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Class-Action Lawsuit Against Willis & Brock Foods

January 25, 2019, Forester Haynie certified a class-action lawsuit in Kentucky against Papa Johns franchise Willis & Brock Foods, Inc. for failing to pay its delivery drivers the federal minimum wage as required by the Fair Labor Standards Act.

Class actions allow individuals to collectively bring similar claims against the same defendant and give access to the courts to those who may not have the resources on their own to bring a cause of action.

One way many employers across the U.S. have sought to limit employees’ ability to form class actions against them is to require their employees to sign arbitration agreements as a condition of employment. Arbitration agreements are provisions that require employees to submit any and all grievances against their employer to private arbitration as opposed to bringing a claim to court.

In Kentucky, however, the Kentucky Supreme Court has held employers cannot force employees to sign arbitration agreements, so the law in Kentucky is particularly friendly to employees seeking the courts and to form class actions.

Forester Haynie is dedicated to ensuring employers across the nation are paying their employees the legal minimum wage. If you have been a delivery driver in the last three years at one of the many Kentucky franchises owned by Papa Johns and want to join this class-action, call our office toll-free at 214-210-2100 or email us at

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