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Sex Abuse & Personal Injury

David Burns, one of our newest attorneys, just recently graduated from the University of North Texas College of Law. After finishing his bachelor’s degree from Oklahoma State University in 2018, David chose to come back to his home state and be certified by the Texas bar.

At UNT David served as a member on the Board of Advocates and competed in the Baker Constance Motley Mock Trial Competition.

Outside of school David devoted his spare time to his advocacy work. He clerked for the Office of The Attorney General in the Child Support Division. He worked as a Legal Aid of Northwest Texas where he worked on a variety of claims and even appeared in court hearings on behalf of clients. Before coming over to Forester Haynie, David was even a legal intern at the Genesis Women’s Shelter in Dallas.

Outside of work, David spends time with friends and family, plays pickup basketball frequently, and is a big fan of spoken word poetry.

I became a Plaintiff’s attorney because it gives me the opportunity to effect change in another person’s life. My time working for legal aid helped me understand how many people just need someone to listen to their story. Working in this profession I am both an attorney and counselor. Having the opportunity to hear their story and help them through some of the toughest times in their life is what motivates me to be the best advocate I can be for each client.


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