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Pizza Hut of San Antonio Delivery Driver Lawsuit Filed

Forester Haynie filed a class-action lawsuit against Pizza Hut of San Antonio Inc. (Pizza Hut franchise in Texas) for failing to pay their delivery drivers the federal minimum wage. The case is called Autry v. Pizza Hut of San Antonio et al., pending in the Federal Court in the Western District of Texas.

The lawsuit alleges that instead of reimbursing delivery drivers for the costs of using their personal vehicles, the pizza franchise uses a flawed method to determine reimbursement for delivery drivers’ mileage. These rates fall below any reasonable estimate of the expenses the drivers incur, causing their wages to fall below the federal minimum wage.

If you have ever been a delivery driver at one of the many store(s) owned by Pizza Hut of San Antonio Inc. and want to join this class action, click the link below.


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