Forester Haynie's Lawsuits

Forester Haynie’s Lawsuits Make The News

Papa John’s is once again in the headlines. After the recent corporate fallout with founder John Schattner, resulting in an 11% dip in the company’s stock value, Papa John’s delivery drivers are fighting back with Forester Haynie lawsuits.

Dallas based law firm Forester Haynie represents numerous delivery drivers who are alleging that the method in which Papa John’s franchisees’ compensate their employees falls below the Federal Minimum Wage.

Andrew Wolfson of the Courier Journal, part of the USA Today Network, picked up the story. His article details Papa John’s systematic failure to correct bad business practices of their franchisees, and how Forester Haynie‘s lawsuits are doing their part to put a stop to it.

If you are a Papa John’s Pizza delivery driver in the state of Kentucky, please click the button below so that we can fight for you.

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