Apple Removes Vaping-Related Apps From App Store

As of last Friday, Apple has removed all vaping-related apps from the iOS App Store. The company removed a total of 181 apps that had some relation to vaping. Some apps provided news and information about vaping while others were simply vaping-themed games. There were also some apps that allowed users to adjust some settings on their vaping devices.

While Apple removed the apps from the App Store, it avoided breaking functionality for existing consumers of the apps. The vaping apps are still available for use if the app is already on your devices. The apps can also be transferred from devices that already have them to new devices. New users won’t be able to download these apps and similar apps won’t be able to be published on Apple’s store.

This decision by Apple comes after significant concern regarding illnesses across the country that are seemingly resulting from vaping products and e-cigarettes. State legislatures across the country are considering new bills and amendments to laws that would raise the minimum age required to buy tobacco products and vaping and e-cigarette devices. Companies like Juul and others, seemingly support the legislation that would increase the age required to buy their products.

When the discovery of a breakout of lung-illnesses was discovered, officials linked most of the illnesses to off-brand vaping liquid, counterfeit devices, and black market devices that contained THC, the main active ingredient in marijuana. However, new research has found that a common link between all the cases involving the lung illnesses has been vitamin E acetate

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