Experian IT Workers

Experian IT Workers Entitled to Join Class Action

This week, a federal court in Texas approved Forester Haynie’s motion to certify a class action for former and current Experian IT workers who were subject to the “On Call, Standby, and Call-Back Time” policy that was in effect until approximately October of 2017.

The lawsuit alleges that this policy did not consistently pay Experian IT workers properly for their off-the-clock overtime work, and workers are now able to learn of their rights and join in a collective action under the Fair Labor Standards Act to pursue their claims.

If you or a loved one are current employees of Experian Information Solutions, Inc., or former Experian IT workers employed within the last three years, and were paid on an hourly basis, please click the below link for more information or to get started with your claim. 

Potential opt-ins have until the Fall of 2018 to join in the lawsuit.

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