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Perspectives Shared by Bad Faith Attorneys in Texas

In Texas, insurance companies are legally bound to uphold a fiduciary duty toward their insured individuals, entailing fair and honest treatment. Unfortunately, these standards aren’t always met. When insurance providers employ deceptive or unjust methods, it falls under the category of insurance bad faith. Legal disputes often arise due to an insurer’s failure to fulfill obligations outlined in the Texas Insurance Code. This could manifest in various ways, like withholding payment or adequate coverage following a significant storm.

When an insured individual responds to a bad faith insurance incident, they can seek statutory penalties, augmented compensation, and coverage for legal fees. Yet, insurance companies typically brace themselves by enlisting legal teams to contest these suits on their behalf. If you’re facing a comparable situation, reach out to Forester Haynie. Our experienced Texas bad faith insurance attorneys are here to help you rebuild after any type of disaster.

Recognizing Instances of Bad Faith by Insurance Companies

Assessing whether an insurance company has acted in bad faith can pose challenges, yet it’s crucial to understand your position before pursuing action. If they’ve treated you unfairly, legal recourse might be available to rectify the situation and secure the fair resolution you deserve.

Some Indicators of Bad Faith Practices:

  • Inadequate investigation of an individual’s claim
  • Unjustified denial of benefits to the insured
  • Offering insufficient compensation instead of the rightful amount
  • Lengthy delays or denial of a claim without valid reasons
  • Intentionally refusing fair settlements to coerce lower payments
  • Unjustified policy cancellations lacking proper justification

If you suspect any of these issues in your case, it’s crucial to consult with a bad faith insurance lawyer promptly. Acting swiftly can significantly bolster the strength of your claim

About Forester Haynie

Forester Haynie takes Bad Faith Insurance claims very seriously. If you or someone you know were denied claims by insurance, you may be entitled to compensation. We will contact you in the event it is determined that you qualify for a settlement. Case settlements often take time, so you will have to be patient with us while we fight for you. Forester Haynie does not charge our clients any up front fees or case costs. Unlike many firms, we only get paid when you do. 

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