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Fair Labor Standards Act of 1938, 29 U.S.C. 216(b)

            I consent to be a party plaintiff in the case in which this consent is filed.  By joining this lawsuit, I designate the named plaintiff(s) in the case in which this consent is filed and his/her attorneys (and other persons those individuals designate as necessary) as my representatives to make all decisions on my behalf, to the extent permitted by law, concerning the method and manner of conducting the case including settlement, the entering of an agreement with Plaintiff’s counsel regarding payment of attorneys’ fees and court costs, and all other matters pertaining to this lawsuit.  I further acknowledge that I intend for this consent to be filed in order to recover any unpaid wages owed to me by my current/former employer whether this consent is filed in this action or in any private cause of action that may be filed on my behalf for such recovery at a later time.  For purposes of pursuing my unpaid wage claims I choose to be represented by Forester Haynie PLLC and other attorneys with whom they may associate.

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