighting for your rights as well. In fact, throughout history, women have suffered at a much higher rate from the effects of bad drugs and medical devices. Women (on average) face more medical challenges than men, have a much greater likelihood of having a side effect from taking medication and are more likely to suffer from adverse drug events.

Currently, our founding partners, Jay Forester and Matthew Haynie are investigating claims against the dangerous birth control, Essure, Johnson & Jxohnson’s Talcum Baby Powder, the breast cancer drug Taxotere, Transvaginal Mesh implants, and the anti-nausea drug Zofran. All of these drugs only adversely affect women! However, these products are just the beginning of the problem. There are countless other prescription drugs and medical devices being sold today that are harming women and families.

Not only are we fighting for women against pharmaceutical companies, but Forester Haynie is a strong proponent of Equal Pay for Equal Work. Our nationwide wage & hour practice is a leading private enforcer of the federal Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) and equivalent state wage & hour laws. The FLSA, which will celebrate its 80th birthday later this year, was the product of Frances Perkin’s lifetime struggle to improve the lives of American men, women, in children. After helping to pass statewide overtime regulations in New York, the first of their kind in America, Ms. Perkins became the first woman to hold a cabinet-level office when she was appointed Labor Secretary by FDR. It was Ms. Perkin’s vision and persistence that eventually resulted in the FLSA being enacted into law.

The lawyers at Forester Haynie are proud to continue the work of Ms. Perkins and are currently investigating numerous lawsuits on behalf of women in the healthcare industry. Unfortunately, many women are under and unlawfully compensated due to improper and industry-wide practices of classifying healthcare workers, most of whom are female, as “independent contractors” or “salaried/exempt.” Whether it’s through its pharmaceutical, wage & hour, or personal injury practice, Forester Haynie is broadly advocating for women who are negatively impacted by the negligent – or plainly discriminatory – practices by healthcare, pharmaceutical, and other big businesses.

Forester Haynie stands with all of the women around the world as we continue to #PressforProgress. We will continue our work to hold pharmaceutical companies accountable because the threat of product liability and pharmaceutical lawsuits promotes patient safety. We will continue our work to make sure all employees are treated fairly and paid properly. Our civil justice system has played an invaluable role in keeping manufacturer misconduct and employers in check when corporations have proven unwilling or unable to protect the health and fair pay of women. Forester Haynie will continue fighting this fight!

-Matthew & Jay

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