Medical Records Retrieval Specialist

Billie Jean comes with 20+ years experience in the medical field. She has done everything from supervising large Alzheimer’s units, Home Health & Hospice care/intake, to Acute supervisor for an IV infusion pharmacy.
“Some of my fondest memories have always been building relationships with clients, and researching and problem solving. Here at Forester Haynie, I get the privilege to do both!”

When Billie Jean is not working, she enjoys exploring (road trip!), she’s a total foodie, she loves anything outdoors, especially finding cool and unique places to hike, and engaging in great conversation.
“An ideal weekend for me would be traveling to a new place. Enjoying new foods I have never tried before, and meeting new people. I love to walk through life with my eyes wide open ready for the next experience.”

“I always live by the motto that you never know who you will encounter in life, so laugh and always choose joy.”