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Forester Haynie Law Clerks Shine

Forester Haynie’s inaugural class of law clerks finish their clerkship this week. Not only has this been a great learning opportunity for the law students from SMU Dedman School of Law, UNT College of Law, and Texas A&M University School of Law, but it was also a chance for the firm’s founding partners to act as mentors for the next generation of plaintiff’s lawyers.

Aarika Novelli of Texas A&M School of Law says “between attending mediations, drafting complaints and demand letters, and evaluating legal claims of over 200 clients, us clerks were privileged to see the legal process from beginning to end. With all I have learned from Jay Forester and Matthew Haynie, as well as from my fellow law clerks, I am confident that the skills and knowledge instilled in me this summer will serve me well in my future endeavors.”

Katherine Serrano from SMU Law states the highlight of her clerkship was the opportunity to assist on cases at every stage. She appreciates the creative control she was given by the partners and believes her communication skills have improved as a result. She credits her time with the firm for her elevated conviction regarding her future career as an attorney.

By the same token, Bradley McDaniel from UNT College of Law says Forester Haynie provided an exceptional environment for professional development. By facilitating introductions to various networking events, Forester Haynie opened doors to legal communities for us summer clerks. As for his parting words, he had this to say: “Look out world – here we come!”

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