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Brewery Industry Harassment

A second wave of the #MeToo Movement has hit the U.S. social media circuit with the craft brewing industry at the center of it. Waves of women took to Instagram to shine a light on sexual harassment they’ve been facing while working in the craft beer industry.

Since the original story went viral, many breweries including Notch Brewing and Wormtown Brewery of Massachusetts, and Tired Hands Brewing Co. and Evil Genius Beer Company of Pennsylvania have all been forced into the spotlight following allegations of misconduct. Several figure heads across multiple different breweries have resigned and a few larger brands, including Boston-area Harpoon Brewery and Lord Hobo Brewing Co., have since launched internal investigations in response to the online testimonies.

The brave people sharing these experiences of workplace harassment online allow us to address the problems that many pretend don’t exist. If you or a loved one have experienced workplace harassment at a craft brewery or other local or national business, please reach out. Forester Haynie is currently investigating claims of sexual harassment within the brewing industry as well as claims of any other workplace discrimination. 

“This isn’t cancel culture. This is accountability — 100%.”

Erica Jones, a victim of workplace harassment, said.

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Additional Serious Injury Claims

Let’s face it, people are injured every day. After a victim has sustained injuries in an accident or deliberate action caused by a negligent individual or entity, it is essential they contact experienced legal representation right away. These injuries can lead to expensive medical bills, long-term disabilities, and temporary or permanent physical limitations. The first and most important course of action is receiving the treatment and care you need and Forester Haynie is here to help with that. If you or your family have suffered from any of the following, then please contact us below or call 214-210-2100. We are happy to answer all of your questions at no charge and we charge NO FEES until we win your case! These are some of the types of personal injury cases we handle:

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