Seasoned Attorneys Dedicated to Handling Your Insurance Claims

When you work hard to pay your insurance premiums every month, you probably expect the courtesy of timeliness and a fair settlement from your insurance company if you have filed a claim. It can be very distressing and frustrating if you feel like your insurance company is not holding up its end of the contract, but you don’t have to stress—you have a lawyer who will work on your team at Forester Haynie.

The Relationship Between Insurance Companies and You

Your bond with your insurance provider stands apart from most business relationships you encounter. Unlike typical transactions, your insurer is obligated to act in good faith and fairness, preventing you from facing insurance bad faith disputes. If you suffer a loss and file a claim for benefits according to your insurance policy, you bear certain responsibilities, but the primary duty lies with the insurance company to thoroughly investigate the loss.

To safeguard policyholders from misrepresentations, unfair insurance claims practices, and unwarranted benefit refusals, state laws exist, aiming to shield you from these occurrences known as insurance bad faith. These laws ensure your entitlement to protection.

Lawyers specializing in bad faith insurance exclusively represent individuals, never acting on behalf of insurance companies. Throughout numerous cases over the years, we’ve managed hundreds of bad faith insurance claims. Our expertise lies in conducting comprehensive investigations and skillfully presenting evidence during litigation to ensure a robust case presentation.

About Forester Haynie

Forester Haynie takes Bad Faith Insurance claims very seriously. If you or someone you know were denied claims by insurance, you may be entitled to compensation. We will contact you in the event it is determined that you qualify for a settlement. Case settlements often take time, so you will have to be patient with us while we fight for you. Forester Haynie does not charge our clients any up front fees or case costs. Unlike many firms, we only get paid when you do. 

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