Forester Haynie is a national law firm that Jay Forester and Matthew Haynie launched to make sure every person across America has equal access to justice. We take a unique approach to not only the law, but to how we communicate with our clients. We were founded on three simple principles:

Real Attorneys.

Real People.

Real Results.

Jay Forester and Matthew Haynie are both from very different backgrounds that have given them a unique skillset to relate to anyone they come in contact with. They not only understand the law, but they understand what you are going through and want to make sure those that have injured you (either physically or financially) are held accountable.

Committed to their community, the attorneys of Forester Haynie come from working class families and remain dedicated to representing plaintiffs.  Mr. Haynie described his work ethic and his commitment to people as “something that stems from growing up in a small tight-knit community where you watch out for your neighbors. Like your neighbor who would let you borrow a cup of sugar, Jay and I are here to make sure everyone in America has access to an attorney, no matter their income, education, or background. That is why Forester Haynie works purely on contingency fee agreements, meaning that our clients never pay us a dime unless there is a recovery.”

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